To be dancing, the music in your soul,

guiding you,

whispering sweet nothings in your ear.

To be prancing,

Round and Round that stage.

To be jumping,

Flying through the air

With no care,

To be dancing,

That is something that you can never



"WRONG! Wrong, wrong, wrong." I flinched. Miss Ludmilla's voice carried through whole studio. Her thick Russian accent sounded rough and unforgiving. We were doing one final practice before they were to rehearse on stage. Everyone was aching, so stressed that all they could do was dance forward. Ludmilla directed her smile at me.

"Would you be kind enough to show the mistake, again?" My cheeks tinged with pink. Being the second soloist wasn't easy. I had to learn core's choreography and the lead soloists choreography perfect or else I would go back into core.

" Instead of lifting your arms to full fifth position, you have to do something that is in between" Demonstrating the pose, I lifted my arms where they needed to be.

"Correct Sarah" She nodded to me and then her icy glare scanned the rest 25 dancers, stuck in this uncomfortable position.

I loved dancing. There was nothing that could change it. And the fact that I got accepted into the Joeffry Ballet Company blew me away. Even to this moment. I would gladly go through the world of pain to be here. But at this particular moment I guiltily say that I wouldn't. My toes felt like they were going to be purple. My legs threatened to give. My back was in pain. Etc. We went through the combination one more time and finally, Miss Ludmilla let us go.

After another half an hour I finally went home. A small apartment, cozy and warm. I had some tea and opened my little red book. I skipped to the masqerade part and read about the girl who danced the night away with the beautiful Goblin King. I traced the words already knowing them inside out. My little red couch was bathed in light. Although I loved to dance, and got myself a good education from an online school, I could never quite escape the memories of the Labyrinth. Hoggle, Sir Didymus and Ludo were on my mind. But most of all I missed Jareth the most. His voice, his eyes.

I missed him.

The thought came to my mind with a sudden clarity. I. Missed. Him. I clutched the book to my heart.

How come I never thought of it this way before?

Stupid, brooding me.

On my little red couch that was bathed in light, I whispered the words,

"I miss you, Jareth. I wish I could see you one last time and tell you how I really feel."

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