"You're hilarious." Jason mumbled out with a scowl. He folded his arms across his chest as he leaned back against the bottom part of the couch. Dick merely gave a beaming smile over to him as he held up a box. It was brightly colored with cars and people with almost matching smiles trying to invite you into playing their game.

"Come on, Jay. It's going to be fun." Dick leaned forward, letting his blue than blue eyes try to woo his boyfriend into playing the game. The older of the two was rewarded by an even nastier scowl. The last Grayson merely huffed out holding the box out for Jason to take.

"We're not playing Life, Dickie." His eyes narrowed trying to combat the oncoming puppy dog eyes he knew the ravenette would fall back on if he couldn't get his way. Within a moment Jason's call had been correct.

"Please?" Dick whimpered out and it almost broke Jason's heart. Almost.

"No, Dick, seriously; I'm not playing a stupid game where in the end everyone dies." Jason slammed his hands on the coffee table pushing himself up. He was bristling as he stormed off to their bedroom, slamming the door with anger practically boiling through his veins.

He could hear the box fall and Dick's feet hitting the ground in a less than Daddy approved lightness he should have had. Jason must have shaken him.

"Jay, what are you talking about?!" Dick demanded, trying to open the door, "No one dies in Life! Well, not the board game what are you—"

"I looked it up the moment you bought it. You just play for the most money and then you die. I'm not playing—"

Jason heard a thump against the door and a weird, startled noise that sounded oddly like a chuckle/giggle hybrid. It was fucking creepy.

"What the fuck." Jason growled out, walking to the door and flung it open. Dick was standing there with his hand covering his face and his body shook with laughter. The Red Hood scowled, grabbing Dick's face with force and forced the acrobat to look at him. Teal eyes slamming, boring into sapphire ones. The acrobat's eyes seemed to glitter with an unhealthy amount of mirth that teased and taunted the rebellious one of the pair.

"What the fuck? What's so fucking funny, Dick?" Jason hissed out, squeezing a bit tighter on his jaw. He relaxed when dick made a submissive noise that sounded pained. He knew better than to hurt his boyfriend… barely. He let go of the vigilante roughly only to catch him when the smaller fell onto him.

"Christ, Jay, you've never played Life?" Jason glared at the raven haired male in his arms and dick merely shook his head.

"Jay-bird, you don't die… you retire. Come on, just play and you'll learn…" The older male of the pair nuzzled into the pectoral muscle he landed on. The black and white haired man merely sighed out with a bit of a warning growl.

"Fine, but you tell anyone I did this… no sex. For a week or longer depending on who." Dick perked up, flying to a standing position before grabbing his boyfriend's hand. He drug to other into the front room to play a game called Life.

Oh, Dick was so going to make Jason have two blue guys in his car before the night was over.