Title (tentative): I've Got Your Six

Summary: Gibbs and McGee find themselves thrown into a perilous situation on a routine trip to question a witness.

Disclaimers/Warnings: Warnings for language and/or violence. I do not own NCIS. The bad guys and case they are working on are my creation.

Tim tapped his fingers on his desk impatiently as he waited for a search to run. The team had been working for days to find Corporal Reese's killer, and every lead turned into a dead end. Gibbs was on everyone's ass to find something. Tim had been searching Reese's phone records, e-mail and credit card statements for hours, with no result. There didn't seem to be anything to find that would indicate Reese was doing anything illegal.


Tim winced when he heard Gibbs shout his name from across the bullpen as he came down from Vance's office. Gibbs was going to kill him if something didn't pop up in the next 10 seconds.

"Do you have anything for me yet, McGee?"

"N-no Boss. Nothing in his e-mail or—" Tim was silenced by a head slap.

"Stop stammering and find me something."

"Yes Boss."

Gibbs turned to his SFA, who appeared to be hard at work, for once.

"Anything on that BOLO, DiNozzo?"

"Nothing yet, Boss."

"Does anyone have anything on this guy?" Gibbs shouted in frustration.

"Gibbs!" he turned around to see Abby's face on the plasma. She wasn't smiling back at him.

"You'd better have something for me, Abbs," he growled.

"I have a match from the print I lifted from Reese's jacket."

"Who is it, Abbs!" Gibbs shouted impatiently.

"Petty Officer Joseph Bonifacio. I'm e-mailing the address to Tim right now."

Gibbs switched off the plasma and turned to Tim, who was writing furiously on a sticky note.

"Got it, Boss!" Tim said, holding up the sticky note. Gibbs snatched it from him.

"Tony! Take Ziva and go pick up Bonifacio."

"On it, Boss."

McGee's computer finally beeped, and his eyes went wide.

"Uh, Boss…"

"What is it, McGee?" he asked irritably.

"You need to see this."

"Spit it out!"

"I found something in Reese's phone records. There were some calls made from his landline to Bonifacio."

"What are you saying, McGee?"

"The calls were made before and after Reese's murder."

Gibbs quickly moved to his desk and grabbed his weapon and gear.

"Let's go, McGee. You and I are going to have a talk with Lanette Reese."

McGee jumped up and grabbed his gear, running to follow Gibbs into the elevator.


The ride to the Reese residence was awkward. Tim didn't say a word. He sat there, going through the phone records he'd printed out. Normally, Gibbs didn't mind the quiet drive, but his Junior Agent's silence was starting to bother him.

"Something wrong, McGee?"

"No," Tim replied, not taking his eyes from his papers.

"You haven't talked at all since we left NCIS."

"Just going through the phone records, Boss."

"You did that earlier, on your computer, when you read them to me."

"Nothing's wrong, Boss. I'm fine."

"All right," Gibbs conceded as he pulled up to the curb in front of the Reese residence. "We're here, McGee." Tim got out of the car ahead of Gibbs, folder in hand. Gibbs met him in front of the walk. "Slow down. We're questioning her, not arresting her."

Tim stopped and let Gibbs walk ahead of him. As they approached the front door, they heard a scream from inside the house. Gibbs drew his weapon, and Tim followed suit. "Go around back," Gibbs ordered. Tim slipped around the back of the house, and Gibbs stealthily made his way to the front door. He noticed that the doorjamb was already splintered. Someone had already broken the door. He quietly pushed it open and went inside. He immediately went left toward the living room. He stopped short and peered in at an angle where he wouldn't be seen. He saw several armed men, and a scared Lanette Reese was sitting on the couch, trembling. He then wondered where McGee was. He was going to need his backup to make this bust. As started to back up a bit, to be completely out of sight, he heard the sound of a click behind his head.

"Drop it."

Gibbs set his weapon on the ground. The man pulled him to his feet, and he felt the gun touch the back of his neck.

"Move." He pushed Gibbs forward. Gibbs walked into the living room, hands raised. The gun was still touching his neck. One of the men turned around as they entered.

"I found another one, Boss."

The man walked up to Gibbs, looking him up and down. He signaled to his other men.

"Search him."

