A/N: this is written for a GKM prompt. Don't like the warnings, don't read. This is still in progress, so more kinks might be added. If kinks other than these will appear those will added. WARNINGS: Age-difference, AU, boypussy!Kurt, dirty talk, BDSM, dub-con, toys.

Blaine was stoked for the night. Saturday night was without a doubt his favorite time of the week and tonight was no exception. It was first weekend of November and all the needy boys snuck into the annual Christmas Is Coming-party at Femmes & Fabs.

It was the same every year; around Christmas the poor, gay teenage boys felt lonely and sad that they didn't have a boyfriend, or that their family didn't even know they were gay, or they were simply curious – and the annual Christmas party was the perfect chance since everyone was too much in spirit of the season to care about age.

That's what Blaine loved the most. Young, innocent boys who were barely on the edge of adulthood coming to see what they had only fantasized about. The boys whose only action ever was the one they had under their covers of the night.

The complete virgins were the best. Blaine loved the knowledge that no one but him had been allowed to stretch them open with fingers – or tongue – followed by his cock being the only one that had ever been up their ass. Fresh and clean was definitely his favorite.

He ran his comb through his hair one last time, fixed the collar on his shirt and winked at himself in the mirror before he left the bathroom. He grabbed his jacket and pulled it over his cardigan before heading for the cab that was waiting for him.

Blaine had been coming to the Christmas party for the past 9 years. It had started when his friend Thomas had announced that he had promised a guy he was interest in to show up. Since they were roommates back then and did more or less everything (but have sex) together, Blaine had naturally – yet reluctantly – agreed and went out with him. Twenty minutes after they arrived Blaine was in the bathroom, pounding his dick into a young, Latino who wasn't a day over 19 – back then Blaine was 23. After that Blaine seemed to end up at the club more often, and after 3 years of going there every now and then, and showing faithfully up at the Christmas Is Coming-party Thomas had declared it a tradition.

Femmes & Fabs was a great place for Blaine since they weren't big on ID. It was easy for a young boy to get in if only he looked good – which already spared Blaine a lot of trouble of going through boring, or even ugly, boys to find one hot enough to eventually make it to his apartment. Or car. Or the alley.

Now Thomas was engaged and living with a guy who had two kids from a previous, straight marriage. He had become a family-person and only rarely went out with Blaine, so often Blaine went out alone. He had other friends and people to hang out with, but when he went to F&F it was to pick up guys and he had found it practical that he didn't have anyone to report to when he suddenly left with a hot piece of ass on his arm.

The first people Blaine's eyes fell on when he entered the inferno of paper snowflakes and red-and-green glitter were his friends Trent and Jasper at the bar. Blaine had known Trent since high school and he had been with Jasper for 4 years. They liked to go to clubs and have fun to keep their relationship fresh, and Blaine appreciated that they weren't the regular boring couple... like Thomas and his fiance.

"Hi Blaine. What's going on?" Jasper asked as Blaine found his way to the bar.

He ordered a beer and flirted with the bartender as usual. With a grin from Trent he turned to lean against the bar so he could search the masses of way too jolly and slutty dressed gays and lesbians grinding against the others on a way too crowded dance floor to the tunes of techno-remixed Christmas classics.

"Nice crowd this year," Blaine said with a raised eyebrow and let his eyes skate over the young guys spread around the club. He always divided them into two categories: the innocent virgins and the slutty virgins.

The innocent virgins were crowding together in the corners with nervous eyes, trying to get a look over the club and the people there – but mostly afraid to be kicked out for being too young.

The slutty virgins were on the dance floor dancing way too exaggerated and flirted with everyone, except for the lesbians who got the arrogant glances.

Tonight there was mostly the slutty ones. Sure, they could do in a lack of better, but to Blaine they weren't fun. He liked the challenge of convincing the innocent youngsters that going home with him would be a way better plan than to save himself for the perfect night with the perfect man – because there was a chance that Blaine would be the perfect man with the perfect chance waiting for him.

