Sext You Later

-Slayers64 and CloudsofSand

Chapter 4

There was a commotion. Groups of students clustered together, diving amongst themselves, as they whispered about, eyes darting from eye to eye, and back to the subject matter at hand. Izaya didn't need to see where their eyes traced, to know what they were looking at.

It was cruel, It was dirty, and it was his doing; posters everywhere, each hidden behind the student body, gathering around, gossping in their ill disguised whispers.

Izaya smirked to himself, tapping his finger nails delicately along the surface of his desk, as he stared idly at the door, waiting for a certain blondie to show up. But this time, it wasn't the usual blonde he wanted to see.

As if on cue, an angry Russian female came into the class room and stomped over to the dark haired man's desk. She slammed a piece of paper on the hard wood and glared angrily at Izaya.

"What is the meaning of this?!"

Izaya didn't flinch. His eyes traveled up to the steaming blonde woman in front of him, and he played an innocent card.

"I have no idea what you're talking about." He looked her dead in the eye, smiling gently, as his hands folded beneath his chin.

She looked livid. "YOU KNOW WHAT I'M TALKING ABOUT!" She pushed the paper that she had slammed down onto his desk into the raven's face, her hands shaking in rage. By now, they were getting stares. Whispers flowed around them, as heads turned, staring from unseen papers and back to her. Izaya's eyes lazily traced the paper. He didn't read it. He already knew what it said.

Crimson eyes suddenly snapped open as if reading the writing on the paper for the very first time. "Oh my God . . . Vorona . . ., you have an STD?! WOAH! I would never have guessed. You know, if I were you, I wouldn't be broadcasting this to the whole world~" Izaya said with a sly gleam in his eyes.

Purple orbs were nearly bulging out of Vorona's head as she tried to contain her anger towards Izaya. "You did this!"

A mock look of hurt crossed the scheming raven's face, as he continued to toy with her. "Vorona . . ., how could you say that? I'm just as shocked as you are~" Behind his eyes, sparkled a hint of challenge, and Izaya knew that this girl could see it. The question was . . ., would she play along?

"Fuck you, Orihara!" The girl yelled as she leapt forward in a sad attempt to attack the challenging man. This action was pre-assumed though, and Izaya quickly dodged it.

"Now, now Vorona-san . . ., don't go attacking me, I'm innocent~" Izaya purred, with a Cheshire like grin.

The blonde woman growled and clenched her fists, which only earned more whispering from the crowd of people. Izaya smirked successfully, and opened his mouth, but closed it when he saw Shizuo enter the room.

His gaze traveled to the blonds', with the irate females glare following his line of sight to Shizuo Heiwajima. She growled. "Is that what this is about?"

Izaya blinked, not taking his eyes off of Shizuo, and lightly smirked when mocha orbs turned to his. Annoyed at being ignored, Vorona leaned over, her purple orbs glaring holes into Izaya's reddish ones.

"Fine . . .," she hissed, narrowing her gaze, "if that's how you want to play, then I'll just have to take him away from you, won't I?"

Izaya's gaze snapped back towards the busty Russian girl. He reached up and grabbed the collar of her shirt and pulled her close so that only she could hear what he had to say.

"You stay away from him. This is just a taste of what I can do." Blood red eyes glistened with malice as he looked into Vorona's eyes. He wasn't going to lose Shizuo to someone who he just met. A smack on the chalk board caused both of them to lose their staring contest. The teacher had a pointer slammed against the green board, looking at all the students.

"Alright kids, let's be adults and move passed this. Homework, get it out. Now."

Reluctantly, Vorona pulled away, glaring daggers at Izaya the entire way back to her seat. Shizuo had long since sat down at his own desk. Izaya wore a cheerful mask, but inside he was seething. How DARE that bitch say that to him? He felt his hand squeeze his pencil hard, almost to the point of breaking, before he relaxed the muscle. In the back of his mind, he couldn't help but shake his head at the teacher's negligence to the issue of the obvious incident at hand.



Vorona would never live this down anytime soon.

With this small victory in mind, Izaya smugly returned his attention to the board. Minutes went by in the lesson, with students raising their hands to ask a question every so often, and their sensei answering them precisely. Frankly, the raven haired male was bored, and wasn't having any trouble understanding, so he simply put his head down to rest.

Just as he began dozing off, the teen's eyes snapped open, at the feeling of something hitting his shoulder. Blinking, the teen noticed a slip of paper. Looking around curiously, he shrugged, before returning his vision back to his desk, and reading the note.

Don't blame me. -V

'V? Vorona?' Izaya scratched his head, before redirecting his gaze to said female. Her back was turned to him, and just as he was about to throw the note back, something caught his eye.

Shizuo, sitting two desks up from her, turned, with a piece of paper in his hands, and gazed at Vorona in disbelief, before motioning towards himself, to make sure it was really meant for him.

Izaya raised his eyebrow in confusion. What could that slut be telling Shizuo that would be worth the blonde's attention? His heart nearly stopped when he saw a pink dusting grace the blonde's cheeks, as he nodded at the blonde Russian. A coy smirk broke out on Vorona's lips, as if telling Izaya that she was ahead of him. She was one step toward Shizuo. His Shizuo.

The dark haired teen clenched his pencil so hard that it snapped in his hands, but he paid no mind to it. He was pissed off. Nobody shows Izaya up like that, especially not some Russian whore. The bell sounded, but the future informant didn't move. He just sat there and watched as the blonde female approached the male blonde.