As the men moved to search Gibbs, he saw Tim. He was on his knees in front of the fireplace, trembling. Tim's hands were handcuffed behind his back. The remaining two men had their guns pointed at him. Gibbs moved forward to help his comrade, but strong arms grabbed him and pulled him back. The gun was back on his neck again.

"Try that again and you won't live long enough to get across the room."

Gibbs allowed himself to be searched. They relieved him of his knife, and the backup gun he kept in an ankle holster. They also found his badge. The weapons were removed from the room, and Gibbs was yanked forward, to the middle of the room.

"Agent Gibbs," the leader said, tucking the badge into the inside pocket of his blazer. "I am Carmine Bonifacio."

Gibbs remained silent, but was definitely a little panicked. They were dealing with Mafia, and they were probably going to die in this house.

"I asked you a question," Carmine said, as the gun on Gibbs' was shoved harder into his neck.

Gibbs said nothing. He let his eyes wander toward Lanette. Carmine picked up the nonverbal cue and smiled.

"You're here for her?"

"Yep," Gibbs said simply.

"She's not leaving this house alive, and neither are you and your partner." He nodded to one of his men. Before anyone could react, he turned his gun on Lanette and fired. She fell limp to the couch.

"No!" Tim shouted, and attempted to get up. He was forced roughly back to his knees.

"No one told you to move."

Tim nodded, and his eyes met with Gibbs' icy glare. He knew Gibbs was telling him to sit there and shut up.

"Agent Gibbs, please sit down." The men roughly shoved Gibbs down onto the love seat. They cuffed Gibbs with his own handcuffs. Camine took a seat in a plush arm chair next to the love seat. "We need to chat, Agent."

"I'm not going anywhere," Gibbs said sarcastically.

"You and your partner are very lucky, Agent Gibbs. In any other circumstance, both of you would have been dead the minute you set foot in this house. The only reason you are alive is because I need something from you."

"What is that?" Gibbs asked.

"My nephew. Joey Bonifacio."

"He's a murderer," Tim said from across the room. That earned him the butt of a pistol across his face. Carmine got up and went over to Tim. He grabbed him by the shirt and pointed a gun in his face.

"You talk out of turn again, young man, and you will die faster than Mrs. Reese. Do you understand?"


Carmine hit him.

"That isn't polite."

"Y-yes sir."

"Much better."

Carmine turned back to Gibbs.

"Agent Gibbs, your people arrested my nephew. I want him released within the hour."

"Your nephew killed a Marine."

"What proof do you have?" Carmine asked.

"We have proof. Wouldn't have arrested him without it."

Carmine took a cell phone – Gibbs' cell phone – from his pocket, and opened it up.

"Agent Gibbs, you will call your immediate superior at NCIS, and negotiate my nephew's release. If you do not, I will have Frankie shoot your partner in the head." He nodded to Frankie, who pressed a pistol into Tim's head. Gibbs looked at Tim, and reached out for his phone. He dialed Vance's office number. His secretary picked up.

"Paula, this is Gibbs. I need to speak with Director Vance."

"Just a moment, Agent Gibbs. I'll patch you through."

"Thank you."

Carmine grabbed the phone before Gibbs could open his mouth again. Vance had just picked up the line.

"Jethro? What's the matter? Where the hell are you?"

"Director Vance, I presume?"

"Who is this?"

"My name is Carmine Bonifacio. I believe you have something that belongs to me. I'd like him back."

"You want Joey Bonifacio."

"Correct, Director. I'll let Agent Gibbs explain." Carmine handed the phone back to Gibbs.

"Leon, if you don't release Joey Bonifacio, they'll kill us."

"You know the policy, Agent Gibbs. We do not negotiate—"

"Damn it, Leon! We're not talking about terrorists! We're dealing with the Mafia! The chances of McGee and I getting out of this alive are already slim to none. Do you really want to lower those chances?"

"McGee is with you?"


"Calm down, Jethro. I'll get you out of there alive."


Carmine snatched the phone from him.

"You have one hour, Director Vance. If I don't see my nephew in that time frame, one of your Agents will die." Carmine hung up the phone and put it back in his pocket.

"Your Director had better come through, Agent Gibbs, if he wants to see you and Agent McGee alive."