When he first presses the button after that, nothing can be heard from the old times. He, however, has little room for regrets, for all around this growing world there's much to be recorded. Hours of work are long, but full of the merry tunes that flow from his speakers - sometimes it's birdsong, followed by shouting and singing of men at work, and on many occasions it's the cackle of a baby, one of those tiny creatures so happy with their lives.
That's how colourful and noisy his memories are. She, on the other hand, loves the subtlest kinds of music. When they rest it is her turn to sing; and the tunes hush and soften, reproducing sounds so refined that he can see the green and the glitter of water mirrored in his optics. She hears the most secret whispers of the trees and the laughter of meadows, the rambling of the wind, the steps of hundreds of ants as they waltz on newborn leaves. She loves silence and peace, and holds out her fingers to him when it's time to end a day of labour.
Whatever way his life goes, he cherishes each moment of it, and makes sure to remember. He's just an old robot, of course - his memory can't be that long. But he is not alone anymore. If put together, their tapes are long enough.

This movie is just too cute. :3