Needless to say Blaine already knew he wasn't the perfect man with the perfect chance for these boys. He fucked them rough and hard – usually harder than was good for a first-timer, and then they were out. He couldn't let anyone sleep in his bed, no one but Blaine had ever slept in his bed, and Trent one night he was incredibly drunk. Nor did any of them get his number, because he had a policy of never seeing anyone twice. He always made sure to call them a cab though – he wasn't a monster.

He spent the night chatting a bit with his friends, flirting with the bartender and guys who bought him drinks, but after an hour only over-enthusiastic, self-loving, 19-20 year old guys were taking up his radar and he was starting to face that he would be going with a slutty if he wanted to get laid tonight. That had not been a part of his plan. Not that he would let it stop him from grabbing a fuck, so he said his "see you laters" to Trent and Jasper and started his round, looking for prey.

He didn't find anything interesting. A few guys rubbed themselves against him and there was quite a few of them that were really hot but right as he had decided to go for two guys instead of one since there was a cute couple of guys dancing and looking like they would be up for having fun, someone caught his eye.

On a stool at the end of a bar a young boy was twirling a straw around in a transparent drink. He didn't look lonely, more like he wasn't planning on joining the girls who were rutting on the floor. He was chatting a little with the bartender who smiled comforting at him. It was hard to tell what it was about him, but something inside of Blaine told him that he just had to go for this boy.

"Hey. You look like you lost the spirit of Christmas on the way here -" Blaine said as he sat on a stool next to the boy. Right as the boy was about to pay for the refill of his drink Blaine hurried to pass his card to the bartender who sent him a sharp look – for some reason he didn't want Blaine to go for this boy.

"In my world there is no such thing as Christmas spirit," the boy said and pushed his money for the drink towards Blaine over the counter.

"Come on. Christmas is awesome. There's so much... I don't know, people usually think Christmas is awesome -" Blaine tried and felt a small rush of victory as he watched the corners of the boy's mouth twitch, revealing a slight hint of a pair of cute dimples. He purposely ignored the money on the bar in front of him, determined not to let the boy ignore him paying for his drink.

"Well, I am not like most people, so I guess I'm allowed to not feel the spirit of Christmas," he said and guided his straw into his mouth.

"Isn't there anything that can get you into the mood?" Blaine tried, knowing it was a cheesy line.

"Why aren't you in the Christmas mood?" the boy asked, and suddenly it was like his eyes were shining over the colored lamps above their heads. Blaine didn't think he had ever seen anyone's eye-color in a club before; it was too dark – and he didn't care.

"If you come back to my place I'm sure I can get you in the mood," Blaine maneuvered, set on keeping up his policy on not giving out anymore information than his name – he really liked hearing them say, scream, moan, groan, whimper his name when he fucked them.

"I don't think that's a good idea..."

"Don't you think I can make you smile? I'm pretty sure I can make you smile. Again, and again, and again -" Blaine insisted, moving his hand a little closer to the boy's on the bar. He was not letting this go. He was taking this boy home, if he had to go at him for the rest of the night.

Not that he had ever been so insistent to get a guy before. Blaine Anderson didn't do desperate; Blaine Anderson didn't do needy or clingy, or even rejection – rejection was simply something he had never been put up to and he wasn't planning on starting now. Usually, if a guy started to seem like he was going to send his mom after him the next day he just moved on to the next one.

But this boy. This wasn't a guy, this was a boy. There was something about him that made Blaine's dick ache to get in him and his hands itch to feel his skin. For some reason Blaine didn't even think he was there by choice, more like he had been forced out there, by his oblivious friends rocking their own party at the moment. No, this boy wasn't one to sneak into bars. He was too innocent, pure.

"No. I mean it. I don't think any of us would be too happy if I agreed to go... back to your place," the boy said and chewed on his straw as he let his eyes wander to a pearl of condensation running down his glass to hit his fingers and run down over them.

"I'm sorry. That was rude. Can I at least ask for your name?" Blaine tried, surprised he even knew how to act like that. Sure, in his job he was well-behaved, polite and could charm the pants of any man or woman if he wanted – but when he was out at night he usually didn't bother to ask for their names, he would only give them his if he liked their voice enough to hear them call his name with his dick in their ass.

