Sext You Later~

Chapter 1:

-Slayers64 and CloudsofSand


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Tsugaru= Shizuo's pen name

Psyche= Izaya's pen name

And also this fic is a durarara high school ShizuoxIzaya fanfiction just to let you all know for future reference. As for chat content, few errors/typpos are fixed, so it gives it a more realistic look.

Shizuo stared at his brightly colored computer screen. He wasn't sure why he even bothered to go onto the website, but he did. He went on an internet dating website. After a few very awkward conversations with random people that took interest in him, some asking him if he was horny, which just creeped him out, he finally settled on replying to a wink he got from someone named Psyche. He wasn't too sure how to start the conversation so he just settled for something simple.

8:02 PM Tsugaru: hello

8:02 PM Psyche: hiya~ what's up?

Out of boredom, Izaya Orihara had decided to join a dating site to observe his lovely humans. At first it had been rather amusing but then it was all the same: "horny?" Didn't anyone have any class nowadays? 'If you try to seduce a person you should at least chat them up a bit beforehand.'

Izaya decided stubbornly.

8:04 PM Tsugaru: Uhm nothing..just got out of a few chats with some real perverts

8:05 PM Tsugaru: I had this guy keep asking if I was horny

8:05 PM Tsugaru: So I decided to message you.

Izaya chuckled at the reply. 'Same here bud,' he thought to himself.

8:11 PM Psyche: Oh~? how interesting. It appears that I'm not the only sane one who feels annoyed by all this

8:12 PM Tsugaru:'s really creepy. probably some lonely 60 year old man. wait, you're not 60 are you?

8:12 PM Psyche: Hm~? and what if I was? What would you do I wonder . . .

Izaya asked, deciding to tease the stranger a bit.

The blonde squinted at the screen a little bit and became very tempted to just sign off on the stranger, but for some reason decided against it.

8:16 PM Tsugaru: I will sign off on you

8:16 PM Psyche: Awww~ Come now Tsu-chan, you wouldn't do something so cruel! men my age hardly ever get any action ya know~ lol juuuust kidding! lucky for you, i'm in high school still ;)

8:19 PM Tsugaru: Tsu-chan?

8:19 PM Psyche: You don't like it? D: I think it's cute!

8: 24 PM Tsugaru: But I'm a guy, I'm not supposda be 'cute'.

8:26 PM Psyche: oh really now? well then if not 'cute,' how about . . . sexy~? 3

Movements of the blonde's fingers stalled for a moment, trying to think of a response to what Psyche just said.

8:30 PM Tsugaru: Err...I guess?

He typed and clicked the send button. He wasn't really computer savvy and his social skills were a little challenged as well.

Izaya smiled at such a simple, awkward response before nimble fingers raced over the keyboard to type up a reply.

8:30 PM Psyche: well then sexy~ how many lays?

8:30 PM Tsugaru: lays?

8:32 PM Psyche: You know, lays, as in how many people have you laid? ; )

8:35 PM Tsugaru: ...I'm getting off now.

8:35 PM Psyche: No, wait! I was kidding, really! Can grumpy Tsu-chan not deal with a joke now?

Shizuo took a deep breath and continued to type, though he wasn't exactly sure why.

8:35 PM Tsugaru: Look, I'm not looking to get laid. I am a high school student so I kind of wanna focus on that.

8:37 PM Psyche: Aw~ what a pity . . . and here I thought we could have some fun . . . let me know if you change your mind, sexy~ hahahah jk. But same here. what year are you in?

8:37 PM Tsugaru: Uhh Senior year

8:37 PM Psyche: really? O.O what a coincidence! I am too! For all we know, we could even be class mates~

8:39 PM Tsugaru: That's kind of...creepy

8:40 PM Psyche: Oh don't be that way, have a little open mindedness, Tsu-chan~

Izaya smirked at the stranger's awkwardness, thrilled that he could practically feel the person's discomfort.

8:45 PM Tsugaru: Alright, what do you look like?

Izaya hesitated at the sudden straight forward question, but soon after a smirk etched across his face.

8:46 PM Psyche: like the sexiest guy alive. One look and i'd have you all over me~ does that answer your question Tsu-chan?

