AN: In this FanFiction you are a girl who isn't very rich. The only thing you have is a cat named, Millo, and of course your one bedroom apartment. You think nothing else can go wrong in your life after getting fired from your job, but oh~, how you are so wrong...

Disclaimers: I do not own any of these Marvle characters!

You walk down the streets of the city coming ever so closer to your apartment. The air seemed too had gotten a lot colder in the few steps you've taken towards the buildings across the street. You strut happily into the road without a care in the world. All of a sudden there's a blazing horn and you freeze like a deer in the headlight. Oh god, am I going to die?, You think to yourself, the car seems inches away. But before you can think clearly a blazing horn breaks your hazey vision and you realize that the car has stopped and you are safe. Quickly, you run to the other side of the street and try to catch your breath.

"That was bloody close..." you struggle to calm yourself.

Soon you regain control of yourself, for it was usual to almost get hit in the city, and so you start walking. A few minutes past as you strut down the sidewalk until without warning a cold burst of air rushes past you. So, you clap your hands together and rub them in hopes of staying warm. But you know it no good because of Mother Nature's god damn mood swings! For it was winter in the big city, how lovely...

"S'cold..." You breathe into your hands, noticing you can barely even feel them.

Suddenly you hear a noise in the ally way next to you. A sound like someone hitting the ground... You gasp and look around the buildings corner to see what happened. Maybe it was a shooting; you think which made you start to shiver in your high top boots. But there weren't any shots... your brows frown in thought.

"By the nines... God-father of Odin that hurt..." A male's voice groaned in agony from within the ally way making you gasp.

Imieditntly you pop out from behind the corner and look at the person in awe. It must be impossible, it must! No one could survive a fall sounding like a thunderstorm! Their bones must be broken or something right?

You approach the man ever so cautiously. "Excuse me, sir, are you still alive..?" Your voice is shallow as you finally are standing next to the pale body. You jump when he groans a quick 'Mhm' in response.

Quickly start to fidget with your handbag in hopes of getting your cellphone. Then maybe you can call "911" for gods' sakes!

"What are you doing, Midguardian?" asked the man, lifting his head slightly from a pile of trash to look at you.

You give a grim smile, "Calling a doctor, sir." then you return to struggling with your phone.

The man quietly croaked out a laugh making you look back at him. Your brows frown again once more in thought. What was he laughing about? He's nearly fucking dead and now he's laughing?

Leaning his head in your direction he smiled ear to ear, his eyes shut lightly.

"Take me to your domain, Midguardian." he demanded.

Finally, phone out and fumbling with the numbers on the keypad, you pause and look at him. The flicker of cold dark green in his eye told you he was serious about what he had said.

"Excuse me?" you questioned.

You didn't expect that one coming.

So that's how it started, you think, staring at the man asleep on your couch on the other side of the room from you. You frown. Maybe you should've called a doctor... Or no? Either way it was his request to come here.

You huff out a sigh and slowly set down your drink before reluctantly getting up off your lazy-boy couch. It was unusual to have a simi-deadman in the house, let alone any male presence at all. Maybe it was god's way of saying, "Get a life." But you didn't know or care for that matter. Instead you just crossed your arms and plopped back down of your lazy-boy forgetting to clean up your dishes as you stared at the man who was quite good-looking in a 'I'm not interested' kind of way.

After a while the realization of boredom and lack of energy hit you and you yawned, stretching out across the current couch you possessed and sprawled into a laying position. You actually had forgotten about the raven-haired man on the opposite side of the room from you, on YOUR clean couch as you falling asleep. Before you knew it you were surrounded in the arms of darkness and fast asleep.

After a while you awoke to the feeling of a hand on your shoulder, shaking you into reality, and a noise of someone speaking in different tongue. At first you still think you're dreaming... That is until you feel the chilling of the air vent air wash over your bare feet. You shivered a bit releasing a slight whimper.

"Midguardian, you have awoken," Exclaimed the raven-haired man.

Without a word your eyes shoot open wide and you stare at the slender form hovering above you. So apparently you weren't dreaming because the man leaning over you has confirmed it with his warm breath that washed over your ice-cold face. Slowly, a blush crept up on your cheeks and you blinked again in hopes you were really dreaming.

"Get up," He insisted, pulling you up to sitting position by your hair. "We have a matter to discuss, Midguardian slave."

You let out a low missrible cry as he yanked you up by your hair. And you couldn't believe it! "Slave" he say's? Before you could stop yourself you had already removed his hands from your hair and struck him hard across the face. You watched him stumble back a few steps looking at you in astonishment as he craddled his cheek with his delicate hand. Suddenly rage flared up in his Azura-green orbed eyes.

"How dare you strike a god!" He boomed and all you could do was huddle on the couch behiding behind a pillow as he began to glow dark green.

It was amazing how he looked. His eyes had long lost their green tint and had claimed a black tint, a possessive look. You were surprised that it was exactly like looking into a mirror. Your focuse bounced around his body unable to still itself. His body looked so fragile and yet so tough and worn. His arms so weak and his body looked twig like. But something, somthing elegant overpowered his menicing looks. He looked, he looked, almost like an ice-angel... Cold at heart, but, human...

Okay so maybe he was a god, no big deal, right? Wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong your mind buzzed as if your were playing in a game show. You could see sparks of electricity all around him too.

You gaped in awe as he glared down at you. "Beautiful..." you spoke unknowingly, this made him tense. When he finally realized what you meant his deadly glow evaporated into thin air and the electric serge's stopped...

"You're a strange, Midgaurdian, what do they call you?" He questioned crossing his arms over his chest as if he were bare.

You smiled slightly, "My name is, (Name). What's yours?"

"Loki," The man shyly looked away, and if you weren't so scared shitless you would have thought he blushed as he said it.

A god, hm? Well I guess I'll find out for myself what this god is capable of. You thought, a smug smile appearing onto your face.

You smiled for real this time. "Well, Loki, why don't you tell me about yourself?"