Chapter 9: Despair

Kat felt happy for the past few months as she had no further contact with Belle or Ratigan. But a part of her missed her sister so badly. Maybe it was the bond she still kept to her heart for her.

Robin had been so kind towards her letting her live in his flat. A couple of times she had met his parents. They both came from a well brought up background in the high society she wondered why Robin had left that all behind him.

For both Robin's parents Mr and Mrs Robertson now she knew her love's last name where kind thoughtful creatures with good jobs aand vast fortune. But Kat didn't care for that as Robin's mother fussed and fonded over Kat as if she was her own daughter.

Sometimes she would catch bits of his father telling him he better think of marrying Kat before someone else came along and snatched her from him. Robin gave a groan saying he would marry when the time was right.

''Your parents are great to get along with I like them very much especially your mother'' said Kat one night after dinner a year later after she had turned the age of nineteen.

It was a light autumn evening as the fire burned at a low heat. ''Well you must be the first for mother never got too close to anyone before hand but still she think it would be nice if I produce some grandchildren for her a heir or two to carry the Robertson name'' said Robin giving a sigh.

Kat pondered that thought in her mind thinking Mrs Robertson would make a fine grandmother as she would fuss over their children a son or daughter a few as she would come to visit them with her hsuband. They would spoil them for hours or come round to babysit when Kat and Robin decided to go out for the night.

''What are you thinking about Kit-Kat'' he asked her. ''Oh nothing just about what the future lies for us that is all'' said Kat dreamily. She noticed Robin moved a bit in his chair as he was trying to find the words. She found out what he was trying to say the following morning as both were engaged to be married.

Robin's parents were thrilled as the news spread about London as it appeared in the evening papers. One night a wekk later as Robin had gone out for a walk around the park since Kat was tired from discussing the wedding plans with him.

As he gazed fondly at his future wife lay in the chair with her head on her arms with her eyes shut. If only he had her gift then he would know what she was dreaming about. But feeling no need to pry into her private life he went out for his evening stroll.

Kat awoke to hear loud knocking at the door. She knew it wasn't Robin for he had gone out a few minutes ago since meant he couldn't be back by now. She rushed to open not wanting to be rude to whoever it was.

But she got the fright of her life to see in frozen terror to find Belle standing on the doorstep. Odd she saw her sister was happy to see her as Belle threw her arms around Kat giving her a tight hug. It felt she was squezing the life out of her.

''Oh Kat so this where your boyfriend lives'' said Belle wrinkling her nos ein deep disgust at the place. ''Husband to be actually Belle yes you are welcomed to come in if you like'' said Kat pleased to see Belle wasn't angry or ready to attack her.

Belle stared as she stood thinking either to go inside or speak to Kat on the doorstep. She choose the first thing since her sister was inviting her into what was to be her home.

Belle choose to sat on the sofa while Kat returned to her seat. ''I know Kat I read the papers so where is the happy groom this evening for I see he had left his charming bride to tend to the house by herself'' said Belle.

Kat was surprised if Belle knew about the marriage then why didn't she say something or saw the tiny diamond ring that sat proudly on her finger. ''I don't see what you are going through this whole thing Kat'' said Belle.

''Because I love him Belle oh it is wonderful he is wonderful everything is coming together'' said Kat dremaily then she faced Belle. ''You are welcomed to come to the wedding it is a small gathering a few of friends Robin knows is coming and members of his family who live in the countryside his parents sent the invites already but I am sure I have a spare around somewhere'' said Kat.

''No thank you I think I am busy with some other plans that day'' said Belle getting up. ''Oh you worried Ratigan won't approve you going will I think if you ask him'' said Kat. ''Kit-Kat listen to yourself you think this is all going to be like a fairytale that you and Robin get married and live happily ever after'' said Belle angrily.

''Well yes Robin and I am very happy -'' said Kat as Belle cut her off. ''I was about to tell you Ratigan has the date set that is why I came looking for you then you go off chattering about Robin'' said Belle.