8:46 PM Tsugaru: Err no...I don't know what the 'sexiest' guy looks like...

8:46 PM Psyche: Awww, what a shame . . . guess we haven't me then

Izaya quickly typed in a frowny face with a tear in mock sadness as he laughed in amusement.

8:49 PM Tsugaru: You sound hot

The blonde couldn't believe he just wrote that but his mind told him to say was just a stranger right?

Izaya paused in mild surprise at this response. 'Hot, huh?'

8:49 PM Psyche: Of course I am~ I'm me, after all. And what about you, stranger? what do you look like? something yummy i hope~

8:49 PM Tsugaru: Uhm...I'm tall...really err...muscular...and...blonde?

The former brunette tried to explain. He was never too good with words, let alone descriptions of himself.

Izaya whistled at the description.

8:49 PM Psyche: Nice! so are you a natural blonde or dyed?

8:49 PM Tsugaru: dyed...but friends say that it looks natural

8:50 PM Psyche: Interesting. and what about your eye color?

8:51 PM Tsugaru: they're like...brownish yellow. you?

8:51 PM Psyche: reddish brown~

8:51 PM Tsugaru: sounds neat

8:51 PM Psyche: awww~ what a boring response Tsu-chan . . . Are you bored of me, already? D:

You'll make me cry~

8:51 PM Tsugaru: No, no! I'm not bored...don't cry, I just...I'm bad with words...where do you live?

8:52 PM Psyche: Oh~? Getting a bit personal now, are we? Tsu-chan, I know I'm sexy, but please, do resist the urge to stalk me now.

Izaya laughed at his own response, greatly amused by his teasing, as he changed his mood at the push of a button.

8:52 PM Tsugaru: Uhh...sorry?

Shizuo was very lost in this conversation. First Psyche wanted him to talk more, then the next he was scolding him. It kind of pissed him off.

8:52 PM Psyche: ahaha, easy, easy, lighten up, will you? but now let me ask you a question. Do you like men? ;)

Shizuo bit his lip as he read over the message a few times. Sure, he went over this option in his mind a few times...but to see it actually written out was completely different. He typed up a reply before he erased it and started over...,only to do the same with that a few more messages that came after. Finally, he decided that he would just tell Psyche the truth.

8:56 PM Tsugaru: I don't know

Izaya clicked his tongue as a mischievous grin overcame his face.

8:56 PM Psyche: Oh really now? Well then . . . how would you like to find out?

The blonde tried to make sense of Psyche's message, but simply couldn't.

8:56 PM Tsugaru: find out? how?

8:56 PM Psyche: Ahahah! I never knew that Tsu-chan could be so innocent~ Allow me to rephrase . . . How would you like to have a bit of . . . fun? And of course if you don't realize what i mean by that, well then how would you like to see what the sexiest man alive looks like . . . naked? ;D

Shizuo stared at the screen for a bit, not believing the black print that he was reading. He took a deep breath and tried to shake naughty pictures out of his head while trying to think of a response.

8:58 PM Tsugaru: How would It's not like I can see you or anything...I can just...imagine I'm doing it with a girl...wait how does sex on IM even work?

8:58 PM Psyche: Oh? So you are interested! tell me Tsu-chan, have you ever sexted with anyone before?

8:58 PM Tsugaru: Sex-ted? what is that?

Izaya nearly slammed his head into the desk at this question. 'How old is this guy?!'

Regardless, Izaya was horny and in need of some 'fun', so he decided to answer straight forwardly.

9:01 PM Psyche: It's when people text back and forth with the intent of sex. Do you understand?

9:01 PM Tsugaru: Yeah, but how does it work?

9:01 PM Psyche: you basically type out what you want to do to that person.

As an afterthought, Izaya decided to add on to the message.

9:01 PM Psyche: Ah~ and if you would like, I wouldn't mind sending a few . . . pictures. ;D

The word 'pictures' made the blondes face turn pink as images already started to come into his head. He knew this was wrong, but for some reason...he couldn't stop. He knew he should sign off but...something about Psyche...

