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A/N: Sometimes I get ideas that I can't ignore. This time I wanted to break the typical storyline form, and just write tiny snapshots that view moments in House and Cuddy's lives.

Here you will read some of these moments. I'm not necessarily writing about them during their relationship, and some of these moments will be realistic or absolutely absurd, and some will make you sad and some will make you happy. But what they have in common is that they're all about House and Cuddy's relationship in all its glory, both the ups and the downs.

Some 'chapters' will include three or more short stories, and some will only include one longer, it just depends on the story.

This is very different from my other fics, and I hope that you'll enjoy this.

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Tiny Snippets In Time

Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart


Terminal Love

The airport was abuzz with people coming from different locations, everyone going their own way. The air smelled like coffee and that unidentifiable distinct smell that could only be related to airports.

Both Cuddy's sat in the arrival isle where they waited patiently on the uncomfortable chairs in the waiting area. The elder Cuddy sipped on her coffee while observing the people walking by. Occasionally she would glance at her watch, and breathe out a subtle sigh. From time to time her eyes would subconsciously glance towards the arrival gate and watch as loved ones greeted each other with hugs and kisses. When she would see couple embrace in a passionate kiss her hand would reach for the pendant around her neck, and she would toy with the chain absentmindedly. Her eyes would slightly glaze before she would turn her head away and take a sip of her coffee. She wasn't much for public show of affection, but she couldn't deny that it was unbelievably romantic.

She couldn't help but think that House would absolutely hate it.

The smaller Cuddy wasn't as interested in the surrounding people. Her green grey eyes were fixed on the arrival gate. She kicked her feet back and forth in a boring manner. She tugged at her pink sweater, which she had proudly picked herself alongside the blue and green striped leggings, much to her mother's distaste. Although the older Cuddy would never say so to her daughter's face, she didn't quite agree to her choice of wardrobe, but Rachel had been so happy with her choice that she didn't have the heart in telling her to change. So both Cuddy's sat there, both sharing the mixed feeling of boredom and excitement.

Cuddy glanced at her clock, and sighed heavily. She looked over at Rachel who kept swinging her legs back and forth, jiggling her head while she sung.

"I'm a pirate, I'm a pirate, I'm a pirate. Yes I am." She sung the jolly tune breathlessly. Cuddy noticed that nearby people were eyeing them, some giving them warm smiles as they went. She smiled awkwardly back, and leaned into her chair. She glanced at her clock one last time.

Where is he?

She thought to herself. She stood up and glanced at Rachel who didn't move from her seat. Without keeping her eyes off of her daughter she went towards the screen where the arrivals were listed.

Her eyes tracked the long list of arrivals and stopped by London, Heathrow, and the blinking landed behind it. It had been thirty minutes since the plane landed and he hadn't even called. Maybe he had missed the flight…

Cuddy sighed again, and returned to Rachel who looked curiously at her mother.

"Mama, when is Howse coming?" She asked her.

"He'll be here any minute." Or I hope so, she thought to herself.

"Let's check if we see him." Cuddy stood up and took Rachel's hand and together they walked where a group of people stood and waited for their loved ones step out of the exit.

Suddenly Rachel cried out and started to jump up. Cuddy followed her gaze and her heart fluttered in her chest.

There he was.

He looked tired and travel worn but fine. She let out a breath, and waved at him.

House walked towards them pushing a trolley in front of him.

"Hi." She said and stepped into his embrace. She could see him glare at the people who were watching them. She wasn't much for public display of affection but she didn't mind because she hadn't seen him in a week, and she had missed him terribly. She placed her hand on the back of his neck and brought her lips to his. She felt him tense against her, but soon he melted into the kiss and started to respond to her. They finally broke the kiss.

"Anyone miss me?" He asked teasingly.

"What makes you think that?" She said sheepishly.

They grinned at each other, but the moment was broken when they felt someone tug on their clothes. They looked down at Rachel who stared at them with wide eyes.

"Howse, what's this?" She pointed towards something fluffy that peaked out of the duty free shop bag that lay on the trolley.

"Oh that." He said awkwardly and drew out a fluffy teddy bear. Rachel's eyes widened like saucers when he handed her the teddy.

"Here you go kid."

The girl grabbed the teddy and hugged it to her chest.

"You didn't have to do that." Cuddy said apprehensively.

"Well I saw it and well…you know." He muttered awkwardly. Cuddy smiled and kissed him on the cheek.

"I love you." She whispered.

"Let's get out of here." He muttered, and Cuddy nodded her head. She took Rachel's hand, and placed her other hand on House's, and together they walked out of the airport.


