Summary: When Tania is made head girl, Tara keeps being forgotten. Whilst delivering vodka to a house Tara meets a boy named Shane who makes her feel one in a million. Meanwhile Sir Pomfrey comes to the girls who ruined him for help. Tara/OC Kel/Flash Camilla/Geoffrey *RATED T* BETTER THAN SUMMARY

I'm doing this fic because Tara is my fav character and there's not many fics about her or Tania.

Chapter 1

Tara's POV

Tania drove up to St. Trinian's Secondary School For Teenage Girls everyone stood outside catching up with old friends. Tania and I were in our final year quite a lot had changed, for one Tania cut her hair short and also Kelly, Annabelle, Andrea, Taylor, Polly, Celia, Chelsea, Peaches and Chloe had come back to mentor their old groups as well as look after the others from different groups. Miss Fritton wanted to see my sister in her office so Tania soon ran off into the building. For the first time in, well, EVER I was all alone amongst the cliques. I waved 'hello' to a few girls before walking slowly inside.

"Hello Tara," Beverly smiled from behind her desk, "How was your holiday?"

"Good thanks," I replied walking over and leaning on the desk, "What's with you talking all proper like?"

"Impressing a lad I met yesterday ain't I!" She laughed,

I heard Miss Fritton's office door open and Tania flew towards me. Squealing in delight.

"I'M BLOOMING HEAD GIRL!" She yelled happily,

"Really that's so cool!" I lied through my teeth,

"Kel and Belle said they wanted one of us and because I was the eldest they went for me!" She continued,

She was only older by just under an hour.

"That's really great!" I lied again,

"Got to spread the word," Tania said, "OH….and Flash needs to see you he's in the Trinski factory."

I turned back to Beverly to say goodbye. She gave a sly smile to me.


"Green with envy." I replied before walking up the stairs to the attic.


"Ah-hah Tara!" Flash said when I walked up the attic steps, "I need 'ya to deliver these 'ere boxes of Trinian Vodka to 'dis address."

"Gotcha." I said turning to the two boxes next to him,

I picked up one in each hand and began descending down the stairs to find Tara. We always did the deliveries together. She was talking to the Posh Totties who were giggling away with her. I walked up and set down the boxes.

"Tara," I said, "Wanna go deliver the vodka with me?"

"Err…" She looked at the totties who shook their heads, "Can't head girl duties."

"Okay then." I murmured lifting the boxes and walking down the path,

Kelly and Annabelle drove past in Kelly's car and they waved at me. I lifted the very heavy vodka in response. I walked out the gates and round the corner. The house wouldn't be too far if I used the back roads. I had to go via them otherwise the police would catch me. Don't tell ANYONE this but I have no offenses so far. Of course no one would check, everyone loves Tania and not me. As I was just turning up the alley way when I heard sirens. Bloody hell.

"Stop their Miss," The officer said getting out his car and walking up, "Oh no you're a Trinian."

I sighed, this wouldn't end well.

"Name, Age and we know your school." He said wearily,

"Tara Mackie, 17 years old." I replied calmly,

"Okay, where'd you get the alcohol if you are under age?" He asked,

Suddenly a boy with black hair, green eyes, black trousers with chains and a black t-shirt ran up he had a relieved expression on his face.

"There you are!" He sighed with a thick Irish accent, "I've been looking for you everywhere!"

"You have?" I asked confused,

"You know her sir?" The copper asked,

"That I do," The boy replied, "She's my step-sister."

"Okay and do you have any idea how she got this alcohol?"

"Me dad gave it to me to put in the fridge and she ran off wid' it only for a joke." The boy said,

"Name, Age and School." The officer asked,

"Shane…." I mouthed MACKIE to him, "Shane Mackie, 17 years young and I go to St. Charlie's secondary school just up the hill there."

"Okay," The officer summed up, "Take the Alcohol home kids and take this as your final warning."

After the officer drove off Shane offered to walk me to and from the house to see I wouldn't get into to trouble. He was very cute, but Tania would probably snap him up on sight. I smiled at him.

"So you know my name why don't you tell me yours?" He said happily,

"Tara." I replied, "Why'd you help me out back there?"

"You seemed like a beautiful girl delivering booze, I couldn't imagine ye' behind bars." Shane sighed as we approached the house,

"So what's your real last name?" I asked nudging him playfully,

"O'Leary, I take it yours is really Mackie?"

"Yup." I smiled knocking on the front door.


"No really," Shane said as we both laughed, "The guy had to be in his late sixties!"

"And…..And he…" I couldn't talk I was laughing so much sadly we had to part because we were outside school,

"Fancy comin' for a drink with me later?" Shane asked, "Say 9pm?"

"Love to." I replied, "Fake ID?"

"Yep!" He smiled before waving and walking back down the road.

Then is suddenly hit me….I HAVE A DATE!

Kelly and Tania are gonna kill him…..then me.