''Belle what date are you talking about'' asked Kat as she saw her sister knelt down before her grabbing her hands in hers. ''Just wait a few days only a few before you think of having any children Kat for I know it is rude and hurtful but I fear the way we were born that we couldn't have any children'' said Belle sounding sad for the first time in her life.

It felt odd it was in Kat's mind that Belle was crying out calling to Kat's aid to help her. ''But what if Belle that risk can be wrong'' said Kat. ''Please Kat think about it I went to see Ratigan I told him how you wanted the family lifestyle about wanting a child'' said Belle.

Kat felt sick and angered by this. How dare her sister go behind her back and speak freely to the one rodent who had made her life hell. Didn't Belle understand what he had put her sister through or about her own actions cost her.

''Belle you should had known then to speak about my private matters with someone I rather avoid'' said Kat. ''Listen Kat he knows this family like us they had moved into London a mouse he has a little girl I felt once Ratigan told me about them I knew they would be perfect for you'' said Belle.

Kat tried to fight back the question but her curious mind won over her. ''What you mean perfect for me'' said Kat. ''Well Ratigan and I thought will it was mostly Ratigan's plan that after this mouse whoever he is Ratigan wants his help that we take you and the little girl into the countryside you will be safe no one around there knows who you or her are'' said Belle.

Kat felt either to throw Belle out the house or yell at her to leave. It hit her in the core. She had no desire to split another family apart for her own sake. ''Belle it is wrong to take a child from their real mother and father'' said Kat. ''Well there was that or'' said Belle.

''Or what'' said Kat raising an eyebrow at her. ''Or you could marry the guy'' said Belle. ''Belle'' yelled Kat in horror as she jumped off her feet. ''What if he is older than me and besides I am to be wed to Robin'' said Kat angrily.

''Well we thought we could say your husband to be had a nasty accident'' said Belle thinking that part over. ''Belle no look I know what you were trying to do for me it was sweet but still very wrong'' said Kat pointing this out to her.

''Very well then but you will learn in time Kat send my regards to Robin when you see him'' said Belle as she exit the house. Kat felt her cheeks went red hot. She had no desire to be apart of Ratigan's plans as she slammed the door shut. Ratigan that name made her want to scream at the top of her lungs. She hated him, she hated the ground he walked, she hated his guts.

She wished whoever this family was Belle was planning to harm with him to be careful and to get out of London at once.

''So did she show up to the wedding'' asked Olivia curiously. ''No though I wished she did it would had been nice to see her again or at least talk her out of it'' said Kat giving a deep sigh. ''But still it was best not to ruin your important day'' said Hiram.

They noticed Basil hadn't spoken for a while. ''Miss Katherine this family Belle told you about did she tell you the name of the family'' asked Basil as his eyes were deep in thought.

''Yes she did she approach me on my wedding day'' said Kat. ''But you said you never saw her'' said Dawson. ''No no it was at the wedding party when the guests were celebrating our good fortuen to be together Belle appeared she marched straight to me and whispered in my ear that we needed to talk'' said Kat.

''Were you scared in case she tried to harm you'' asked Olivia. ''No I was more worried Robin's safety as he was by my side when she saw me I told Robin I wouldn't be be long but she still tried to push me into helping her I felt so special in my wedding dress I still have it'' said Kat.

''I knew you would lovely in white but why hold onto something that you wouldn't use'' said Dawson. ''I don't know why'' said Kat as Basil gave a cough. ''Miss Katherine the name please'' said Basil.

''Yes it was Flaversham'' said Kat as everyone stared at her in stun silence. Olivia's eyes harden. ''I hate her I hate her even more now for what she wanted you to do'' said Olivia angrily.

''Yes Olivia understand you were only little at the time Belle thought you wouldn't expect such a thing to happen but I guess that prove her wrong again'' said Kat softly as she patted her head.

''I am glad you didn't accept it'' said Olivia happily. ''I do too'' said Kat giving her a smile. ''Did that witch have any knowledge about you afterwards'' said Basil. ''She did well it is better to explain'' said Kat.

