A bright light flashes in George's face making him disbelieve for one second what he saw. But no, George is a lawyer and he knows that facts are facts. He stumbles backwards, still blinded by the light and is shocked that he feels relief. He knew things weren't 100% but does wonder how long that this has been happening. He quickly looks around to make sure no one saw him and makes a hasty exit.

Zoe had just settled on the sofa with a tub of Ben and Jerry's Phish Food Frozen Yoghurt, her usual glass of wine and the T.V remote. Thinking back to earlier events of the day, she was glad that she finally had her dad back and a decent role model in her life. Channel flicking whilst waiting for the adverts during 24 hours in A&E to finish was soon disturbed by a rather pale face at the window. Knowing that face from anywhere, hazel/green eyes, brown hair and chubby but cute cheeks, meant that it simply had to be George Tucker...but why was he so pale? Zoe edged to the door, part of her eager to let him in (she always had butterflies around him) but the other part of her (her head) sensed that something was wrong. Was it his father or did Lemon finally tell him? Either one meant that he needed Zoe for consoling and for comforting.

Zoe dashed to open the door just as George was on the last step, ready to walk in a different direction. As soon as she opened it, she smelt rain and within seconds there was a downpour. "Stop," she yells over the gusting wind, praying in her head that he had heard her. Luckily he did and slowly he turns around to face her. What she see's shocks her, his face is baring his soul to her, he is so vulnerable and it breaks her heart that someone could ever be so cruel to such a geniune man. In that moment she knew that he knew about Lemon and Lavon, but how?

Only wearing a short silk slip and gown with nothing on her feet, she dashes out to him in the rain, not caring how soaked she will be, just caring that the man she loves knows that he has a friend in her. Standing on the top step, their eyes meet at a level they have never met at before, she holds out her hand to him and hopes that he'll take it.

George looks at Zoe through a mixture of rain and salty tears, see's the outstretched hands and knows that she cares. He takes in her full body and realises what she is wearing, "typical Zoe" he thinks to himself. He knows that she will not go back inside unless he goes with her, aware that it is wrong to play on Zoe's feelings for him, he can't help but test her to see if she really does care. Zoe still stands there, hand outstretched, trembling fingers, goosebumps everywhere and biting her lip nervously, she waits for him. She keeps her eye trained on his, trying to get him to read her mind, without hesitation he grabs her hand and with a force she is pulled into a tight embrace with him. It is friendly and comforting as well as electrifying.

Zoe looks up at George at the same time he looks down to her, the both smile and walk hand in hand back into Zoe's house. Zoe has every intention to dry off, make a coffee and listen to what George has to say. George has a different idea, he wants to dry off, curl up in Zoe's bed and hold her until morning.

For one night he wants to be free.