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From the files of the late Archer Blyss, former Head Gamemaker of Panem: [annotated by androidilenya]

The Fourth Quarter Quell (100th Hunger Games)

Length: twelve days

Winner: Cho Fukushu of District Four (age sixteen)

Arena Identification: Ruined City Incarnation 2.0 + program ID 'Timeless' + change program 'Darkness' +change program 'Loop' + change program 'Mirror' + change program 'Yesteryear' + weapons range #9: enhanced range + supplementary supply event ['feast'] #104: survival personalized

Further records of this Game, including camera records from all Gamemaker meetings and footage for all surveillance cameras in arena/retinal cameras, can be found in the Capitol computer records under category '4th Quarter Quell'.


Rhodochrosite (Rhode) Sphene #6 (killed by Gamemakers) [by nb1998]

Ruby Lawrence #7 (killed by Royal) [by peace and joyce]

Damian Talbot #2 (killed by Cho and Rozen) [by Emerald Bliss]

Mnemosyne (Memo) Reece #11 (killed by Ruby) [by isntsheclovely]

Celitriouse Deneri #12 (killed by Damian) [by FreeInk]

Cara Dubow #13 (killed by Damian) [by FreeInk]

Leonardo (Leo) Hills #21 (killed by time tech) [by dramaticswimmergirl]

Cho Fukushu #1 [by VA842867]

Royal Light #4 (killed by alternate version of self) [by Julian]

Reagan Temitt #23 (killed by Memo) [by Glimmerish47]

Carson Livius #25 (killed by Royal) [by nb1998]

Kataya Keys #15 (killed by Cho) [by CalliLily]

Morgan Dentro #26 (blown up) [by VA842867]

Kiley Chase #18 (killed by Gamemakers in mirrorverse) [by nb1998]

Helix Strife #16 (killed by Rhode) [by raiden221]

Emily Kersley #20 (killed by Damian) [by lucy1234]

Andrew Coilan #22 (killed by Ruby) [by i. am. the. awsmness ]

Astris Pace #10 (gunned down in time portal) [by Cronomon]

Shilo Deanes #17 (killed by Memo) [by thewhiteprince]

Jessa Ralmos #19 (killed by Helix) [by KatnissFire87654]

Alpha Whitlock #9 (killed by Rainie) [by catnip22]

Irulan Deelastani #14 (killed by Royal) [by Cronomon]

Rozen Haro #3 (killed by Damian) [by raiden221]

Rainie Undersee #5 (killed by arena) [by ellsweetella]

Tino Lynter #24 (killed by Rhode) [by FireLamp]

Lunea Overshow #8 (killed by Rhode) [by lunalovespudding3]

DEATH LIST (including those repeated deaths due to time travel) [bolded deaths indicate final death (i.e. no coming back to life)]

Helix Strife (killed by Jessa)

Lunea Overshow (killed by Ruby)

Emily Kersley (killed by Carson)

Carson Livius (killed by Damian)

Rainie Undersee (killed by Damian)

Tino Lynter (killed by Alpha)

Cara Dubow (killed by Cho)

Morgan Dentro (blown up)

Carson Livius (killed by Royal)

Helix Strife (killed by Jessa)

Emily Kersley (killed by Astris)

Tino Lynter (killed by Rhode)

Kiley Chase (killed by Cho)

Reagan Temitt (killed by Memo)

Andrew Coilan (killed by Ruby)

Leonardo Hills (time tech)

Emily Kersley x4 (killed multiple times by Damian)

Jessa Ralmos (killed by Helix)

Kiley Chase (tracker explosion in mirrorverse)

Shilo Deanes (killed by Memo)

Mnemosyne Reece (killed by Shilo)

Helix Strife (killed by Rhode)

Kataya Keys (killed by Cho)

Irulan Deelastani (killed by Royal)

Damian Talbot (killed by alternate version of self)

Cara Dubow (killed by Damian)

Celitriouse Deneri (killed by Damian)

Mnemosyne Reece (killed by Ruby)

Astris Pace (gunned down in time portal)

Alpha Whitlock (killed by Rainie)

Lunea Overshow (killed by Rhode)

Ruby Lawrence (killed by Royal)

Rhodochrosite Sphene (killed by Gamemakers)

Rainie Undersee (arena)

Royal Light (killed by alternate version of self)

Royal Light (arena)

Rozen Haro (killed by Damian)

Damian Talbot (killed by Cho)

KILLS (includes repeats) [final deaths indicated in bold]

Rhode: 3 (Tino, Lunea, Helix)

Ruby: 3 (Memo, Andrew, Lunea)

Damian: 7 (Rozen, Celitriouse, Cara, Damian, Emily x4, Rainie, Carson)

Memo: 2 (Shilo, Reagan)

Cho: 4 (Damian, Kataya, Kiley, Cara)

Royal: 4 (Royal, Ruby, Irulan, Carson)

Carson: 1 (Emily)

Helix: 1 (Jessa)

Astris: 1 (Emily)

Shilo: 1 (Memo)

Rainie: 1 (Alpha)


Average: 14.969

Mode: 15 (all Raised Tributes)

Median: 15 (same as above)

Maximum: 18 (Rhode)

Minimum: 12 (Astris)

DAYS/DEATHS (permanent only)

Day 1: Morgan, Carson, Tino, Reagan, Andrew

Day 2: Leo, Emily Jessa

Day 3: Kiley

Day 4: Shilo, Helix

Day 5: Kataya

Day 6: Irulan

Day 7: Cara, Celitriouse, Memo

Day 8: Astris

Day 9: (none)

Day 10: Alpha, Lunea, Ruby, Rhode, Rainie

Day 11: Royal

Day 12: Rozen, Damian

I had fun writing this story. Thanks to all who reviewed (you guys are all epic), and if I ever do another SYOT I'll make sure to let y'all know. But I have a crossover to work on... (notice that I said that at the end of my last SYOT too and it's still not done... I feel bad about that...)

Personally, I kinda liked Cho. And maybe... Royal. 'Cause his crazy lines were fun to write. The Astris/Irulan pairing was okay but the Rainie/Alpha one was also pretty cool. Loved writing Damian's death scene, and Astris'. Hopefully no one noticed that I had no idea where to go with the It plot 'cause that was totally unplanned. Turned out okay, though. I hope. Damian and Cho's alliance was awesome. Especially once Celitriouse and Rainie left to be epic in their own alliances.

My ships: Damian/Cho, Damian/Royal, Cho/Rozen, Rhode/Rozen, Damian/Celitriouse, Alpha/Astris, Lunea/Ruby, Royal/Ruby, Damian/everyone (jk... I think), Irulan/Tino, Lunea/Rhode... gosh, I ship everyone with everyone, to sum it up. This whole fic was one big shipping fest.

Thanks again for reading/reviewing and have a nice life!