Sext you later

Chapter 3

- Slayers64 and CloudsofSand

8: 26 PM Tsugaru: You want to sext?

Shizuo wasn't quite sure if he was comfortable with this whole situation.

8: 26 PM Psyche: duh, Tsu-chan~ I wouldn't have asked otherwise. Awe, is it that I'm not good enough for you? ;_;

8: 26 PM Tsugaru: No! no that's not do we start?

Izaya smirked at the response. This guy was so . . . innocent. Was he really that concerned about hurting another person's feelings, that he would go and do something he wasn't comfortable with in the first place? Heh; humans are quite something . . .

8:28 PM Psyche: aha~ how is it that you would like me to service you then? let's start with that

Shizuo tilted his head and he looked at the screen like it was a difficult math test.

8:31 PM Tsugaru: service me?

Izaya nearly snorted in laughter. He had almost forgotten how naive this guy was. It was almost rather . . . cute. He snickered.

8:31 PM Psyche: Ahaha! Stupid Tsu-chan~ it means what would you like me to do for you? You know . . . what turns you on?

What turns him on? Shizuo really wasn't sure what turns him on...

8:33 PM Tsugaru: what turns you on?

Izaya thought a moment, rolling his head to the side in contemplation. His face lit up in mirth, as he came up with his answer.

8:36 PM Psyche: blond hair, honey eyes, and a personality that's rough around the edges~

Shizuo stared at the screen, reading the lines of text over and over. Did he . . . know this person? That was almost an exact description of himself.

8: 38 PM Tsugaru: I have blonde hair and honey eyes . . .

do you like girls?

Izaya was taken aback by the response. Where did that come from? He scratched the back of his head.

8:42 PM Psyche: Ah? Girls are cute too~ but i much prefer men. What about you Tsu-chan?

8:42 PM Tsugaru: I like...both...I guess...I mean I like you so I guess I like both...

8:42 PM Psyche: Really? Aww~ you make me blush! ^/^ Now I'll definitely have to give you something to reward your efforts . . .

The blonde felt his face heat up at the realization that he admitted that he liked Psyche . . . Where did that come from? He didn't really care about this man . . . ., right?

8:46 PM Tsugaru: how do we start?

8:46 PM Psyche: shall we start gentle today~? *threads fingers through your hair and pulls you into a kiss*

8:48 PM Tsugaru: *kisses you back with more force, and pulls you close*

Shizuo shifted uncomfortably in his seat, as he envisioned the scene and licked his lips eagerly.

8:50 PM Psyche: *pulls back and breathes into your ear*

T-tsu-chan . . . tell me what you want to do to me.

The blonde bit his lip, trying to decide if he should restrain himself, or let himself go. He would never meet Psyche . . .

8:50 PM Tsugaru: I want to push you on the bed and take you nice and hard *licks your ear*

Where that came from . . ., Shizuo would never know . . .

Izaya batted his crimson eyes at the reply, sultrily. Getting an idea, he unbuttoned his shirt half way, exposing his navel, and parts of his chest, as he turned on his webcam. Taking the picture, Izaya made sure to position a finger, so that it was just barely brushing against his hardened nipple, and took the picture, exposing his neck and all the way down his abdomen . . .

8:55 PM Psyche: *whispers in your ear*

You mean like this~?

And Izaya sent the picture.

Shizuo waited for the image to download, and felt the heat rise to his face, at the seductive picture. Psyche was just so . . . . hot . . . He turned on his webcam to take a picture, but accidentally hit the video button instead, and started to unbutton his white shirt, not realizing the show he was putting on for Psyche.

Izaya's face flushed a whole new level of red at the erotic strip show he was given. He really hadn't expected that one. Tsugaru . . . really did have a nice body, and he couldn't even see his face!

His hand subconsciously made its way down to his zipper, at the tightening of his jeans.

8:59 PM Psyche: *moans loudly*

Ts-tsugaru . . . Ahhn, please pleasure me.

Shizuo looked at the screen, and cursed once seeing he turned on the video, instead of taking a simple picture. He promptly shut it off, and felt extremely stupid. He looked over at the message from Psyche, and bit his lip.

9:03 PM Tsugaru: *shoves you down*

The blonde spread his legs in an attempt to ease his discomfort.

9:03 PM Psyche: Hurry. *wraps arms around your neck and pulls you closer, biting your neck*

9:05 PM Tsugaru: *pulls your pants and underwear down*

You have to make me want it...

Shizuo unzipped his pants, and was about o shove them to the ground, but remembered to lock the door this time, and returned to his . . . activities . . .

Izaya's eyes widened at the challenge. 'How unexpected . . .'

