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Title: The First Seconded

Author: Falcon-Rider

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: I own the basic plot; though it will probably be similar to other fics, do to the fact it's centered on spike post Grave. I own Nich and I wish I owned spike…. But I don't. Joss, UPN, Mutant Enemy, WB and ect own BtVS and Angel….. L Isn't it sad?

Summary: Post Grave…. Spikes journey back to Sunnydale; he finds a new purpose in life. On his journey he makes some new friends, who are both chosen in their own way to help with the fight.

Note: Nich- pronounced Nick and I've never been to Africa, nor did I spend time researching airports or sewer systems in Africa. Nor have I been to England.

The First Seconded Prologue The Second First

143 days

He pushed himself up into a kneeling position; the cool sand hampered his movements caused him to work his tired muscles harder. He leaned back his mouth open and eyes closed as the sun began to work its way over the distant horizon. The light began to filter toward him and he wished for it to hurry. He wished it would end his existence, let him atone by dieing.

The light touched the sand and then his skin, his pale, cut, and bruise-covered skin, and then made its way to his white-blonde hair. He expected pain, then silent oblivion before eternal hell. But none of that came, none of it at all.

"Spike." A voice called softly as the sun began to climb across the sky. "William."

His eyes opened as he fell forward into the sand. He forced himself to roll onto his back, coughing up sand as he did so. His blue eyes stared at the bright blue sky above him as tears began to fall from his eyes.

"William, you completed the trials… only one other has ever managed to do that." The soft familiar voice told him.

He didn't answer as a shadow fell across his face. Instead he tried to fall away from the world and hide, hoping perhaps the sun would realize its mistake.

"William!" The sharp voice caused him to stare at the face that was calling him.

"G-glinda? Tara, wha-" He managed to get out, his voices was hoarse and mouth dry.

Tara, at least that was whom she looked like stood before him. "I am a spokesman, this is a form familiar to you… William, you now have a duty to fulfill, a calling."

"No, I should be dead, after all I've-"

"You have a chance to atone for it William, like I once did. You asked to give the one you love what she deserves, then do so." The voice had grown colder. "You are the first, a new line. A new chosen one."

"I- I- chosen?" Spike pushed himself up blinking against the glare of the sun off the sand.

"You completed the trials, you are the second one to do so, and I was the first." Behind Tara a dark figure with mud streaked on her face and crude cloths over her body appeared and walked up to him.

"Who are you?"

"I am just as you are. The first. The slayer." Spike opened his mouth and stared at the creature before him unable to speak as she began to move backwards. "You will have help, one will return with you… her time is not yet up they have decreed. Another will join, to aid in the journey… trust, forgive, live. Return when the time is right, to the place you belong… bad things have happened in your absence. Your sisters and love… will require your presence to aid them through the coming times…"


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