Chapter: 12

The Dinosaur King

As the flames burns on Great Rock, the rain finally came and douses the flames. Leaving the area in a cloud of steam and smoke, as if it was a fog. All the savage carnivores have fled the valley and are never returning. Aladar then appears coming down and greets his family. Petrie, along with Sarla and some of the valley's carnivores, bowed to him Then Aladar greets his mother and Neera and she and Aladar nuzzled lovingly. Then they heard the clatter of Yar's staff.. They looked to see Yar motioning for Aladar to ascend Great Rock as king. Simba starts up and pauses to look at Zini, Emma, and Baylene. All three of them bowed to him and they and Aladar huddled together in friendship. "I couldn't have done this without you guys" said Aladar. Then he continues up the Great Rock and stops for a moment to embrace Yar as his father did. "It is time" said Yar. Very majestically, he ascends through the rain. All of Aladar's friends and family were in awe as he moves up. When Aladar reached the point, he looks up at the sky and sees a hole in the clouds where he sees a patch of stars. One bright star shines out briefly. "Remember". Those were his father's words that are in Aladar's mind. And Aladar was remembered who he was. One of the great Dinosaur Kings. Aladar's expression gains confidence and strength. Then he majestically roars. And all of the dinosaurs loyal to Aladar roared in reply.

Years later, the Nesting Valley has now been healed. The green grass and trees were now blown against the wind. The creeks and lakes were flowing with fresh water. And all of the dinosaurs have finally returned. A gathering of them are at Great Rock, waiting for the presentation of Aladar's new heir. Aladar and Neera are now married and Neera became Queen of the Nesting Valley. Sarla and Baylene became Aladar's most trusted advisors. Aladar's mother, Mileena, resigns as queen and is now living a normal life. Emma and Zini decided to leave the Hakuna Matata jungle and stay in the Nesting Valley with Aladar. As the gathering of the dinosaurs surrounds Great Rock, Aladar, Neera, Zini, Emma, Baylene, and Sarla are on the point of Great Rock as Petrie up to them. Zini, of course, is shaking his arms in the classic victory sign. All of the dinosaurs continues to roar as the presentation of Aladar begins.

Full Chorus: Till we find our place

On the path unwinding

In the Circle

The Circle of Life

As Aladar and Neera nuzzled each other lovingly, Yar appears holding their Iguanodon hatchling. A new heir to the throne. Then he lifts the hatchling up to present the heir to the dinosaur.

Full Chorus: Circle of... Liiife

The great Circle of Life is now complete.

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