Unzipping his jeans all the way, he shoved them to the ground, past his shoes. Now clothed in only a pair of red boxers and his unbuttoned shirt, he typed up an eager reply.

9:08 PM Psyche: Hahh . . . *sucks on bite wound and licks*

Am I . . . not seductive enough already?

9: 08 PM Tsugaru: I'm not hard yet am I?

Izaya ran a hand through his bangs. He liked this new found confidence Tsugaru had shown. It was . . . alluring.

9:11 PM Psyche: Getting cocky now, aren't we?

*brings you down for a kiss, and sucks on your bottom lip, one hand sliding down your stomach*

9:15 PM Tsugaru: *groans* Psyche . . . *pulls closer*

Shizuo mimicked the action of Psyche, and ran his hand down his stomach, to grab his hardening length. He felt . . . dirty, but it felt too good to be wrong.

9:16 PM Psyche: *slips tongue in your mouth, and glides hand over your arousal*

9:16 PM Tsugaru: *runs tongue over yours and thrusts into your hand*

Shizuo grabbed his length and started to pump himself.

Izaya felt himself growing hotter as the two continued onwards. His own hand slipped into his boxers, and began to stroke his length teasingly, his breath hitching.

9:19 PM Psyche: *sucks on your tongue and pumps your cock, slowly*

Hard, now? ;)

9:21 PM Tsugaru: *kisses you hard* yeah...very hard *goes between your legs*

"A-Ahhh . . ." Shizuo moaned, as he sped up his pace.

Izaya groaned, picturing this scenario with his favorite blond playmate instead, as he began pumping his own need, harder.

9:24 PM Psyche: that so . . . *gasps breathlessly, and grinds against you*

9:24 PM Tsugaru: *spreads your legs and takes you in my mouth* ((can I see more pics?))

Izaya began breathing through his nose, as his breaths became more ragged. Pulling down his boxers, he centered the cam so that it showed his legs spread, and up in the air, pre-cum leaking off of his tip.

Sending the picture, he typed his reply.

9:28 PM Psyche: ((send me some too)) *moans crazily, and bucks deep into your mouth*

S-suck me . . .haaah, harder . . .

Shizuo blushed harder and threw his head back slightly. This who thing was making him so physically hot. He grabbed his webcam, and took a picture of his fully erect penis, and sent it off to his internet fuck buddy.

9:33 PM Tsugaru: *sucks you harder*

Izaya by now was so hot he could barely stand it, so without another thought, he replied.

9:33 PM Psyche: Tsu-chan, take . . . me. *pushes you backwards and climbs onto your chest*

Shizuo moaned loudly, as he felt himself about to burst.

9:34 PM Tsugaru: Psy-Psyche...a-ahh... *thrusts into you hard*

9:36 PM Psyche: A-aaah! D-don't I even get any p-prep? *moans and digs fingers into your hair*

Izaya began teasing the foreskin of his erection and with his other hand, began probing around his entrance. He wasn't about to take the time and find lube. He just wanted to feel "Shizuo" inside of him, even if it was just his mental fantasies pushing him on.

Shizuo was almost so far gone, that he couldn't type, but not quite at that point just yet. He saw something about prep, but had no idea what that was . . .; it wasn't like this was something he did on a daily basis, so he didn't really have much knowledge on gay sex.

9:38 PM Tsugaru: Prep? *pulls out and thrusts back in*

Izaya thrust a finger inside himself, biting his lip, as he probed his innards. His mind was foggy, and he couldn't think straight.

9:40 PM Psyche: n-never mind, just focus on what you're doing . . . *groans and presses downwards onto your cock*

Shizuo knew that he wasn't going to be able to hold out much longer, and pumped harder.

9:40 PM Tsugaru: psyche... *keeps pushing hard into you*

Izaya was nearing his limit, but not yet. He added another finger, and thrust upwards into himself, hitting his prostate. White shot across his vision, as he became disorientated for a few blinding seconds. His mind and body was overcome with lust and sexual sensations, as his other hand began jerking himself off, wildly.

9:41 PM Psyche: a-almost there. Tsu-chan, kiss me

9:41 PM Tsugaru: *kisses you, while thrusting in* P-Psyche...a-ahhh...

Shizuo felt so hot . . . he'd masturbated in the past before, but never had it felt this good.

9:41 PM Psyche: Ahhhhn! *moans into kiss, while meeting your thrusts* D-don't back out now, Tsu-chan . . . mmmmn, gonna c-cum soon . . .

