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[Setting: Party Beach...]

Elaine, Eulabelle, Riff, and Magenta ran onto the beach. "Rocky!" They all hollered. "Rocky!"

Just then, a group of screaming teenage girls ran past them. "Save yourselves!" One hollered.

"Those are the girls I know from Party Beach!" Elaine observed. "But I didn't see..." She ran over to Tina's house, the others behind her. She was shocked to see a girl laying down dead in the pile of broken glass...and even more shocked to see Tina's unmoving body on the floor. "Oh, God..."

"I'm so sorry." Magenta put a reassuring hand on Elaine's shoulder. "But...who could have done it? Maybe there really is a monster!" She paused. "No, of course there isn't. Had to be Rocky."

There was a groan. They all turned to see an unidentified creature covered in seaweed.

"Quick!" Eulabelle hollered. "Get some sodium!"

"Sodium stops voodoo." Riff calculated sarcastically. "Great to know!"

"Wait a second." Elaine paused. She could just barely make out the gray-blue eyes of the creature...and recognized him as the guy Tina was dancing with! "Guys, it's Rocky!"

"Oh my God, you're right!" Magenta agreed.

"How did we not figure that out?" Riff hung his head in shame.

"Do you guys hear me?" Eulabelle exclaimed. "We need some sodium!"

"Yeah, yeah, we hear you."

Before Elaine could run over and pull his seaweed off, a gunshot rang out.

Rocky turned around to see Brad holding a gun, Janet quivering behind him. "That was a warning!" He exclaimed. "Move or I'll shoot!"

His eyes locked on Janet. She wasn't going to escape him now! He moved towards her.

Brad pulled the trigger back and was about to shoot when...

"Wait!" Elaine yelled, jumping in front of Rocky and pulling his seaweed off. "It's not a monster, guys! It's Rocky!"

"Rocky?" Janet repeated in disbelief. "You're here too?"

He nodded, smiling.

"Rocky!" Frank ran to him, Columbia behind him. "This is the last time you escape!"

"He's nothing but trouble, Master." She shook her head.


They all turned around to see Dr. Gavin storming towards them.

"Us?" Frank inquired.

"You! You with the big hair! You're the guy who killed Dr. Scott! They told me so! Why, when I get my hands on you, I'll..."

"Hey." Hank walked up to Elaine as he continued ranting. "That was really brave what you did. Want to go down to the water or something?"

"Uh, sure." She blushed, grabbing his hand and walking away from the scene.

"And I'll rip out your-hey! Young man! Get away from my daughter! Get..." He turned back to Frank. "I'll deal with you later!" He began running after them. "Hey! Young man!"

"I'm glad that's over." Janet sighed with relief. "But why are you guys here?"

"How about we talk about it over fried chicken?" Magenta suggested.

"Fried chicken!" Columbia screeched, excitedly running and jumping into the castle.

"Should we follow her?" Brad asked.

"Probably." Frank shrugged.

"I'll get to cooking." Eulabelle led the way.