The Last Rose

Cuddy sat by her desk, and shuffled through her paperwork. Her eyes drifted towards the clock on the wall, and she sighed heavily. It had been a long, and hard day. She wanted nothing more than to get home and take a nice bath before curling up with a good book by the fire. Her head turned to the mountain load of paperwork that needed to be finished for the next day, and she knew that she would never be able to enjoy the evening. Sometimes she just wanted to stop caring for just a second and ignore her job. Most of the times she loved her job, but right then she wanted nothing more than to just go home and have a time for herself. She sighed and poured herself back into the work she was doing.

She had managed to pour herself into the work when she heard a very familiar sound of heavy footsteps and cane clacking approach her office.

She wasn't sure whether this visit was welcome or not.

The door opened at the exact same time her eyes looked up to meet the familiar sight of the hunched figure that belonged to House. She eyed him suspiciously when she noticed that his left hand was held behind his back. What was he up to now?

She braced herself for the upcoming prank or banter. Usually she enjoyed his little visits, although she would never ever admit it to anyone.

"Aren't you supposed to be home by now?" She asked him and yanked her head towards the clock on the wall.

"Actually I was dealing with my minions. The elimination has just taken place." He said proudly. Cuddy rolled her eyes, his little game was getting ridiculous.

"Don't you want to know who got eliminated?"

"No, not really." She said disinterested. "House. I have a lot of work to do, and I'm tired so if you're here to piss me off just get it over with so I can go home at a reasonable hour." She said tiredly.

House didn't say anything, and she actually started to believe that he was going to leave her alone, until he stepped forward. He didn't stop until he had reached her desk.

"Lisa Cuddy." He said ostentatiously and with a dramatic flare he extended out a pink peony. She stared at it in disbelief. If there was anything she had expected it was not this.

"Will you accept this rose?" His voice was low and husky.

She laughed in spite of herself. Her sparkling eyes met his, which looked at her expectantly. She expected to see the familiar spark of wit in his blue orbs, but she found none. In fact he looked like he was dead serious. Their eyes locked for longer than necessary.

"Why are you giving me this?" She finally asked him curiously.

House shrugged, and she could see his trademark smirk appear on his lips.

"I just felt like it."

She had nothing to say to that, and he knew it. She knew his game, and she was not going to accept defeat.

She raised her eyebrows, and pursed her cherry painted lips. Oh so slowly she moved forward and extended her hand out. She never took her eyes off his, and smoothly she took the flower out of his grip. He watched her every move with a hint of confusion and curiosity.

"Thank you." She muttered.

"You're welcome."

She wasn't sure whether she heard correctly, but trusted that it wasn't just her imagination.

Then his gaze turned serious, and suddenly she felt like his eyes were boring into her soul. She felt warmth spread through her body like electricity. She could swear that he had moved forward, and so did she. Their eyes were locked in a burning battle of passion and power, and she found herself wish that it wasn't their eyes but their lips that were battling.

Then the magic was gone just as quickly as it had arrived, as he turned around and strutted away. She exhaled a breath she didn't show she had been holding, and watched his hunched figure limp away from her.

Then he turned around, and the wit had returned in his eyes.

"You know what they say about the last rose."

He didn't wait for her to remark, and disappeared out of the door, leaving her dumbstruck.

Her eyes turned to the pink petals of the flower, and the corners of her lips turned up in a glowing smile. She placed the flower on her desk, and continued to work like nothing had occurred, although she couldn't quite get rid of that smile.



The clock struck six in the Cuddy household, and the beeping of the alarm erupted like a bomb through the entire house. At least, that was how it sounded in House's ears. He had been comfortably locked in the warmth of soft blankets and Cuddy's body, which was pressed against him in a tangled embrace.

He heard her fumble blindly for the alarm. Finally the sound was turned off, and he felt Cuddy swift in the bed. He grabbed her waist and nestled his face in her neck and inhaled her scent.

"Stay." He whispered into her ear.

"No." She moaned, and tried to untangle herself from his grip, but he tightened his grip on her.

"House." She chastised him. "I have to get ready." She whined.

"You look perfect just the way you are." He muttered into her neck, and felt her muscles twitch into a smile.

"Really? I beg to disagree." She said drily. He looked up and looked at her face. Her creamy skin glowed from the light that streamed through the curtains. Her dark hair fell in unruly curls that brushed past her slender shoulders. There was not a drop of makeup on her face, and he loved it.

