Two Words

Honey-senpai looked up as Haruhi entered the room, descending the stairs, looking resplendent in the white coat-tailed jacket.

Unable to keep from gushing, Honey said, "Haru-chan looks great!"

He didn't expect anyone to respond, as Tamaki wasn't there to do his usual gushing over his "little girl", but Honey was surprised when he heard a familiar voice next him say two very distinct words:

"She does."

It was Mori.

Honey took a close look at the expression on his cousin's face and couldn't help but wonder. There was a faint smile at the edge of his lips as he stared at the female host, and Honey had a sneaking suspicion that it meant something important.

He'd never seen Takashi look at anyone with that sort of look before. Almost as though he were…hopeful.

He decided to keep an eye on his cousin during the rest of the fair, curious as to what he might see.

Much later in the day, Honey watched as Mori stared pointedly at Haruhi when he saw her in her 18th century French period cos-play costume.

Mori stared at her more intently than anyone else in the room. Even if Tamaki had been there, Honey had a distinct feeling that not even Tamaki's looks would even come close to the quiet intensity with which Mori's eyes stared at her.

It was almost unnerving, yet Haruhi seemed completely unaware of the fact that she was in the older host's gaze.

Honey sighed to himself.

It was going to be a very long evening if this kept up.

It was night, the evening had fallen, and the dance had begun. Honey watched as the Host Club's guests danced across the floor like fluttering, colored pieces of paper. Soon, it would be the Host Club members' turn to dance.

Honey glanced up at Mori, wondering if he was planning on asking Haru-chan to dance.

However, it didn't seem as though the high-school senior was planning on moving anytime soon, so Honey decided to ask her dance.

As he danced with her, however, he was surprised to see Mori's eyes fix on the two of them and then harden, and he could see tension in his jaw.

Honey then sent Haruhi into a sudden twirl, and was then shocked as Mori appeared and gently grasped the girl's hand in his own and then led her across the dance floor…and then he saw Haruhi's expression. The girl's gaze seemed dazed, her eyes locked on the taller figure gliding her so effortlessly across the floor.

And that's when Honey knew…

Haruhi was just as enamored as Mori was.

Honey smiled to himself, happy for the two of them, but then he saw Tamaki making his way to the, he had to stop him.

In a flash of inspiration, he ran for the blonde host and lunged and grasped at his wrist, dragging him as far across the dance floor as possible, keeping Tamaki as far away from the happy couple as he possibly could. Tamaki would not ruin this; Honey would make sure of it.

Ignoring the prince's objections, he cast another surreptitious glance in the couple's direction.

They were both…smiling.

Takashi was smiling!

A huge grin crossed his lips, and he continued to easily hold Tamaki down on the floor as the young host struggled to escape to ask the girl to dance. Takashi was happy, and nothing and no one was going to ruin this night for him or Haruhi.

They deserved it.