9:03 PM Tsugaru: I'm game, you start then

9:03 PM Psyche: Very well then, but please, do be gentle now, Tsu-chan~

Izaya hummed, enjoying his little "teasing", as he thought up how to start. Tapping his long fingers along the desk, they drummed a little rhythm, pausing every so often. Finally the raven haired teen flicked his tongue in derision.

9:05 PM Psyche: A-aah, nggh, Tsu-chan, touch me . . . please. *runs hands slowly along inner thighs*

Shizuo bit his lip as he read the text over and tried to imagine the scenario.

9:05 PM Tsugaru: *leans forward to your ear and bites it softly* touch you where, Psyche?

Izaya grinned at the fast reply. 'Seems like he's getting comfortable with this,' he thought silently.

9:05 PM Psyche: Nggh, no fair, Tsu-chan. Teasing is mean. *leans up and bites your neck, as hands flow freely along your chest and sides*

9:05 PM Tsugaru: why isn't teasing fair? *grabs your hands and pins them above your head*

9:05 PM Psyche: Ahh? *squirms against your hold and sucks on neck*

9:05 PM Psyche: why don't you tell me?

9:06 PM Tsugaru: *lets out a low moan and shoves you down onto the bed* I want to hear you sing Psyche.

9:06 PM Psyche: *groans and thrusts hips upward* don't stop. . .

Shizuo spread his legs as he felt heat start to travel downward.

"Damn it," He mumbled to himself before typing a reply.

9:07 PM Tsugaru: *takes off your shirt and throws it to the side, before leaning down and biting hard on your neck with your hands still pinned*

Izaya smirked at the screen, enjoying the conversation. He allowed his thoughts to travel to a certain blond classmate, picturing these things happening between the two of them instead.

9:07 PM Psyche: *moans and brings foot up to rub against your crotch*

9:07 PM Psyche: Tsugaru . . . m-more

"F-fuck . . ." The blonde breathed out.

9:08 PM Tsugaru: *moans deeply before biting hard on your neck and breaking the skin* More what Psyche? *licks the blood on your neck*

Izaya shivered at the text, as he felt a strong sense of arousal pooling within him. He could almost feel the blonde's breath on his neck as he asked that and it made his breath hitch just a bit.

9:08 PM Psyche: *whimpers* I-I want more. I want to touch you.

9:08 PM Tsugaru: *chuckles and breathes into your ear* where is the fun in that? *pulls away and kisses down your neck*

Shizuo could now feel himself growing hard. He had never done this, let alone with another man. Wait . . .

9:08 PM Tsugaru: ((when do we send pictures?))

Izaya's eyes slit closed in a fox like manner as a cheeky grin formed at the blunt question.

9:08 PM Psyche: Neh, Tsu-chan~ so impatient, i see. But as you wish, one picture coming right up!

Quickly turning his webcam on, Izaya stripped himself of his shirt and made sure to turn his head, with one hand tracing along his nipple to excite the man, as he took the picture, and sent it in the IM.

Shizuo clicked open the image and caught himself staring at it. It was so . . . . seductive. He wasn't sure how to respond to it.

9:10 PM Tsugaru: *bites your nipple as I run my hands down your body*

'Psyche has a nice body . . ., ' Shizuo thought, trailing off.

9:10 PM Psyche: ((send a pic too, Tsu-chan? I'm dying to see what that tall, muscular body looks like that you described ;D))

9:10 PM Psyche: *shivers and crosses legs uncomfortably, biting back a moan*

The blonde took off his shirt and turned on his web cam to take a picture of his chest. He made sure that his toned muscles were easy to see so he didn't look like a liar.

9:11 PM Tsugaru: *takes off my shirt so you can see my chest* ((lmao eager? XD))

Receiving the picture, Izaya's eyes widened dramatically at the site. This guy had a very, very, VERY nice body. His chest was toned and tanned just right and the sight of it nearly made the raven drool.

9:11 PM Psyche: ((LOL hypocrite!)) *thrusts slowly upwards and licks your jaw line, seductively*

9:11 PM Psyche: Tsu-chan, do you . . . want me? *breathes harshly*

9:11 PM Tsugaru: *licks down your chest and looks up, meeting my gold eyes with your reddish eyes* I want you psyche *grabs you pants with a smirk*

Izaya pants at the message, as he shakily undid his belt and zipper, pulling out his hard on.