She looked gorgeous…radiant, absolutely breathtaking to him.

He made a face, and shuddered in horror.

"God, you're right you do look awful."

She swatted his arm, and used the opportunity to sit up. She stretched, and stood up, he whined when the warmth of her body left him. She looked over her shoulder and smirked at him.

He fell back onto the mattress, and closed his eyes. He listened to the sounds coming from the bathroom, the cackling sound of water as she turned on the shower, and the opening and closing of drawers.

House would never admit it to a soul (he had to maintain his reputation), but he actually didn't dislike mornings as much as he let on. In fact he loved to wake up feeling Cuddy's warm body up close to his, and he loved to stay in bed and listen to her march around the house getting ready for the day.

Her morning routine was always consistent. He would never call Cuddy predictable, because in truth, she was always unpredictable, but when it came to this she always stuck to her routine.

He could foresee every move she made, everything was memorized to detail. He could envision her later a shampoo in her hair, and melt into the warm water surrounding her.

He almost fell in a trance like state, his thoughts staying with her. He was in between sleep and wake when he felt something wet hit his face. He opened his eyes and met her steel blue eyes. Her ringing laughter rang in his ears and he grimaced. She giggled and kissed his nose, then his forehead until she landed on his lips.

"I was asleep." He mumbled against her lips.

"I know." She answered in between kisses. He placed his hands on her hips and subtly began to tug at the towel that was wrapped around her body.

"Don't even think about it." She growled against his lips, and moved his hands away.

"You're no fun." He breathed. She pouted, but shifted away from him.

"I'll be late."

He watched her remove her towel playfully and jump into the walk-in closet. She appeared minutes later wearing a straight black pencil skirt, a cream colored shirt that was tucked under the skirt. She adjusted the collar in the mirror by the vanity. She started to blow dry her hair, and swirl a brush masterfully as she blew the strands of hair. He was mesmerized by her moves that were so delicate, so graceful. After she had blow-dried her hair she started to apply mascara on her lashes, and peach lipstick on her lips. When she was satisfied with her appearance she faced him and smirked when she saw his expression.

"See anything you like?" She winked at him.


She giggled and put her shoes on, and looked at him lovingly.

"I'm going to check on Rachel."

He rolled his eyes. He swung his leg over the bed, and started to massage his leg. That was his routine.

He didn't need to take usual morning showers, or eat breakfast, or get dressed, but this was something he was forced to do every single morning.

He heard Cuddy's voice across the hallway. "Hi baby, time to wake up."

Slowly he stood up and picked up his jeans off the floor where he had dropped them last night along with a wrinkled blue shirt. He limped out of the room, down the hallway and into the kitchen where both Cuddy's were already seated.

Cuddy was helping Rachel with her breakfast.

"No honey, you eat with this part of the spoon." Cuddy turned her spoon around so she was holding it correctly.

House resisted the urge to roll his eyes, that kid was an idiot. He poured himself a cup of coffee and plopped down beside Cuddy.

"Aren't you going to eat anything?" Cuddy asked him worriedly.

"Not hungry." He groaned. The truth was that his leg was hurting more than usual, and he had no appetite at all.

"Okay." Cuddy muttered, and took a bite of her fruit. He appreciated that she never pressed him even though she wanted badly to help him, but the reality was that there was nothing she could do.

Cuddy looked at the watch and gasped.

"I'm getting late, and Marina isn't here yet." She exclaimed.

"I'll watch her until Marina get's here." He offered. Cuddy looked at him in surprise, and he could swear that he saw her eyes glisten slightly.


"Yeah, go before I change my mind."

"Thank you." She kissed him chastely on the lips and picked up her briefcase.

"You better be on time, and don't forget that you have clinic duty at three o'clock." She said hurriedly while she buttoned her coat, and slipped a scarf over her neck.

"Rachel be good to House until Marina gets here, okay?"

Rachel nodded her head, and kissed her mommy on the cheek.

"Okay see you later. Love you." She called on her way out.

House turned his head to Rachel who brought the wrong end of the spoon to her lips. He rolled his eyes, and took the spoon out of her hand turning it around before handing it back to her. Rachel gave him a toothy grin and dug the spoon into her oatmeal. He watched her eat while he finished his coffee.

Maybe their mornings were awfully predictable, and boring, but after so many lonely mornings he didn't mind the predictability. At least he could be sure to wake up with her by his side, no matter their differences, and occasional fights, he could always be sure to wake up with her by his side, and he would never take it for granted. That's why he bothered to wake up every morning, because it was worth it. She was worth it.