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Based on Repo! The Genetic Opera

Graverobber thought he may be able to save Nathon after he was shot. It took a while but GR got Nathon to his secret place under GeneCo. Nathon's heart was beating faintly. GR knew he only had a couple of minutes to even try to save him.

Nathon could hear things being throw and shattered and someone muttering. He wanted to open his eyes to at least find out who was there with him but he couldn't even do that. The burning pain throughout his body was numb now. He could litterally feel the blood and life draining out of him.

Graverobber hastily set up an I.V. and blood bag. He knew that first he would have to get the bullets out and clean Nathon's wounds but he had to get at least some blood running through him. Seeing how GR sells Zydrate he knew what he was doing. Quickly moving GR got the needle into Nathon's vein and soon after blood was running through him. He had worked. Now it was time to save him before it was too late.

Nathan felt that he was being poked and prodded. He wanted to take what was stabbing his wounds away, but he couldn't move. No matter how hard he tried. He knew something was either trying to say him or retreaving his organs. That's when the pain numbed a little more. He felt something wrap around his two bullet wounds serval times. Now he knew that someone was trying to save him.

Graverobber quickly rubbed beads off sweat off his forhead. He wasn't done yet. He was just getting started. Running around the table GR took the I.V. and forced it into a vein in Nathan's hand. Without even thinking about it GR yelled at him, "If you die on me I'm going to kill you!"

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