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Chapter 37 Hex's POV

I tapped my fingers against the cool stone wall. The second seal floated on the far side of the room. It annoyed the heck out of me standing here doing nothing with it right there any my friends in trouble. Yet there was nothing I could do. Streak and Angel were fighting inside their heads or something like that and getting to close to the seal would send me into a mental challenge. It was impossible to tell if they were doing well or not which made it even worse.

A few minutes later one of the Alithais soldiers climbed down the ladder. "Herobrine's army has been sighted several miles away. Their force is too much we can't fight, it would be suicide. The city is evacuating to keep the death total to a minimum." says the guard sadly. "And that includes all of you. You must leave the city, if you die the fall of Alithais will be for nothing." I looked back at Angel lying on the ground.
"What about Streak and Angel? We can't just leave them here." said Kayla.
"A group of guards is staying behind to protect them, but you four have to leave." the man said sternly. We began to file up the ladder without a choice. I waited and climbed out last looking back at Angel incase I never saw her again.

The man came out after us carrying Nova's shield. Streak would not be happy when he woke up, if he woke up. I felt a little better when I saw the team of people guarding the little tunnel. They all had wings and the light white armor of the Alithais soldiers. Even though one of these guys could probably beat us how long would they stand against Herobrine?

We followed the man to where we were evacuating. I saw soldiers going into houses and forcing people out. I saw a little kid, maybe 5 or 6, crying as he left his house. A few people refused to leave. They wanted to fight for their city. It made me angry to see what Herobrine does to people. He will kill anyone do anything to get what he wants. He will be as cruel an he finds necessary because he can not fell guilt or sympathy.

We stopped at a large platform near the back of the city. Tons of people crowded around waiting for the staircase. The fifty or so who could fly were already on the ground or helping clear the city. On the platform the people had divided themselves into two groups. The normal civilians stood on one side and the people who lived in the fancy part of town on the other side. No one from one group talked to anyone from the other and higher ranked people were allowed to leave first.

The man pushed his way through the crowd. We passed the entire line and got to leave immediately. Some of the peasants watched us enviously from the back of the line. They knew there chance of escape was low.

As soon as we got to the bottom we were each handed a map with an area circled. "That is where we are regrouping. Your dragon is waiting for you in the forest." said the man handing out the maps. We weaved our way through the people and into the nearby woods. Sure enough Tyren was waiting for us. He let out a happy roar when he saw us. He was like an oversized scaly dog.

Tyren was small for a dragon so it was a tight fit but we all managed to get on. Tyren spread his wings and flew upwards. He grunted at the extra weight but kept going. I was practically sitting on his tail which he swung around as he flew making it very hard to stay on. I had to grip onto the little spikes on Tyren's back to stay on. On the other hand it felt really good to fly with the wind blowing in my face. I remembered riding Tyren for the first time with Angel.

We landed in the small camp where the city was regrouping. A few people stood in the front directing people to where they would be staying. The camp was mostly makeshift tents with a few log cabins in the front. One of the guides brought us to a group of tents. There were six tents so one for each of us if Streak and Angel make it back.

I walked into one of the tents and sat down on the thin wool pad that was supposed to be a bed. Most of my life I had been on my own and I had never felt lonely, but siting here without Angel I did feel alone.