"I... Kurt. My name is Kurt -"

"Kurt. I like that. Like in The Sound Of Music. That's pretty sexy. Why aren't you out there, shaking your ass with your friends?" Blaine asked. He had to hold back an urge to roll his eyes at the fact that he was actually making conversation. Hadn't this boy ever heard of meaningless one-night-stands?

"I actually didn't wanna come here. It was my birthday this Wednesday and they wanted to celebrate like this, when I really just wanted to st... to do something else. But here I am -" the boy named Kurt explained with a gesture towards the dance floor, emphasizing how much he really didn't wanna be there.

"Well, I think it's rude of your friends to not accept your wishes, especially if it's your birthday party. So why don't you just say screw them and get out of here?"

"Because – we are sharing a car, I have told my dad I am sleeping at their place tonight, and I have nowhere else to go. Not that it's any of your business, sir I-don't-know-your-name," Kurt said with pursed lips and Blaine couldn't tell if he was teasing or if he was being serious, but he liked the sass. If he was lucky this virgin would last a couple of times and he would be able to see the sass later tonight.

"If I tell you my name will you let me help you seek your revenge of the girls who left you alone on your birthday?" Blaine asked, eyeing a chance to maybe turn the events around before he was painted into a corner. He was now on his feet, moving close to the boy and discretely let a hand slide around to lie softly on the lower of his back.

"If I didn't think an adult like you would be more responsible I would say you were hitting on me," he smirked. This time the sass was definitely purposely turned on. He let his eyes run down Blaine's frame, only to travel back up and catch his eyes. He was bound to see how horny he was for him by now.

"Can you blame me? The hottest guy in the club is sitting alone looking like he was ditched at his own birthday party – oh, wait!"

"I – really, no! I... you're hot and all that, but I promise you that you really don't wanna do this," Kurt said, this time a little more firmly, but his body was contradicting him by putting his hand on Blaine's arm. He wanted it, too. No question.

There was really nothing else for Blaine to do than to twirl the chair so the boy was now faced with him. He let his hands slide up the boys crossed legs, from knees over his thighs to spread them. He moved to stand between his legs as his hands journeyed from his thighs over his hips and to the lower of his back. In one fluid movement Blaine had the boy's crotch pressed against his own hard erection so Blaine could let his mouth onto the boy's.

He was very careful to not be too soft or too forceful. He kept it just about right, and even though he could feel that Kurt was new to this, either he had only kissed a few times or this was his first kiss ever, he was in no way dissatisfied with his performance. At first he was a little stiff in Blaine's arms and didn't move his hands at all, but as Blaine let his one hand skillfully climb his back to press their chests closer as well he started moving his lips with Blaine's.

It didn't last long until the boy was squeezing his knees on his hips and his hands were firmly grasping around Blaine's shoulders. It wasn't until Blaine made a roll of his hips to press his boner a little closer to Kurt's crotch that he realized something was wrong – or missing; Kurt wasn't turned on.

So he let his right hand run from Kurt's lower back, over his hip and around so his palm was flat against his thigh so he could massage his thumb up his crotch. But he couldn't find anything. There was nothing but a smooth V between his legs.

Startled, Kurt moved back and looked like he was about to have an anxiety attack. For a moment Blaine couldn't decide whether the boy was about to cry or slap him, but he kept staring at him with horror and embarrassment painted over his face.

"That's... that's what I said. You don't wanna do – this," Kurt said with trembling lower lip, the this-part clearly referring to himself.

Before Blaine could react Kurt was off his stool and rushing through the club. Blaine wasn't sure why but he followed him. He didn't make it to get him before he was headed for the exit, struggling to get his coat on while in motion. Blaine didn't give a fuck about who was watching, because honestly people already knew him, so he grabbed the boy's wrist and pulled him into a little squared niche where no one came because the staff-door was there.

"If you can't get it up don't think about it, I only top anyway, so I don't give a fuck about that – what the hell is your problem, kid? Are you like the only teenage-impotent in Ohio or what?" Blaine snapped at him. This wasn't just about getting laid anymore; this was about principles and... there simply couldn't be one guy whose cock he couldn't get hard. It was impossible!