She rushed through the storm as some of her hair was getting wet. She didn't care as she found the house she was looking for. Climbing up the steps of her old house knocking on the door calling Belle's name by hope that she was in.

Luck had it she was as she opened the door. ''Kat-Kat this is a surprise look I don't have long I got to start work'' said Belle happy to see her sister. ''Belle I have the best news ever'' said Kat beaming. Belle stared at her sister's outburst. ''Will you better come in'' said Belle letting her inside.

''Belle remember you said we couldn't have children well'' said Kat opening her cloak. Belle stared open mouthed there was a bump in Kat's stomach. ''Robin can't believe it either when he got the news well it happen a few days ago I wasn't feeling well so Robin called out for the doctor to come by the house and told Robin to wait till he saw what was wrong with me will Belle isn't this exciting news you are going to be an aunt'' said Kat.

She waited for her reaction. Belle stomped towards her with her eyes fixed on Kat with rage. ''Get rid of it'' said Belle coldly. ''What'' said Kat shocked. ''You heard me get rid of that thing at once we are already under way with Ratigan's plans and I don't want it ruined by a crying ball of fluff'' yelled Belle.

''But Belle it is my right either I want to keep the baby or not'' said Kat then she stared at Belle. ''Belle he broke his promise to you that he would not harm the girl yet I got word he tried to murder her and a detective named Basil'' said Kat.

Belle eyes widen how did Kat find out. ''So it wasn't his fault she was being impossible with him and besides don't you ever say that name in this house he is the reason for all this'' said Belle sharply.

''Belle oh please leave the life of crime come and live with Robin, me and your nephew'' said Kat. ''Oh great Kat is a boy'' said Belle annoyed. ''Belle you won't listen to reason look around you it has been four years Ratigan is dead, his criminal world is falling apart why can't you face it and accept defeat'' said Kat softly.

''Kat that is where you are wrong soon Ratigan will be brought back to the living someway'' said Belle. Kat guessed by that crafty look in her eyes Belle was planning something. ''Belle can you leave the matters of the dead and living alone'' said Kat.

''Never you will see where the true power lies'' said Belle angrily. ''Why did you went to visit her while you were pregnant she could had harmed you and the baby or worst killed it'' said Basil.

''I had to she had to know about Damien before his birth she was still part of my family'' said Kat. ''How old were you when you were expecting Damien'' asked Olivia. ''I was twenty three so was Robin so we have no problems to worry about the age difference'' said Kat.

''And is why it is time for you to go to bed'' said Hiram. Olivia got to her feet then she turned to face Kat after hugging her. ''I have one last question to ask Kat'' said Olivia. ''Course what is it'' said Kat. ''How did Robin die'' asked Olivia.

That moment the thought of reliving the memory pained Kat too great. But she was prepared it was time they learned the truth. 'He died while protecting me it was my own stupid fault Robin told me to stay behind while he went to look for food the catthat lived in that house had saw him it would had ate him if I hadn't used a spell on the log but maybe if I had listen he could had still been alive today'' said Kat bursting into tears.

''Shush Kat it wasn't your fault as you said if you hadn't had helped he would had been eaten by that cat'' said Basil trying to calm her down. ''Yes excuse me go ahead with your usual business'' said Kat. They felt she needed some time to herself as she handed Damien to Basil.

He stared at the tiny baby in his arms turning to face them. ''I feel it best if we get some sleep I would put Damien up to bed'' said Basil. As Kat stood in the hallway trying to wipe away her tears. ''Miss Katherine don't be sad I understand how it feels to lose a husband'' said mrs Judson coming up to her.

''Oh yes you must had been heartbroken when Mr Judson died how did he met his end'' asked Kat. Mrs Judson put a finger to her lips. ''That is for another time how Katherine don't feel sad this is a joyful day for those you had befriended will guide you and who knows your heart might be healed again'' said Mrs Judson as she walked away from her.

Kat was confused by this as she headed upstairs. Maybe Mrs Judosn wa right as Kat had others like Basil, Olivia, Hiram, Dawson and mostly Damien. And no one was taking them away from her as she would die trying for them till her last breath.