Hi guys!

Look, I know it's been a while and I'm so super sorry. I had a lot of family and school problems. One of the main problems being that my biological father found this and went apeshit. Now I am graduated from Highschool and picking up various jobs. I was working on the next chapter about a month ago, but guess what? The motherboard in my computer fried. I lost everything. All my pictures, all my documents and all my music. Then my iPad started freaking out. So I was basically with out Internet for a few months. Long story short, I'm super sorry I left you guys on a cliff hanger for so long.

I am going to start editing the next chapter. I'm either going to make one, nice, long chapter for you guys, or post two chapters pretty close together. I have one last sad piece of news. My friend Leo has lost her muse for this story line. Which is fine, it happens. I still adore her, it's just going to be a little more difficult to get chapters up. I may even have to get a new coauthor, but, we'll see how it goes. Tomorrow (Nov. 10th) is my birthday, so after things calm down, I will be settling in to post a new chapter. For now, know that it is on my schedule and I am rereading previous chapters to get back into the grove of things. Thank you guys for waiting, and know that your comments definitely helped me make the decision to continue the story with out Leo.

With much love!
Your author lady ((my username keeps changing, so I won't bother confusing you guys 3))

P.s.! My friend Brittany made an awesome drawing for my story, you guys should totally check it out on deviant art! She gave it to me for my birthday and it's hanging up on my wall! It's a little dark, but I'll take a better picture of it for her.