"Here we are kids!" Mum, Dad and Tim jump out. I stay in the car. It stinks of sweat and fake coconut. The seats are sticky and I'm not looking too pretty either. I continue to flick through my phone. Pictures of my last day at my old school. My eyes fill with tears. Friends I'll never see again. Two weeks here and then I'm off to some school in Los Angeles. I know it should be every teenage girl's dream but I hate celebrities. I late overly fake women who think they can poke around in your life and most of all. I hate fashion obsessed, giggly, over-excited girls who beg off their parents to have the latest pair of Gucci sunglasses even though they have more than enough. And I know from the last sixty times I've been, Los Angeles is full of them. My Dad leans in through the open window.

"Come on Abbey." I continue staring at my phone, even though I'm on the home screen. "Look, I know it's difficult moving to a new country but you need to at least try to enjoy yourself." I give him a scornful look.

"You have no idea! I couldn't even give my friends enough notice! Telling me the day that the year ends that we're moving is not ideal Dad." Angry tears fall down my cheeks. "This is hell! You've ruined my life!" His face hardens.

"Stop with this bad attitude. You know why we have to move. I got a new job offer that will be better for all of us." He glances over at Tim.

"That's bullshit and you know it." He gives me the evil eye. "I know exactly why we've moved. It's so you can move away from that little bitch that you've been with. So shut up about my mood or I'll tell Mum everything." Dad straightens up and opens my door. I slump out, pulling my bag onto my shoulder. The heat engulfs me. As if I wasn't sweaty enough already. A young guy starts to take the suitcases out with the help of Dad. Out of the corner of my see I see him looking at me as I walk over to Mum but I refuse to make eye contact. Ever since I saw him with some woman in his office doing things that I'd rather forget I've lost faith in him. I didn't tell Mum or Tim. Tim's only eight and he wouldn't understand and Mum would kill me. It was better if it was our little secret. Just between Dad and me.

"Hey chicken." Mum puts her arm round me and kisses me on my head. "I'm sorry it's so sudden. I know when you're sixteen everything seems destructive but believe me it will get better. I promise." I smile and Tim tugs on my hand.

"Sissy! I want up!" I roll my eyes in an over dramatic way and lift him up on my shoulders.

"Ready Pilot Tim?" He giggles followed by a cough which I ignore and begin spinning around. Making aeroplane noises as I go. He laughs so hard that I can feel the vibrations going through his whole body. I soon feel dizzy and put him back down. He's breathing is ragged and he croaks slightly when he speaks.

"Mummy. Chest hurts." Mum is quick out with his inhaler. I sigh. He was three when we found out he had something wrong with his lungs, Mum and Dad have never explained it to me but all I know is that it'll kill him by the time he's twenty. He wheezes in and out. I block the noises out of my head and focus on the clear blue sea. Up and down and up and down. It makes me feel sleepy and my eyes begin to close. The sounds come back into my head. The constant coughing and Dad chatting with the bell boy. I take a deep breathe through my nose. The salt tickles my nostrils. It reminds me of home. Back in Devon my best friend Sam and I would go down to the beach after school and share a bag of chips. We'd joke around and make fun of the teachers. That to me was pure bliss. Better than any rural island holiday.

"Come on. We need to go check in." Mum tugs on my arm and I unhappily come out of my daydream. I take Tim's hand.

"You okay Tim?" He nods. His cheeks are red and his eyes are watering but he's breathing normally. "This is going to be the best holiday ever! Just you wait." I tap him on the nose and he laughs before running over to Mum. I watch him with a sad smile. I know the other reason why we're moving. So Tim can have his surgery. One in fifty die on the operating table and it's only a sixty percent chance that it'll extend his life. I can't imagine life without him. His soft sandy hair and his big green eyes. I'm lost in my thoughts again as we finish up at the main desk and head up to our room.

The room is amazing. African masks are hung on the wall and a large double bed awaits me. I jump onto the crisp, white sheets. I could get used to this for the next two weeks. I sit up and walk over to the balcony door. The view is amazing. Just endless blue. I watch as birds dive-bomb the water. Sending up white foam. I close my eyes. I wonder what it would be like to be a bird. To have that endless freedom.

"Do you like it?" I open my eyes and turn. Mum is stood at the door which links our two rooms. I come back into the room and the air conditioning sucks the heat off my skin.

"It's amazing!" She smiles.

"We're going down to the pool. Want to come?" I shake my head.

"But I dunno what I'm gonna do." I shove my hands in my pockets. Mum thinks for a moment.

"Why not order an in room movie and help yourself to the mini bar? My treat." I grin and hug her tight. I hear the door clunk shut and I raid the mini bar, settling for a bag of pretzels, gummy bears and some chocolate milk thing. I begin to look at the TV channels and look through the lists of films that are in various different languages. I finally find a film. It's a brand new one that just left the cinemas. I smile at the title. Zombies: The Final Fight. As the heroes battle their way to the rescue ship I realise how cool it would be to escape from a zombie apocalypse. Shame it'll never come real though.