Rose Weasley was sitting at her desk in the International Cooperation department at the Ministry of Magic. The day was over for her, she was ready to go for the next two weeks, and she wanted to go home so she could ready for her date with her three-year boyfriend Scorpius Malfoy. Tonight was their three year anniversary and she wanted to go get ready. However, she had to wait for five o'clock, when she was officially done.

Her boss, Cara Harper, stuck her head in Rose's office. "Rose, aren't you done?"

Rose nodded.

Cara winked at her and said, "You can go home."

Rose shot up and gasped. "Really?"

Cara nodded. "Don't tell Percy though, he's such a stickler for those kinds of things."

Rose giggled and nodded. "Try talking to him as a two-year-old, because he's my uncle."

Cara laughed. "Now go! I know you have a date. Go beautify yourself!"

Rose nodded and practically raced to the Floo Network. Just before she got there though, she ran into a figure.

It was Al. "Hey Rose! What's up?"

Rose shouted at him. "I'm good! Have to go! Have a date!"

Al smirked at her. "Have fun!" he called.

Why did Al smirk at her? He usually reserved those for his brother, James.

She didn't have time to question it. She flew to the Network and skidded to a stop, where she through in the powder and shouted, "Rose Weasley's flat!"

Once she arrived, Rose threw down her bag and flew to the bathroom, summoning her dress and shoes as she went. After her shower, she shimmered into the bright blue dress that clung to her curves and was filmy and silky, quickly curled her waist-length hair and tied it up to it cascaded only to her mid-back, quickly applied makeup, and threw on her silver shoes that she had worn to the Winter Ball three years previously. Checking her reflection in the mirror quickly, she deemed herself perfect and rushed out to grab her silver coin purse and put on the sapphire necklace, earrings, and bracelet that had been a present from Scorp last year at Christmas.

She then proceeded to the door, where the chime was going off. "Coming!" Rose called, brushing off her dress and grabbing her cloak.

"Hey Scorp!" she greeted as she swung the door open. "Are you ready to go?"

Her handsome boyfriend nodded nervously. He was dressed to the nines in a navy blue suit with a blue tie, his blond hair was tossed casually to the side, and his grey eyes sparkled.

As Rose stepped off onto her doorstep and turned to lock her cherry red door, Scorp took her other hand. Rose slipped her keys into her coin purse and smiled brightly at Scorp, who winked at her. The pair walked in comfortable silence down the hall, down the stairs, and to the Apparation point, where, still holding hands, they turned on the spot and were squeezed into the familiar rubber tube.

When they appeared again, they were in front of a restaurant called Reggio's, which was a Wizarding restaurant with the best homemade Italian food. It was both Rose and Scorpius's favorite restaurant.

When the pair stepped inside the warm and homey restaurant, they were greeted by the enthusiastic greeting of their usual waiter and a delicious smell that was wafting from the kitchens.

When the waiter showed them to their 'usual' round table and they ordered their usual plates of food, and then Scorp put his arm around Rose, pulling her close to him. "Ten questions?" he asked. It was custom they play their made up game every time they visited Reggio's.

Rose nodded and bounced a bit in her seat. "I'll go first. Color."

"Midnight blue."


"Madam Malkin's."




"Treacle tart."

"School subject."



"Pride and Prejudice."

"Muggle movie."


"Hair color."


"What do I drink with my breakfast every day?"

"Green tea."


"Me, of course." he whispered, smiling, before leaning in to kiss her, laughing.

She pushed him away, laughing. "Not yet! You have to go first."

Scorpius pretended to be sad. "Fine," he said, grumpily.

Rose kissed him quickly. "There, all better now?"

He smiled again. "Okay. Eye color?"



"Blue, the same color as my eyes."





"School subject."

"Defense Against the Dark Arts."

"Muggle movie."

"Star Wars."


"Lord of the Rings."

"Quidditch team."


"What do I drink every day?"

"Coffee, which is a nasty habit."


"Me!" Rose whispered, giggling as Scorpius leans down. This time she allowed him to kiss her once, twice, thrice before leaning away.

"The food's going to come any second!" Rose said.

"One more kiss?" Scorpius begged, his eyes going all wide and innocent.

Rose sighed. "You know I can't resist you when you do those eyes." she murmured before letting him kiss her one last time.

Scorpius leaned back, his eyes bright. "I know," he said, "That's why I do them."

Rose slapped him. "You bastard," she said teasingly.

Finally, their food was served and the couple dug in, Scorp into his pizza and Rose into her pizza. When they finished, Scorpius ordered vanilla gelato on treacle tart for their dessert.

When it arrived, Rose turned towards it, her eyes bright and hungry. But Scorpius put his hand on top of hers, stilling it. "Rose, wait."

She turned to him, his eyes duller. "What?"

He took in a deep breath, then let it out and got down on one knee. "Rose Hermione Weasley, I have been in love with you since we were fourteen and you are my everything. I love you more than you could ever know. Will you marry me?"

Rose smiled and nodded, crystal tears forming in her eyes. She leapt up from her seat, dessert forgotten and kissed him full on the mouth. The restaurant was cheering, but Rose and Scorpius were oblivious to it all. Rose was engaged to the perfect fiancé. And they loved each other.

When they pulled apart and sat down to eat their forgotten dessert, holding hands (thank god Scorp was left-handed), Rose leaned up and whispered into Scorp's ear, "I love you."

Scorpius smiled and kissed her hair. "I love you, too."

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