Yo yo! I was listening to Nicki Minaj today, and I thought about "In Remembrance", where Blaire says Starscream is ungodly obsessed with her. And also... she had some Nicki lovin' with Skids and Mudflap, but I never showed her having any with Screamer. So, Screamer and Blaire friendship Nicki rappin'! But with their own words. It's ONLY from her part in "Monster", but that's the best part, no?

Oh, uh, and apparently Blaire likes to call herself L'il B. Riiiiight...

Her parts are in italics, Screamer's are in bold - except for ZIS because ZIS is my author note - and italics and bold are them together.

Get ready to sing along, fleshies!

Pull up in the monster

F-22 gangsta

With my bad femme

Straight from America

Yeah, we in that Raptor

Ballin' like veloci-rappers

I could be the king

The queen help me conquer

OK, first things first, we'll eat your brains

Then we'll start rockin' gold teeth and fangs

Like Skids but he ain't a motha-fraggin' monster too

Straight outta Cybertron, tell 'em what we do

Screw your processor up, that's what we gonna do

Megatron and the 'Cons, they our monster crew

And we're all up, all up, all up in the damn Autobots' base

Are we fake? You tell me... 'cause our energon ain't!

Lemme get this straight... wait, WE'RE the rookies?

But we kill more humans than ten times required

Kill a buncha humans, got no weapons out

Our death count so high, the little femme gotta climb it!

Hotter than Miami at its finest, find it

Police-bot, let ya siren whine it, whine it

L'il B on them titties when I sign it

Got all the little mechs so one-track-minded

But really, really, we don't give a F-R-A-G

Forget L'il B, frag Starscream, th-they cheat

They always fail, but they be on a winnin' streak!

And I'll say, "Bride of Chucky is Child's Play"

Just killed a dozen humans, it's a mild day

Besides, 'ye, we won't do what they say

I think me, you, and Alice should menage Friday

(Uh, right...)

Blonde hair, thick ass, give 'em whiplash

We think big, get cash, make 'em offline fast

Now look at what you just saw

This is what you live for


We're the motha-fraggin' monsters!


Review if you do because it helps them become even MORE motha-fragging. Twice the fragging, twice the flavor! ^^