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In a distant land of magic and mystery, gods ruled over the land of Minecraftia. Every god had a role to play in order to keep peace. The greatest of the gods was King Notch. He was the true creator and all that existed was made in his image. Notch could do no wrong and under his rule great cities were built and humans thrived. The children of the gods would slay the evils of the world and maintain peace. Life on Minecraftia remained this way for centuries, living in peace and harmony. No one fought each other, only worked as a team to ensure peace against monsters. It was a truly perfect world created in the image of the divine creator Notch.

Notch was all good in every way yet he had a brother. His brother, Herobrine, was far from good. He created new and more powerful mobs, sin, and war. He created the Nether a living hell for him to resign. From the creations of Herobrine Minecraftia's dark side was revealed. War, hatred, envy, and all other sins arose causing trouble among the land. People hated Herobrine and wished him gone. He was blamed for all bad in the world, which was an appropriate accusation.

In order to right Herobrine's wrongs Notch created new gods to keep the new evil and chaos in tact. These new gods were also resented, hated, and blamed for the evils despite the fact they prevented it. With the help of these new gods Herobrine's evils were now a thing of the past and Minecraftia rose from it's dark ages.

Angered by his failure Herobrine despised his brother even more. He created new evil mobs to resign within his dimension, The Nether. These abominations were created with a natural bloodlust and hatred to all of humanity. Herobrine unleashed his army of horror upon Minecraftia. Cities crumbled to the ground and humanity turned against each other, their minds clouded with fear and resentment. Angered that Notch did not save them the humans began to stop worshipping the gods. Yet some stayed believers and created churches and prayers to the divine. Pleased by the respect minor gods were created to rule over towns and provide them with prior unknown power. The major gods would bless cities and towns causing the children of that god to flock to the city. They would unite and rebel against the evil.

The nether beasts were forced back to the Nether to live in hell. Minecraftia developed portals to Nether. They sent their strongest; bravest men to destroy the fortress in which the kings of the nether thrived. When they reached Herobrine's almighty powerful castle they were wiped out. Herobrine punished them for rebellion and damned their souls for an eternity of pain. At the news of this Minecraftia grew more angry and spiteful. They asked Notch for more powerful weaponry, so he created magic. Mages, alchemists, and enchanted weapons arose, powering Minecraftia more than ever before.

Herobrine hated Minecraftia and all the gods with all of his hell-touched heart. He thought that the only way to plunge the land into evil was too capture the creator himself. Whenever he revolted Notch gave the public exactly what they needed to defend. If Notch was to be captured and ripped from power than he couuld not save humanity. Knowing of what would happen Notch alerted the rest of the gods to trap Herobrine in the Nether. Just in case the gods failed to confine his brother Notch had his first demigod. As long as some of him existed then Herobrine could not take full control of the world and hope would still remain. Notch also casted a shadow of himself to watch over the world. He sentenced a prophecy that a group of heroes would rise to save him from his evil brother and right the wrongs.

Notch's precautionary efforts payed off for Herobrine did succeed. Using the one accidentally created substance, Void, Herobrine captured Notch in a prison of Void. The prison shredded Notch's very essence. In a final stand act the gods banished Herobrine to the nether, although not in time to prevent Herobrine from creating a shadow of himself. Confined to the Nether Herobrine's plan was slowed but far from stopped. Through brainwashing and fear he created an organization called the elite guard. They protected his shadow and hunted down Notch's daughter and searched for heroes fabled upon by the prophecy.

Without a leader the remaining gods fell to anarchy. To prevent increasing the spread of chaos the gods shut off contact to the mortal world. They hardly ever talked or helped the public except for when it was absolutely necessary.

This is the story of the unlikely group of heroes that must rise to save Minecraftia from the fate of being ruled by the king of evil, Herobrine.

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