Jareth watched with an increasing sense of helplessness as Sarah drifted in and out of consciousness. The stupid worm did not know a thing about human physiology. She tried many potions that only served to worsen her.

Once, she was so close to death that Jareth almost felt her go.

But that was the problem.

He couldn't do anything.

She was in his father's kingdom.

The one place where he couldn't go.

His fingers endlessly played with glass spheres, occasionally letting one fall his only way of knowing that time has passed. And, his only way of knowing in Sarah was alive.


Ludmilla stood, pursing her lips. The music of dance wasn't serving to calm her nerves, for the first time in a millennium.

Her dancers watched her nervously as she paced around the room, only half inspecting their form, only making small remarks.

She was waiting.

"Ms. Ludmilla, what are we doing now?"

Ludmilla made a dismissive gesture. She wasn't in the mood for these mortal girls. Her worries wrapped their tenacious fingers around her thoughts and squeezed.

She didn't even notice when the dancers filed out one by one, sending worried glances in her direction.

The music player went silent, having played through all of the songs.

Silence filled the room.

Yet, of one listened close enough the shaking of the mirror could be heard.

A simple buzzing sound.

On the way, we tread.

She closed her eyes, and tilted her head slightly while listening to the lullaby.

On our way to be,

The air seemed to cackle with electricity.

Nothing to be said,

The barres cracked, the little splinters showering the room.

Nothing to be read.

Ludmilla stood in the middle of the chaos, unharmed.

On our way are we.

The music player was crushed into billions of pieces.

Why won't you let us be?

The glass shattered.

"It has been so long, my dear, hasn't it?"

Ludmilla didn't dare open her eyes.


The worm scuttled around the girl's bedsife clucking her lips nervously. Her violently red hair was frazzed and her cheeks were tinged with a rose color. Bertha knew everything there was to be known about medicine. Everyone came to her seeking small concotions and advice.

At least, she thought she knew everything.

There were times when the girl went completely still. Those scared her very much, since she didn't want to carry a dead body out of her mushroom. A man in black came frequently, asking about the condition of his beloved sister.

Bertha only smiled and nodded.

Smiled and nodded.


"Why won't you look at me, милоя моя?"

Arms gently wrapped around her waist, trying to be a calming gesture. In reality, this was only a show of possession.

"Such a shame you stripped yourself of your powers, isn't it? No more spells to stir you tea for you, no more dresses spun from silk that was made out of air." he chuckled. "I rather liked those dresses."

Ludmilla could only stand still.

"And now, I have finally found you. Human, and helpless." Alvaro seemed to savor these thoughts with a vigor only an ignorant king could manage.

No. Ludmilla wasn't human, nor was she helpless.

Although, it would hurt her pride to admit that at this particular moment she was quite human and quite helpless.

"Hm. My own wife won't look at me. What happened?"

This immediately struck a chord.

"I am not your wife, you indescribably idoitic moron!"

Ludmilla spun around to him, forgetting that she did lack powers that used to rival his. He caught her wrists and pulled her nose to his.

He smelled sweet.

Like a night under the stars.

Somewhere, in her twisted mind she knew that she needed him.

A sybiotic relationship, of sorts.

"But what is this, I see? A ring?"

Almost cruelly, he yanked at her left wrist and brought up a hand with a diamond on one of the fingers.

Dammit. Ludmilla cursed silently in her head. Her mouth fumbled for words.

"I keep it on for when I see Jareth."

The words were shaky, unsteady. Even an idiot could have guessed that she was lying.

"Really, and how is our dear son doing?"

Ludmilla tried to wrench herself away.

"I don't know. I haven't seen him in a while."

Alvaro's laugh seemed to trickle through the room with warmth. A warmth that was almost as scorching as fire to the tongue.

"Why are you here?" The fear in her tone was too strong to pass for anything but a whisper.

"I am about to conquer every kingdom around me. I have killed the person who ruined Jareth's heart and I have found you. I am here because I want you to some back with me. This time, our world will be perfect."

He spun he around, before she had a chance to answer.

They began to dance. It was a soft waltz, but the steps were far from fluid. In a dance, a man might be leading but he is nothing without his partner. Ludmilla was doing everything she could, stepping on his feet (which he sidestepped), wrenching her hands in all of the wrong places ( he only followed the motion) and even turning away from him ( but the firm hand on the small of her back, and the ability to spin her whenever he wanted proved it impossible).

Finally, she managed to trip him.

"How could you speak of perfection, when you send nightmares to anyone you please, when you control everything I do, when you don't have the least bit of sympathy? How could you speak of perfection when you killed an unborn child in my stomach out of jealousy?"

Panting, the grieving Ludmilla was left alone, in a rain of glass and wood.


Jareth jumped when he let yet another crystal fall.

It shattered with a high pitched squeal.

The splinters scattered around his boots.


Jareth was going to declare war.


On all the seven kingdoms.


For Sarah.

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