"I don't have a dick, okay? I have a fucking vagina! Are you happy now?" Kurt hissed at him with flaming cheeks. His eyes looked more embarrassed and sad than they looked angry and for a moment Blaine considered letting him go, but it was only a fraction of a nano-second – that was when the words really hit him.

Had this boy, this young, beautiful boy with a body that was screaming to be ravished – for the first time ever – just admitted that he had a pussy?

Blaine was already imagining what it looked like, what it felt like, what it would taste like. He had heard about guys with pussies before, read about them, surfed the internet for pictures of them – but he had never had one. Of all of his games and plays and toys this was one thing he had always craved but never been lucky enough to have.

"Hey – don't look like that. Why wouldn't I want that?" Blaine said, careful to make his tone soft and consoling instead of hard and demanding like a minute before.

"Because... it's – weird. Freaky. I'm a mutant," the boy whined, his hands shaking and his eyes close to tearing up. Either he had never told this to anyone before, or someone had found out and not known what a piece of the rainbow they had just been faced with.

It took every ounce of strength and logic Blaine had left in his brain to convince himself that forcing this wasn't the correct way to go with this kid. He needed to turn this quick pick-up into a comfort-and-trust-situation – something he had only done a few times before because that was simply too much trouble to go through when he could just move on to someone who wasn't so needy.

This was simply a chance he couldn't let slip through his fingers.

He released his still tight grip on the boy's wrist and let both of his hands slide from his wrists, up his arms and up to his shoulders. He massaged a little, softly, before he let his one hand slide down Kurt's back and leaned to let his mouth nearly meet his ear.

"I think you're beautiful. I don't think it's weird – I think it's extraordinary, and a one-in-a-billion opportunity. So – fucking – hot," he whispered, his lips ghosting over the boy's earlobe, and he could feel his body stop shaking and slowly lean into Blaine's arms instead.

He didn't want to push his luck, but he knew that he had to keep going if he wanted to take advantage of having eased Kurt up now. Potentially, it was only a matter of seconds before he panicked again, and this time it would border on stalking if he followed him down the street.

"So... what do you say; I tell you my name, we go back to my place, we have a drink – and we can do whatever you want? I promise; I won't force you into anything. If you wanna go home after one drink I'll call you a cab, or make sure you get back to your friends. Just come back and have one drink so you can relax and forget those bitches that were supposed to celebrate you, alright?" Blaine continued to whisper, and gently heavied his hand on Kurt's lower back, making him melt even more into his arms.

For a minute it was like time froze. Blaine didn't want to move because he knew that if he backed away there was no way things would go the way he wanted them. Kurt didn't move or speak, his chest was working a little too fast for normal against Blaine's, and his breathing was working into Blaine's with it.

"O-okay, then. Just... one drink, I guess," Kurt accepted after a bit and Blaine had to stop himself from doing a victory dance. What reminded him to stay cool was the way his dick was painfully pressed against his zipper and he promised himself to find a smooth way to fix it in the cab or he would explode before they were even halfway to his place.

"Alright, then, beautiful. Let me get my coat and we can leave. Wait for me here -" Blaine said under his breath and pressed a kiss to Kurt's neck. Half on his earlobe, half on his neck – the boy back to trembling in his arms, this time it was definitely the good kind of trembling.

He started to turn around to walk towards the wardrobes, but when he was around the corner of the dark niche he was stopped by a hand on his wrist. When he confused turned around he saw Kurt stare at him with big, blue eyes.

"You said you would tell me your name. I'm not going anywhere with you until I know your name," he said, something playing around in his eyes and in the way the words rolled over his tongue.

"Yeah. I'm Blaine," he responded, doing his best to smile without flashing how much he needed release soon.

"Blaine. I like that. Like in Pretty In Pink. That's pretty sexy," Kurt said.

Blaine hurried to turn around and nearly ran to get his coat. Either he was making up things, or Kurt had just said that in the most fucking sensual voice ever. Something was different about this boy, and it wasn't just that he had played hard-to-get, or that he had a pussy, or that his eyes were blue even in the dark. This was serious, and Blaine could only hope that the cab-ride would cool him down enough to actually let Kurt have that one drink he promised him before he would rip his clothes off.