Nicki lay in bed, thoughts running through her mind. She wanted to scream because her head hurt from thinking too much. She rose from her bed and slowly made her way to the bathroom. She stripped of her clothes and turned on the shower. The water was lukewarm on her skin. It relieved her in a way. It took her about 20 minutes just to stop thinking and wash her hair. By the time she had gotten out, almost an hour had gone by. She sighed. Why was she going through this? She felt like a twelve year old girl who was deciding her crush on the first day of school. But this wasn't middle school, and Nicki knew she had to manage to tell Drake that she loved him. On one hand, Nicki couldn't believe that she loved him; he was like a brother to her. But on the other hand, she knew she had always felt something around Drake.

When she had dried off and put on her clothes, Nicki picked up her phone and dialed Drake's number. She bit her lip as the phone rang. Finally, he answered the phone.

"Hello?" Drake said, sounding confused.

"Yeah… Um, it's Nicki… Can we meet up? I need to tell you something," she said nervously.

"Why can't you tell me over the phone?" he replied, sounding aggravated.

"Because… Because I just need to tell you in person, okay?"


"You know the place," Nicki said before she hung up. She sighed, thinking she had made a huge mess that would take forever to clean up.

Twenty minutes later, the doorbell rang. Nicki rushed towards it, knowing it was Drake. She opened the door and smiled. She hugged him tightly, not wanting to let go.

"Are you going to tell me?" he asked.

"Yeah, sit down first," Nicki told him, motioning towards the couch in the living room.

Drake walked to the couch while Nicki locked the door. She bit her lip and walked into the living room. She was no longer biting her lip. She was confident, and you could tell just by looking at her. She smiled and sat next to Drake.

"Okay," Nicki began, "so… I kind of… Love you."

Butterflies flew in circles in Nicki's stomach. She was nervous, but she was anxious for his reply.

Drake bit his lip. "Well, Nicki, you know that I love yo-"

Nicki didn't care. Most of the time, she got what she wanted. She needed to stop being insecure and make him fall in love with her. She kissed him before he could finish his sentence.

Wow… She's a really good kisser, Drake thought to himself.

Nicki pulled away. "So..." she said teasingly, winking after she said it. She laughed but was being completely serious.

"Damn, Nicki…" he said, flabbergasted. "You're a really good kisser."

"I've been told that before," she teased.

"Nick, I've always loved you. Like, is it not noticeable or somethin'?"

"Wow… Really?" her eyes lit up like the Fourth of July.

"Yeah… I mean, co'mon, who doesn't love you?"

"I could list a few people," she said.


"Kim…" she said quietly.

"Fuck her," Drake said. "She's a dumbass for not liking you. You are the queen."

Nicki blushed. Of course she had heard that she was the queen before, but when he said it, it really meant something to her. She hugged him tightly, and then planted a kiss on his cheek.

Little did she know that one little kiss on the check would be the beginning of a brand new relationship: Dricki.