Dinosaur King

A Dinosaur / The Lion King

Walt Disney crossover

By: Tyler "The Dragon" Rodriguez

The Cast

Aladar / Simba

Neera / Nala

Zini / Timon

Emma / Pumbaa

(Emma is a female in Disney's Dinosaur, so Emma will be a boy in this one)

Tarkus / Scar

Valira, Kamizu, and Scat / Shenzi, Banzai, and Ed

Yar / Rafiki

Kron / Mufasa

Mileena / Sarabi

(Sarabi is Simba's mother)

Petrie / Zazu

(Petrie is a special character appearance from "The Land Before Time")

Special Characters


(Friend of Zini and Emma)


(Friend of Aladar's family)


(Servant of Aladar's family)


The Nesting Valley / The Pridelands

The Dinosaur Graveyard / The Elephant Graveyard

The Great Rock / Pride Rock

Hakuna Matata Jungle / Same thing


I do not own the ''Disney Dinosaur'' characters, or the ''The Lion King'' story that is featured in this story. But I do own Tarkus, Mileena, the raptors: Valira, Kamizu, Ed, and Sarla because I made them up to fit the The Lion King characters. The companies that made the movies Dinosaur and The Lion King are theirs only.