Lucy's P.O.V.~

3 years huh? i thought

"Ready guys?"i asked my two friends and our exceed's

They all nodded. Were standing in front of the most famous guild Fairy Tail.

I opened the door and stepped inside.

"Can we talk to your master?"i asked as Mira walked and answered

"He's there in the office"while pointing at the second floor

"Thank you"i said then we went to masters office

Masters office

I knocked on the door "Come in"he said

"Were back master"i said

"Lucy?, Juvia?" he asked and we nodded "I'm sorry, i didn't know that they'll do that"(A/N they have cloaks)

"That's okey master, we promise you they'll regret everything" said Juvia

"Who are you?"he asked while pointing at the man behind me, the memories came flooding back

Flashback~Lucy's P.O.V.

It was after the grand magic games. Me and juvia were chatting happily, well not really happy. We just lost our chance to become number one. Me and Juvia lost 2 times. Then all of a sudden Natsu came up to us.

"This is all your fault" Natsu said while pointing at me

"Natsu, What are you talking about?" i asked

"Because of you we lost"he said as tears starting to form in my eyes

"I'm sorry" i said

"Sorry wont change anything"he said as i started crying the whole guild staring at us

"Natsu-san stop it"i heard Juvia said

"You too, you lost too didn't you?"Gray said while pointing at Juvia

"I..i.."Juvia tried to say but she can't, she started crying as well

"Its better if you two didn't join, can you just leave already?"he added

I cant take it anymore, i grabbed Juvia's wrist and dragged her to masters office.

Masters office

"Master" i said while i knocked on the door

"Come in"he said and we went inside "What is it my child?" he asked

"We would like to quit the guild"i replied

"Why my children?"he asked

"We can't take it anymore master, after we lost they kept ignoring us and now they said it was our fault, saying its better without us, so please master let us go" Juvia said and master nodded

"But i need to erase your guild stamp" he said, we nodded as he pressed a golden cloth to our insignia

"But promise me something", "please come back to fairy tail" he added tears started to flow again as we nodded little did we know that Mira, Lisanna and Levy, were listening to our little conversation until we heard a sniff.

"Its alright we'll come back" i said while i opened the door, they hugged us and begged for us to stay but we have to face the future.

"Goodbye girls" we said in unison as we went down stairs, they stayed up there asking master why... (they didn't hear that part, they only heard the part when master was removing the insignia)

"We're so sorry, i swear we didn't mean that"they said

"Don't worry you wont see us, 'ever' again" i replied while we headed outside

(A/N Erza's on a S-class mission)

The whole guild was full of silence until master walked out of his office with the three girls still crying behind him.

"Master, what do they mean we can't see them again?" Wendy said "and why are they crying?" she added

"How could you treat your own nakama that way?"he asked while pointing at both Natsu and Gray. He then looked at Natsu and said "And you call yourself her partner"

"They don't have anywhere else to go, both of them lost their parents, their only family, they trusted you, respect you, and most of all, they loved you"he didn't say another word, instead he headed back to his office, everybody can hear his sobs.

Mira's P.O.V.

"Mira-san, Why are you crying?"asked Wendy

"th-*hic*-they-*hic*-they quit" i said

"Who quit?" asked Happy

"Lu-*hic*-cy and Ju-*hic*- via" i said between hiccups, i still can't believe they quit.

"Mira, that's not a good joke"Natsu said


"You fucking idiot's","did you really think we would joke about that?"Levy said

"you idiot's", "dont you know how fucking hard things are, for them?"Lisanna said,everybody was shock, they never heard Lisanna and Levy swear, ever in their life "You rejected, and torn their heart apart!" i added as the three of us went outside, until a loud *ROAR* was heard

End of flashback~

Lucy's P.O.V.

We took of our cloaks, master stood up, eyes widened. "Jellal" he mumbled

"Yes master"he replied

"How did you get out of jail?" he asked

"He was framed master"Juvia said

"How?"he asked curiously

"There's a girl named Kurono and she hated Jellal so much, that she would do anything to make him suffer"i answered

"And the point is?" he asked, a vein popped into my head

"She can use transformation magic"i started "it's includes powers, magic, and scent" Juvia added "so the magic council asked some mages to investigate that girl, and it's proven, he's innocent"

"oh...okey then, where do you like your new insignia and what color?"he asked

"Black, right shoulder blade, all of us please and thank you" i said

"okey then, here you go", "but why Black?"

"So it'll match our hair color"Juvia answered

"But your hair's blue, and your's blonde?"he said

"Yeah we know, but i can do this"i said while i put my hands in front of me and said "Transform" then three yellow magic circle appear under our feet "Complete" i said

Jellal's hair turn black he's tattoo hidden, he's wearing a black pants, and black combat boots. Juvia's hair turn black too but different hair style, its not curled anymore (her hair's like the style from manga) she wearing a black tank top and short short's, and a high heeled boot. Me i'm wearing a black tank top like Juvia's, a short shorts a black gladiator heel's (which means you can see her daggers around her feet), my hair's black and wavy, its above my waist .

"WOW! so cool" he said

"Good day master, we'll do our first job, now" i said waving goodbye "oh and by the way my name's Jerald" Jellal said

"Mine's Julia" Juvia said

"and mine's Lucia"i said

"that so close to your real name"he said "but okey"

"Bye see you later master"

little did they know that the three were listening again

'hhmmm their here' i thought

before i twist the door knob "It's okey you don't need to listen like that, were gonna tell you anyways" i said as i opened the door

"I miss you guys" i said as i give them a huge hug

"It is you Lu-chan" Levy said they cried and cried

"shh... it's okey i'm here now"i said

"We missed you so much"Lisanna said "You too Juvia" she added

We had a very long group hug, and it was so quiet.

"Guys we need to go, we need to take a job"Jellal said

"oh yeah..kk bye girls"i said waving to them "and don't tell anybody our secret" Juvia added

"yeah sure" they said

Normal P.O.V.

They were so fast nobody, even saw them.

Mira, Lisanna, and Levy started cleaning at the bar smiling and humming happily. Everybody was so happy, nobody seen their smile for the past 3 years, but now it's there.

Master came out of his office and said, "Lets have a party!" he yelled

everybody was wondering "why?", or "what heppened?"

"Why master?"they asked in unison they never had party, for 3 years Fairy Tail changed

"We have a new member" he answered

"Wha-?! Who, Where?!"they asked

"They went on a mission"he answered

"What? we didn't see them"they said (they're in total, perfect sync)

"Thats okey, You'll meet them tomorrow"he answered

"aaahhh...okey then"and with that they started partying

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