I sit with my head on my knees. Dad is sat opposite to me but I refuse to look at him.

"You left him." I say.

"I know."

"He was alone and then I told him to run!" I look at him in spite. "You could of saved him, then he wouldn't be..." I hold my head in my hands and try and slow my breathing. I could do it. Push him out the door and leave him for the dead. As I think of his body lying broken on the ground he gets up, before he leaves I say one final thing. "Mum wasn't stupid you know." Dad nods and the door clicks shut. I look at where he was sat. On the off-white covers sits a black handled knife with a note.

I'm sorry. Be safe.

Dad xxx

I don't know what to think. Part of me wants to hate him more. But the other part is telling me to go after him. I look at my leg.

"Ugh. Damn you." I get up and tuck the knife into my pocket. My leg feels weird, like someone's tugging on it every time I walk. I probably have nerve damage and I'm so drugged up I wouldn't feel the pain anyway. I limp over to the door, take a deep breath and push the handle down.

Surprisingly, nobody looks at me when I enter, they're all focused round something on a table.

"What's so interesting?" I blurt out in the silence. Fiona puts a finger to her lips and gestures for me to come over. I hobble as quick and quietly as I can but I still make thumps every time my leg hits the ground. Alex gets up and forces me to sit down with a stern look on his face. I guess I'm not supposed to be out of bed yet. As the room goes quiet again I start to hear a buzz. Like static. As I peer round the shoulders of a woman called Rita who brought me a glass of water and a young boy I've never seen before I finally see what everyone is going on about. The one thing that could keep us alive, or at least half sane. A radio. The crackle fizzles it's way into a man speaking in a strong, southern American accent.

"It's just been released that a new virus has been discovered on the rural island" *fizzle* "The U.N. is sending out medical teams to try and help the survivors who are mainly trapped in-" The sound went dead.

"Shit." The room was stuck, not in the silence of anticipation like earlier but in a silence of pure shock. They were sending people out. But where? We knew the virus probably hadn't spread and people knew but no one knew what to do.

"What do we do now?" Dad broke the silence. I felt everything crawl back inside. I don't know what I'm going to do.

"We need to get a radio that we can communicate with. There's one in the life guard station. We better all go. We can't last much longer here." Alex replies. That was true. By the looks of things there was about ten of us. I know there was no food because everyone looks a little bit grumpy.

"Right I'll get the kit together. I'll go with Clara ahead to clear the way. We'll wait at East Point." Someone I don't know starts gathering bags and Clara starts loading weapons. Jack was staring at me. I stood up.

"Can I come?" Everyone stops.

"No way. You'll drag us down." The man says.

"Hang on Brick. Maybe she'll be useful." Brick? Interesting name but it's nice to have someone like Clara on my side. She's got huge muscles and a hard face. "You know how to drive?" I shrug.

"I know the basics." Mum and Dad got me under aged driving lessons for my birthday and I still remember most of it. Clara looks at Brick.

"Think about it. A mob attacks us and we need to defend the gear. She could get us out."

"Please." I say looking at Brick. "I don't want to be sitting about while everyone risks their lives." Alex puts a hand on my shoulder.

"I don't think you should be doing anything. Your leg is still dodgy." Brick sighs.

"She'll be only back up. I think she's up to it. I'm pretty sure she could handle a gun if she needed to." I smile.

"Where did you get guns?" I go completely off subject.

"Clara and I are police officers. We were doing a gun raid in the town when we heard screams coming from the hotel."

"Fair enough." I reply.

We're ready in about an hour. I'm dressed in slightly too big jeans and a long-sleeved shirt. I may be immune but there's no point taking the risk. Just in case we're wrong. My knife is clipped to the belt hooks and I have a fresh bandage on my leg. I grabbed one of the back packs and went over to Brick and Clara.

"Be careful Abbey." Dad puts his hand out. I don't quite look him in the eye.

"I will be." He catch his eye just for a second and it's enough to make my heart twinge. I go towards him and give him a quick, tight hug. "I love you Dad." I whisper before turning to the door and get ready to sprint.

"Ready?" Brick looks at me and I grin despite my pounding heart.

"Ready." He unlocks the door and pushes it open. The bright light blinds me for a second but I know there's no time to waste. We run over to the Jeep.

"Get in the front Abbey. I'll cover the back. Here." Clara hands me a pistol and that's when the nerves hit. I begin to shake my head but she pushes it into my hand. "Just in case." I nod once and hop into the passenger seat. As I get in my leg whacks against the seat and I suck in a breath.

"Are you okay?" I nod at Bricks question. The pain is mainly gone but it's left me slightly shaken.

"Just the shock that's all." He doesn't reply and floors the gas pedal. We go shooting away up the hill, into the jungle. I love you Dad. I think as we see a group of the infected by the corner.

"Here we go." Brick shouts, a cheeky smile going across his face.