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Rivendell exited hyperspace over its new home. Using the powerful landing thrusters, the city-ship adjusted its position to make the landing less stressful on both the crew and the city.

As the city began lowering itself into the atmosphere, the beginnings of Taskforce Sagittarius started leaving sub-space. Governor Sheppard was sat in her office talking to Doctor Pierre when Arwin's avatar shimmered into existence.

"Governor, we have begun the landing process. Primary scans of the system indicate no traces of recent spacial travel. The only anomaly my sensors can detect is a strange device on the outer reaches of the solar system." Arwin informed.

"Thank you, Arwin." Alison smiled.

"We'll talk later." Laura said and after having received a nod from Alison, stood up and left through the side office door.

"How long until we touch down?" Sheppard asked, leaving her office and heading towards the control room. Arwin's hologram simply walked behind Alison gracefully with a calculating look on her face.

"11.4 seconds." Arwin replied as she continued to walk alongside the Governor.

Rivendell descended through the clouds of its new home. The stars in the night sky twinkled as the city lowered itself towards the ocean. Falling at a controlled speed, by powerful sub-light engines, Rivendell approached the large ocean that it would soon rest on.

Rivendell finally slowed mere meters from the surface of the ocean and eased into the water as if it were a frightened child. The powerful engines disappeared beneath the surface and the city came to a halt.

The blue glow of the engines faded as they powered down. The silver bubble that had kept the city's oxygen from escaping into the void of space, slowly shrank back into the emitters that created it.

The silver towers shone as the limited light from the moon hit them. This planet would do, it was now home. Orban would be the first world in the new Tau'ri Federation.

Admiral Robyns stood in front of the Achilles' holo-table overlooking their new home system. He'd sent specific orders to each ship in the Taskforce and was watching as they followed them. The only point of interest in the entire system, was the strange spacial device.

The Jutland was currently on its way to investigate the device, while the other ships were spreading through the system. They were ordered to secure and scan each planet, while the Achilles defended Rivendell and Orban.

The TFS Jutland soared through space as fast as her huge Ion engines could propel her. Her crew had been ordered by Admiral Jacob Robyns himself, to investigate a strange alien device that lay on the outer edge of the Orban system.

It wasn't surprising that this device hadn't shown up in any database search, some differences were to be expected in an alternate reality, but the sensors couldn't even match the element the device was made from.

Captain Aaron McKenzie sat in his chair, looking out as the device grew closer. It was strange and completely unknown to him. Three pillars forming a rough circle floated unused.

"Captain?" Ensign Michelson asked, trying to grab his superiors attention.

"Yes Ensign?" Aaron asked, his eyes fixed on the strange prongs.

"Sir, I'm detecting a build-up of energy coming from the device. It's similar, but not identical, to the build-up produced by a Stargate when dialled." Michelson reported.

"So it's some form of super gate?" Aaron asked, watching the pillars remain unchanged.

"I'm not sure. I don't detect any sub-space equipment, so I doubt it." Michelson said, rubbing his forehead in frustration.

"Sir, the build-up has reached maximum capacity, it's discharging!" The crewman manning the tactical station informed. Lights along the pillars activated from fore to rear. When they hit the rear, a large blue cone appeared and spat out an ugly looking vessel.

After nearly twenty years of military service, Aaron had seen a lot of ships from allies and enemies in all five galaxies that the Tau'ri Federation was currently actively fighting in. He'd seen everything from Asgard Battleships to Athosian cruisers and even ancient Jaffa Ha'tak.

But this ship, this ship was new. The tall blue vessel was exactly the same as the vessel in the recording sent back from the probe that was sent to Galar. The unknown ship stopped directly between the Jutland and the device, obviously not wanting to cut off its only escape route.

"Captain, they're sending us some text in an unknown language over a modified radio frequency. The Asgard Core has made the adjustments so we can reply and it will be able to decrypt it, but it might take a while." Michelson informed.

"Alright, transmit them the standard first contact package using the same frequency." Aaron ordered. The package was a set of simple diagrams of humans, elements such as oxygen and also a star chart of the Orban solar system.