"I cannot wait to see you there!"

Then she did it. She really fucking did it. Izaya was seeing red as he saw himself torturing Vorona in the cruelest ways.

She got up on her tip toes, leaned forward, and pressed her lips against Shizuo's.

In that moment, Izaya swore he felt his heart clench, as the look of pleasant surprise flittered across his blonde's face. He seethed silently, his hands balling themselves into fists, as he watched the two kiss. Vorona skillfully meshed her lips with the mocha eyed teen, as Shizuo clumsily kissed back. Again, Izaya felt his heart twist, cruelly. He'd always figured Shizuo would be a clumsy kisser and yet . . ., he'd still always wanted to feel those lips against his own. Now this bitch just decided she wanted to step in and fuck things up?

Before the kiss could heat up anymore, Izaya stood up.

He marched right over and pulled Vorona off without a second thought. Shizuo immediately started to glare at his nemesis.

"Go fuck off, Flea!"

Izaya tore his eyes away from the female that he pulled away and looked into the angry caramel orbs that belonged to the source of his heart attack. How did things come to this? How had he made someone that he wanted so badly hate him?

He had to come up with an excuse. Nobody was going to fucking make out with Shizuo if he couldn't. The blonde was his.

"Sorry, I just couldn't stand the sight of that ungodly scene~ I was saving everyone else from the torture. Honestly Shizu-chan, do you practice on your pillow or something? You have to be the worst kisser I have ever seen!" Even though it hurt him to make fun of the blonde, it was the only way that he was ever able to gain his undivided attention.

Shizuo glared hatefully at the raven, feeling frustration, and rage fill him.

"The fuck is your problem, Izaya?!" He thrusted his arms to the side in question, feeling a vein throbbing at his temple.

Said teen in question blinked in surprise. Shizuo . . . called him by name. That was unexpected . . .

He was still shaking slightly, but he tried to cover it up with talk. "Neh, Shizu-chan~ I'm just giving some pointers. It's a simple kiss. It's not that hard, I don't understand what you're getting so worked up about." He waved his hand around, dismissively, before being caught off guard, as a larger hand grabbed his arm roughly, pushing him into the black board.

"I'm not fucking playing around anymore, Flea . . . I don't need advice from some parasite who doesn't even fucking have a date! What's with you and your sick hobbies?! It's like you go out of your way to intentionally fuck up my day for your own enjoyment! JUST STAY OUT OF MY LIFE!"

Something in Izaya's chest pulled tight as he felt a flood of emotions run through him; anger, love, rejection . . .

Maybe he should just give up . . . .

His eyes wandered over to catch a glimpse of the smirking Russian that was out of Shizuo's sight. It was a smirk of victory . . . There was no way that he was ever going to let that bitch win. With a new found determination in his eyes, the raven haired male locked his eyes with his blonde nemesis. Shizuo's anger filled eyes quickly reflected confusion when he felt a pair of soft, warm lips on his own.

Suddenly Izaya felt all of those emotions he kept hidden away, surface as the world around them seemed to spin. With desperation, he pressed his lips against the blonde's over and over again, meshing their lips together, in light, yet firm touches. His hands subconsciously moved up to his supposedly most hated/loved classmate, and threaded his fingers into the blond tresses, pulling slightly. His eyes were kept firmly shut, in fear of losing sight of his objective if they were open, and he continued to put all of his focus onto the teen against him.

Nibbling on the male's lower lip, Izaya teased his tongue against the soft flesh, earning a surprised gasp, to which he quickly took the chance to swipe his tongue inside. Tasting the teen slowly, Izaya found himself enjoying the kiss, despite the circumstances, and the one sided feeling of it all, and was almost surprised when a sudden push, parted them, feeling his back crush more so into the blackboard, painfully.

There stood a flushed and very, very lost looking Shizuo Heiwajima, as he wiped his mouth, staring wide-eyed at Izaya. Remembering his bearings, Izaya cut in, before he could be questioned.

"Ahahaha! Now THAT, Shizu-chan, is how you kiss someone~" He winked, sticking his tongue out slightly.

Shizuo growled at the future informant. "I don't need your advice; I already have a fucking date." Grabbing his back pack, the blonde started to make his way out of the classroom with Vorona in tow.

"Ahahaha, that's where you're wrong, Shizu-chan~ I do have a date! It's with Shinra~"

Shizuo stopped abruptly, causing the Russian female to run into his back. He looked over at Izaya in pure shock and disbelief. The dark haired male merely looked back with that cocky smirk on his face. The blonde male wasn't sure why, but hearing that Shinra and Izaya were involved was . . . unsettling to him. He quickly made his way out of the classroom and towards the boy's bathroom. He didn't care that Vorona was following him; he just needed some time to think.

Once he was sure that the two had left, Izaya bit his lip, before randomly striking his fist backwards against the black board. Papers fluttered down, that were previously pinned up on the wall, and chalk rolled off of the still from the sudden force.

Izaya ignored it all, eyes turning downcast.

". . . Dammit," he whispered, before shutting his eyes in frustration. Exhaling slowly, he spun his body around, and went back to his desk where his bag was, before picking it up, and slinging it across his shoulder. With a heavy heart, Izaya made his way out the door.

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