9:11 PM Psyche: H-haaa . . . Now who's the eager one?

The blonde runs his hand over the painful bulge in his pants and moans deeply. "A-aahh, uhh . . ."

9:12 PM Tsugaru: *pulls down your pants, kissing as I do so*

9:12 PM Psyche: *presses foot in between your legs* H-hurry . . .

Izaya continued to write as he now began to pump himself slowly.

Shizuo gulps hard as he pulls himself out of his underwear, hissing at the cold air.

9:13 PM Tsugaru: *grabs your hard on and pushes your legs open more. I bite your thighs and flick my eyes up to meet yours*

Izaya hissed, now very much turned on, as images floated around his head of him doing these things with a hot headed monster he'd grown fond of.

9:13 PM Psyche: ((more pics~?)) *arms now free, I pull at the zipper of your pants, moaning*

9:13 PM Tsugaru: ((yeah, you first))

The former brunette licked his lips as he waited for images of Psyche to come up.

Izaya snickered at the sultry attitude of this blond. 'My, my, what a drastic change from what I thought you were like~'

Regardless, Izaya spread his legs and leaned back a bit, before taking another picture, which showed his nipples all the way downwards . . . Deciding to take another picture, he leaned over in another position and put his hand over his throbbing cock, a little bead of pre cum poking out, before he decided to send that as well.

9:14 PM Psyche: ((that satisfying enough for ya~?))

9: 15 PM Psyche: Tsu-Tsugaru, I n-need, ngggh . . .

9:15 PM Tsugaru: *bites your thighs and licks up to you cock*

Shizuo rid himself completely of his pants and turned on his camera. He thrust his hips up to get a good shot of his half erect penis. He still found this whole thing weird and felt a bit ashamed and . . . dirty as he looked over the image. Still, he decided he was too far gone to back out now and sends the picture.

9: 17 PM Psyche: *gasps and arches back, thrusting into your hand, with eyes glazed over* tsu-tsugaru! stop teasing already! mmmngh!

Izaya by now had switched his position so he could stroke himself easier. All the pent up sexual frustration he'd been dealing with lately was now flowing right out of him and he felt elated.

9:17 PM Tsugaru: *chuckles and pulls off your underwear before licking your tip teasingly*

"U-uuhhh!" The blonde threw his head back in a deep moan as he began pumping a lot faster.

Izaya blinked as he stroked his inner thigh with one hand and then quickly brought it around to cup at one of his balls, twisting it around in his hand.

'D-damn! For a beginner, this guy sure knows what he's doing!' Breath coming out in short, heavy steps, Izaya continued to fist his cock with his other hand, as he went back and forth typing his reply.

9:17 PM Psyche: *leans up to bite your chest, silencing a moan as one hand comes up and pulls out your erection*

Shizuo started to type before something horrible happened. There was a knock on the door. "Nii-san, I need you to come help me with dinner." Shizuo let out a low growl and glared at the door. 'Dammit, Kasuka!' He thought to himself before typing a quick message.

9:17 PM Tsugaru: Gotta go, bye.

He signed off quickly, just as his brother opened the door to the room. The blonde was horrified as he turned to meet the gaze of his younger brother while hastily pulling up his pants. "Dammit, Kasuka! Don't you knock!?"

Izaya continued to pump himself vigorously, his entire body flushed and wanton, before glancing at the screen again. What met his eyes caused him to stop entirely. 'Gotta go, bye?' Izaya read, frowning. Suddenly his entire face became livid with anger. "THE FUCK?! I don't even get a proper reason?! THE HELL KIND OF GUY IS THIS?!" Izaya growled, trembling in anger.

'And just when I was getting close too . . .'

Izaya huffed and didn't even bother responding before logging out of the dating website all together. Seriously, he wondered why he even bothered at times.

Shutting down his computer with a grouchy demeanor, Izaya moved to his bed to continue his . . . "business" with an air of finality and anger clouding his every move.

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