"Transmission complete." Michelson nodded. After a tense minute, Michelson s workstation beeped and caused the Ensign to begin flicking switches.

"What is it?" Aaron asked.

"The contact just powered its weapons and trying to target us. Receiving message, sir, it's in English!" Michelson said, shocked.

"That isn't included in the first contact package, is it possible you sent the wrong data package?" Aaron questioned.

"No sir, I checked." Michelson shook his head.

"Well, what does the message say?" Aaron asked as he leaned over.

"Surrender." Michelson said, bluntly.

"Raise shields." Aaron ordered.

"Yes sir." Michelson nodded, flicking a switch on his console.

"Reply with 'Leave now'." Aaron ordered.

"Isn't that a little hostile? Sir?" The Ensign asked.

"No Ensign, powering their weapons and targeting my ship is hostile." McKenzie snapped.

"Yes, sir." Michelson replied. He typed on his console before the ship shook.

"They really didn't like that reply." Aaron said, straightening up.

"I haven't sent it yet." Michelson informed.

"Well send it. If they keep shooting at us, return fire." Aaron ordered.

"Aye." The Ensign nodded. Another blast of green weapons fire slammed into the Jutland s shield. After a few seconds, the large ship launched what appeared to be fighters.

The Star Strider was a proud ship of the Minbari Fleet. The Warrior caste had commissioned the ship over a century ago and since then she'd seen many conflicts.

Mainly these conflicts were against pirates and raiders that would attack planets within the Protectorate, but nothing the ship had ever participated in had provided the same amount of honour than the current war.

The Star Strider had been tasked with hunting down undiscovered human colonies in their effort to find their home world, Earth, and this recent encounter had proven a success. Sat before the Minbari Sharlin-class War Cruiser was an Earther ship.

This ship was unlike anything they'd ever seen Earth use, which could mean that they were getting close to their home world. What puzzled the Minbari commander was that this system had no obvious defences other than the ship blocking their path.

"Perhaps it is a new colony, one built to escape our crusade?" Nayen asked. He was still young to the caste and had much to learn, but he could be correct. The Human plague had been encountered in dozens of systems and these were only simple resource colonies.

"Perhaps, open fire." Aroon ordered. The commander was old, but not too old to fight for his people in their holy war, it was the last meaningful thing he could do before he died.

"No effect commander." Nayen informed as the two watched the holographic display.

"They appear to have some sort of shield technology, possibly bought or stolen from the League. Continue your attack, not even League technology can help them now." Aroon smiled as he watched more of his peoples wrath impact the Earthers shields.

"Still no effect, Commander, they're powering weapons." Nayen said, a hint of worry in his voice.

"Let them fire, their targeting technologies are easy to fool." Aroon laughed. As his laughing consumed his body, the Star Strider shook violently sending Aroon and Nayen to the deck. Alarms blared indicating the ship had been damaged.

"How is this possible?!" Nayen snapped.

"Damn Earthers! Prepare for retreat, we shall return with more ships!" Aroon ordered.

"It's too late!" Nayen barked as another impact rocked the ship.

"We must evacuate the Star Strider, give the order!" Aroon nodded. Another yellow bolt slammed into the blue hull and caused another explosion to expose three more levels to space.

"Yes commander." Nayen nodded, he got up and ran out of the room as fast as his legs could carry him. Aroon heard the rarely used tone ordering the ship to be abandoned and looked back at the failing holographic projection.

Another yellow bolt launched from the Earth ship and headed straight for Aroon and he closed his eyes as the darkness took him.

"Sir, the ship has been neutralised. The enemy fighters have broken off their attack and are heading to rendezvous with small transports that are launching from the remains. Should we engage?" Michelson asked displaying the scene in mid-air.

"No, let them go. Maybe this'll make them stay clear of this system. Wait until they've left and activate the tractor beam. I'm sure Rivendell can crack the language and hack the database. Also, make a copy of all data collected during this engagement and transmit it to both the Admiral and the President." Aaron ordered.

"Yes sir." Michelson nodded.

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