1. Dizzy Kiss: Before kissing, both you and your partner spin around in circles separately. Do this for one minute to three minutes, then try to kiss each other.

"I like this song!" Albino grinned, feet jittering under the table. A joyful tune was floating through the air from the pirate with the Gout's fiddle. It was a warm and pleasant atmosphere, everyone happy. They were living comfortably after a good pillage and there was plenty of grog to go around. Even the pirate with the scarf was a little tiddly, which was always a good thing. He went all funny and giggly, cuddling up to the Captain and placing little kisses all over his chest. None of the crew minded because it was nice to see the first mate so relaxed. Surprisingly nodded, nibbling on a bit of ham. Albino stared at 'him'. For some reason, he had always found the bearded blonde very attractive. Maybe he had caught something from the pirate with the scarf.

"Dance with me, Surprisingly!"

The bearded woman tried to politely decline but Albino grabbed her hand and began twirling in circles like a ballerina on a turntable. Surprisingly giggled. It had been a long time since anyone had danced with her.

"Let's play Dizzy Dummies." The pirate with the Gout yelled, dropping his fiddle, where it bounced onto a conveniently placed silk cushion. Several others agreed, stumbling to their feet or peg legs. It is well that all pirates love contests, competitions and bets. This was no different. The pirates started spinning to the music on the Pirate Jukebox (which was 'Spinning Around' fittingly). Maybe it was the dizziness or maybe it was the grog but they all started to stumble at about halfway through. The pirate that was more of a piece of furniture than a pirate fell over quite quickly, possibly slipping on the Pirate who was Just a Fish in a Hat. The pirate with Gout tripped over his crutch and landed on his back. From his seat on the Pirate Captain's lap, the pirate with the scarf giggled at their antics, sipping his grog.

"You're really pretty, Surprisingly." The Albino Pirate whispered randomly at the 'man' spinning next to him. Abruptly, she stopped. But 'his' feet didn't quite get the message and kept turning whilst the rest of 'him' stayed still. Abandoning all sense of grace, the Surprisingly Curvaceous Pirate fell to the floor. Albino tripped over her arm and smacked his face on the wooden boards.

"Oh God!" Surprisingly abandoned 'his' gruff male voice and gave a little squeak. "Are you alright?"

The Albino Pirate sat up, rubbing his head but smiling cheerfully.

"I think I'll be OK. And you have a very pretty voice, Surprisingly. That is, when you don't try to hide it behind that fake growly thing."

"So... So... You don't mind it when I talk like this?" Surprisingly blushed, using her normal voice, which had a slight Irish lilt. The pale male nodded, smiling slightly. Still a tad dizzy, he pressed his lips against the corner of her mouth. The crew cheered. Surprisingly could feel her pulse race and she grinned, slipping her hand into it. The squeeze he gave back was worth more than any amount of booty.