Izaya typed, as he felt his release getting closer and closer, his fingers striking his prostate dead on with each thrust, as he relentlessly pumped his cock in tune with the thrusting. His bangs were slick with sweat, sticking to his forehead, as he was rendered a hot mess. He'd needed this and boy, did it feel good.

9:43 PM Tsugaru: P-Psyche...I'm gonna...

Shizuo didn't get to finish his typing, as he let himself go. A string of moans escaped his lips, as he repeatedly thrusted into his hand, to ride out his orgasm. His body relaxed, as he felt the euphoric sensation from the sexual release. He wasn't sure where the desire came from, but he wanted to feel Psyche's lips on his own.

Even though he didn't know him . . ., he wanted to feel the smooth friction of their lips connecting in a passionate kiss.

Izaya didn't bother with a reply, as he too reached his end, climaxing into his grip, stray cum painting the keyboard, and desk around him, as he rode out his own orgasm. Eyes partly closing in contentment, he smiled in spite of himself. 'How embarrassing . . .'

Finally snapping out of it, his breathing becoming shallow, he looked around for something to clean up the mess. Spotting a box of nearby tissues, he set forth on cleaning the mess up.

9:47 PM Tsugaru: Psyche?

Izaya paused in the middle of his cleaning, at the sound of the chat box going off. Briskly skimming his fingers over the keyboard, he typed up a response.

9:47 PM Psyche: Yes?

Shizuo sat there with his fingers curled on his keyboard. He wasn't sure if it was alright for him to ask or not. He typed it out a few times, only to erase it and retype it.

9:51 PM Tsugaru: Uhm...would it be okay...if I asked for your...number...?

He immediately regretted it and wished he could take it back.

Izaya paused. He wouldn't lie now; he was very much caught off guard in that instant. He wasn't expecting Tsugaru to be so bold as to ask such a question. He chuckled; he really should give the man more credit. Thinking over the request, Izaya tapped his finger against his chin. It would be more convenient than signing into this stupid dating website every day. He doubted it would cause any harm, so he typed his number into the chat.

The blonde on the other end of the computer, felt the corners of his mouth twitch up as he saw the cell phone number of Psyche. He flipped out his cell phone and added Psyche to his contacts.

9:51 PM Tsugaru: it okay that I text you...?

Finishing up the last bit of his cleaning, Izaya answered.

9:52 PM Psyche: Neh, neh, Tsu-chan~ Getting shy now, are we? What happened to all of that confidence just minutes ago?

9:52 PM Tsugaru: I'm going to text you, okay?

9:52 PM Psyche: aha~ much better; you may! i'll be logging off now

Shizuo shut off his computer and jumped onto his bed. He felt his heart flutter, and couldn't remove the smile on his face. This whole situation . . ., was so weird . . ., but it really made the blonde feel like he had someone that finally accepted him. He pulled out his cell phone, and scrolled down to the few contacts, before sending Psyche a text.

[[Err, thanks]]

Izaya shut off his own computer and grabbed his phone from the discarded jeans on the floor, before sinking onto the mattress of his own bed. Tsugaru seemed like a mildly shy guy. Not that Izaya cared much; he wasn't looking to read too deep into the man. He didn't favor him above anyone else. He was just a replacement, and he could become replaced at any given opportunity. It was cruel, he knew, but it was the truth.

So he decided to humor the man a bit with idle conversation.

[[Neh, Tsu-chan~ where do you live in japan out of curiosity?]]

Shizuo shifted to get himself under his covers on his bed. He didn't mind sleeping naked. He curled up into his blankets, and looked at the glowing text on his phone.

[[Ikebukuro...I'm a high school student.]]

Izaya twitched, uncomfortably. It was too cold to be sleeping naked. Going through his clothes, he put on a pair of sweat pants and a hoodie, before returning to the conversation.

[[Really? :D same here! what a coincidence~]]

The blonde smiled as he read the text over and over. He didn't know what he was doing . . ., he just let his body take over, and felt like he could text Psyche all night long.

[[That's cool. Maybe we have met each other.]]

Izaya snorted at the childish reply. [[probably not~ it's a big place, after all.]]

Shizuo didn't know why, but he felt his heart strain slightly at that reply. [[Yeah...guess you're right. going to bed. night.]]

'That was sudden,' Izaya couldn't help but think.

[[ok. talk to you tomorrow?]]

[ [Yeah, talk to you tomorrow. Night.]] Shizuo shut off his phone, not waiting for a reply from his new friend. He wasn't sure why, but something inside of him didn't feel right.

[[sweet dreams~]] Izaya texted back, before glancing at the time. His eyes widened, sharply. 'Damn, I guess we've been talking longer than I thought.' He turned off his phone.


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