I know that I have several other stories on the go but this little idea has been in my head for months and after spending around a month looking through every single story to see it has been done before, I have pushed myself to write some of this up, so I hope you guys all enjoy it.

Disclaimer: Though I am British (and proud of it!) I, unfortunately do not own Robin Hood. If I did Marian wouldn't have been killed off and Djaq and will would have gone back to England, also Kate would have been shot.

Summary: What if Djaq, the real Djaq, wasn't killed in the crusades? He was sold as a slave and Saffiya stayed with Bassam. How would this have changed the season 2 finale?


Djaq gripped his sword and readied himself by the door.

"Djaq, don't. Come with us" Djaq looked to Bassam and whispered

"Take her to your house and hide her. Look after her for me" The man nodded and grabbed her arm. His sister moved and hugged Djaq quickly before saying

"Please come with us. You don't have to fight" Djaq kissed his sisters forehead and pushed her to the man, who wrapped his arms around her and began to walk them to the passage out of the house.

"Hoşçakal kardeşim" He whispered before the door opened with force and several of the king's guard made their way into the room, swords drawn. Djaq gripped his sword tighter and began his attack. As the metal of his sword struck another's, he did not notice the soldier behind him until a starburst of pain split through his head and his vision went slowly back.


When he awoke, Djaq was stripped of his sword and his hands were tightly bound. He watched confused as money was exchanged between one of the soldiers and a greasy looking man. It was then, that Djaq noticed where his location was, a dockyard just outside of Acre. He looked around, panicked, before realising that he was not the only one captured. There were several other men, some barely holding onto awareness. He began to slowly calm himself inside, He knew that Saffiyya was safe with Bassam and that he would keep her safe. With that thought, as he was roughly led into the ship, he wasn't scared by his fate.


A month later

Djaq tried to close his eyes again the rocking of the cart along the road. He had adapted to this Englishman's routine, water scarcely given in the morning then nothing but the rocking of the cart for hours until he wanted to stop. A bang reverberated through the carriage and Djaq jolted up and began to pay attention, thank Allah that his father coached Saffiya and himself to understand the English language. The man cursed before it went silent for a second. The man cursed once more before shouting

"Heap, rubbish heap and you! Rubbish heap" It all went quiet before the man spoke again

"Here. It's all I have of Value. Take it!" He heard as someone approached the cart before a new voice said

"Pretty. Not very appetising" The man next to Djaq groaned in pain and a firmer voice asked

"Livestock?" The trader grunted before saying

"Take one. Let me on my way. They'll work for you. They understand simple commands" The canvas was through back and Djaq looked into the eyes of a young man for a second before the canvas was lowered again.


Djaq wandered the forest alone, happy that he was free but lost in the forest. He had nowhere to go. The other men had run and there was no way he could pay for a safe passage back to Acre. He stopped as he came to a ledge and saw the men that had rescued him earlier. He smirked at the banter between the whiny servant and Robin before looking down at the rabbit he caught earlier and Saffi's gift to him. He hid behind the rock and grasped the circular glass, shining it down onto the wood. He smiled as it caught alight and ducked behind the rock. When he was sure it was safe he proceeded to throw down a rabbit and then another.

"Djaq, Come and join us" He stood up and made his way down to Robin before asking

"For good?" Robin smirked before answering

"I was thinking for dinner but if you want to stay, you are welcome to. Are you sure that you do not want to return home?" Djaq thought it over for a second, Saffiyya was safe with Bassam and he would care for her until it was her time for her to be given to a man.

"I will stay and fight the injustice that is here"


This won't cover every episode. That would take way too long and you (and, probably myself) would lose interest. Let me know what you guys thought. Should I continue?