Chapter 2: Great Party

Scott's P.O.V

God, today was hot, hotter than usual. Apparently at little miss birthday girl Kylie's party she has HUGE backyard with a pool for everyone to jump in. There was a lot of people, probably people who weren't even invited, but she had the richest family in the neighborhood so they weren't gonna not 'not' show up at her birthday.

Oh and speaking of which, I'M supposed to be the birthday boy! But nooooo.

Even all my schoolmates were here, emphasis on schoolmates I didn't like anybody and they didn't like me. The teachers despised me, mainly because I spent more time skipping class, sleeping during class and causing trouble. I saw Mr. Watson(39) my teacher, talking to Kylie's mother, until he noticed me and started glaring at me. He hated me the most. Come on it's not like he hasn't seen someone make a wimpy kid get down on his hands and knees and become my temporary chair. Or someone who blew up the classroom by mixing chemicals. Or someone who tied a kid to the flagpole. Get over it will ya?

Everyone appeared to be having a good time. Whoop-Dee- freaking -doo.

Nelly was with Kylie getting special treatment. If Nelly knows what's good for her she'll make her face look like the pig she really is. Speaking of pigs I noticed Liam in the big fancy-ass kitchen eating and licking off cream from the over-sized cake. (That should be mine) I walked into said kitchen quietly and gave him a good kick to the butt. His face fell flat into the cake.

"Hey! You jackass I'm telling Mom!"

"That you ate the cake like the fat little pig you are?"

"MOM!" He yelled as he ran off, with cake still on his face.

Just to add insult to injury, I took a large bit of cream off that cake and licked it. "Dammit that's good"

Outside, little brats were running around screaming and squealing, and on top of that it stank; like kid's feet combined with drool and fresh adolescence with B.O. I sighed, even if I hated it everybody seemed to have a great time. Not that anyone noticed, I went to the adult's side and took a more than a few shots to make the annoying nagging pain I felt somewhere in my chest go away. I've never drank alcohol but I've heard it's good for when you're depressed.

"Oh woohoo KY-LIE!" I slurred, feeling groggy.

"Hey! Does' it feel good to be 12? Well wait til ya turn 16! Doncha know thas the mos important special birthday of yo life?!"

"Um…You weren't invited" She said apathetically.

"Neither was your face!" I would've said something much crueler than that, but by that 9th shot I took, I was pretty sure I was drunk for the very first time. Being a 16 year old really had it's perks, but apparently nobody even knows I'm 16!

"Anyway this is all your fault! This party shoulda been for ME! Everyone should be here for ME! It's MY birthday, doncha ya know!"

I didn't recognize it but apparently everyone took the time to notice my tantrum and they were all turned facing me.

"MOMMY!" She called

Liam came with Mom and Dad just in time to see their freshly 16 year old son on his first moments of being intoxicated.

"Look Mom see I told you he was eating cake!" He pointed at my white cut-out shirt that unfortunately had some icing on it from when I gave it a lick. And apparently Liam had washed his face from eating the cake. No surprise, Liam had taken from me in being manipulative and a big fat liar, God I want to kill him right now more than anything. It's only great when I'M the one manipulating people!

"Scott, how could you?!" Mom asked me, her disappointed face all too familiar

Dad just shook his head just as disappointed, while Pappy only looked at me with concern.

"Well excuuuuuuse me! I thought this gal oughta know the truth. But ladies and gentlemen the truth is IN THE EEEEEEEEEEYE OF THE BEHOLDER!" I yelled, voice still slurred but I was full of energy right now.

"Scott, son you're making a scene" Dad said grabbing me harshly by the shoulder, I didn't like the way it felt, it hurt.

"HEY! DON'T TOUCH ME! YOU DON'T TOUCH ME! I'M A GROWN-ASS MAN I CAN DO WHAT-EVER THE HELL I WANT!" I yelled as I pulled away from his hard grip.

"Are you drunk?"


"That's it you're going home" He said trying to grab me again

"NO! YOU AIN'T DA BOSS OF ME! You see this ladies and gents, this is mah Daddy, the oppressive leader of the hearth! I am young! And I'm a rebellious teen in a world of oppression! In fact, fellow teens I think we all ar-"

I couldn't finish and as I began to vomit. Everyone immediately winced and took a few steps back, disgusted.

"Ugh, dammit…"

"I just threw up ladies and gents! Oh well this oppression is literally making me sick to my stomach!" I laughed like an idiot, everyone just kept watching still stunned.

"The cold honest truth is that someone here deserves a big HAPPY BIRTHDA- oh! Here comes the 2nd wave-!"

I heaved again and some people even went inside.


"How selfish could you get?" Asked Liam while everyone looked shocked and appalled.

Eventually they began to instead put the big stupid party inside "Aw come ooooon, nobody's gonna rise up against the oppression?!"

'Uh-oh, somethings rising up... for the 3rd ti-" I puked once again, more forcefully this time, there's Kylie's gift...

Speaking of which, Kylie and Nelly walked towards me, looking none-too-happy.


"I could say the same thing about you, little runt!"


"YEAH! He could use it! He's a giant douchebag!"

"HEY! Shut your filthy little fucking mouth! I'm going to snatch a piece of cake and get the hell outta here!"

With that being all said and done I groggily walked to my dingy trailer I called home, it felt strangely lonely, until I found a letter.

"You are cordially invited to a reunion as a member of the Total Drama series today at 6 to 12 pm, you're destination will be provided by something random, a helicopter, limo, I dunno".

"Oh well that's brilliant!" I said, still a little hammered.

The last people I felt like seeing were people who obviously hated my guts. Some were okay but they still weren't crazy about me, like that Sam, Brick, Cameron and then that Lightning…

The other bad guy.

Then a random limo appeared outta nowhere, that psycho chef was in it, here to pick me up.

"Happy Birthday to me…"

Mr. Watson belongs to me. I feel bad for Scott, honestly sure he acted like an ass and royally pissed everyone off, but... come on his punishment wasn't funny. UGH! i suck at characterization, but i hope you all enjoyed a drunk Scott.