(note you might wanna read Jason at ghoul school first) Jason wakes up rubbing his eyes getting ready for a new day school is going to start again. He will get to see his friends again and there is nothing to fear. Freddy is permanently dead but he killed Jason's dad. As he thinks of all this, he is walking to the school on the way he stops by an old town walking in a diner to get something to eat as he finishes eating he pays the waitress walking out and continue walking to the school. He noticed Winnie playing with volleyball; he snuck behind her, grabbing her as she lets out a small surprised scream as Jason shifted the grab to a hug as she turned around happy to see him

"ha Winnie you screamed like a little girl" he said making fun of her

"thats because i am a girl" she responds throwing the volleyball at him bouncing off his head

"hey jason you notice anything a little different about me?" she asked

"no" he responded

"well 1 my tail is starting to grow she said lifting of the back end of her dress exposing a short tail,2 i have breasts Winnie said grabbing his hand putting it on her chest and 3 my Wolf teeth have been growing" she said opening her mouth exposing her teeth which are more sharp and pointy then the last time they meet

"wow impressive the Teeth make me a little nervous about kissing you" he said joking with her

"I got a new mask" he told her as she see's his mask is not solid white but has blue lines (the mask from Friday the 13th pt5) as they look at each other about to kiss

"hey Jason" the two her a voice say as they turn to see another one of the girls.

they turn to see Tanis waving at you with her dad

"hey Tanis how you doing?" Jason asked her

"I'm doing great and you?" she asked

"I'm fine still getting over my dad's death but i'm doing fine" he replied

"yeah I'm sorry about that but thanks for helping us last year you gave your life to save us" winnie said taking your suitcase rolling it in the house

"well Freddy's dead we have nothing to worry about anymore" he said as they headed inside as Tanis hugs her dad and fallows them inside

"so Jason how have you been taking your dad's death?" Winnie asked

"well all my life my dad wanted me to grow up to be him just like an exact copy he died and people have returned to the lake, I try my best to scare them off without hurting anyone, I might trash their cars, cut off the electricity in the cabins, that works but I don't kill them" he responded as the 3 of them walk inside the school.