Summary: When Tania is made head girl, Tara keeps being forgotten. Whilst delivering vodka to a house Tara meets a boy named Shane who makes her feel one in a million. Meanwhile Sir Pomfrey comes to the girls who ruined him for help. Tara/OC Kel/Flash Camilla/Geoffrey *RATED T* BETTER THAN SUMMARY

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Chapter Five

Tara's POV

I sat on the Cheltnem bus next to Harriet Smith, one of the few friends I met here, she was the first one to except me after finding out that I was a St. Trinian for five years. After her everyone else kinda treated me like family. The estranged cousin who no one remembers. We pulled into my old school and I ducked.

"What are you doing?" Harriet asked,

Before I could answer paintballs began flying toward the bus. One large paintball flew and smashed the window next to us causing Harriet to scream. As everyone else ducked the first years used heavier fire until we were next to the other school's bus. It was St. Charlie's. There girl team were playing and apparently Shane was playing a football tournament in the football court next to the hockey pitch. Next to St. Charlie's were all the other school's entered in the girls hockey and boy's football tournament. All the coaches had the same entrance attack as we had.

We all sat up and grabbed our bags. We then walked off the bus, once outside Harriet and I were joined by our other friends Laura Green and Janie Hale. I didn't wanna walk in alone, it'd be way to awkward. Suddenly I squealed as I was lifted into the air much to the laughter of my friends.

"Hey beautiful." An Irish accent said through a smirk as I was set back on the ground,

"Hi Shane." I said, "YOU SCARED ME TO DEADTH!"

I playfully thumped him. His black hair was shaggier than last time, he had his school football gear on and a water bottle and goalie gloves in his left hand.

"Sorry love. How's Cheltnem?" He said changing the subject as we walked on the hockey grounds,

"Not bad, I got more friends there then anywhere!" I said earning a hug from the others,

"That's good, look I better go before coach flips." He waved and jogged away,

Before I could say goodbye Ms. Bagstock and assistant headmistress Verity Thwaites called us all over.

"Smith, Green, Hale, Mackie you're on the bench for our first game!" Ms. Bagstock barked,

Our first game was against Ampleforth Collage, we won. Then St. Bernadette's, won and finally Nimnit's Secondary School, another win. This meant we'd gotten to the finale…against St. Trinian's.

I'd avoided all of my old classmates but now…..let's say I'm glad that I'm benched.

Lunch was called so Harriet, Laura, Janie and I walked over to the benches and sat down to eat.

"Must be weird coming back here." Janie sighed,

"You have no idea." I replied getting out a sandwich, "Luckily I haven't seen anyone yet."

"Yeah, wanna listen to some music?" Laura asked getting out her IPod,

"Totally!" Harriet replied.

So we sat there and listened to Laura's IPod until we were called over for our final game.

"Green, Smith and Hale we need you on pitch. Mackie stay on the bench." Verity snapped,

Verity doesn't like me, "Once and Trinian always a Trinian." She says.

I ran over to the bench and sat down to analyze the team we were facing. My sister was in the center, she looked at me and I looked away. Behind her were Lucy Cleaver (A Posh Tottie) and Carla Mas (Emo) both eagerly waiting to sink their teeth into our team.

On my side were the rest of Trinian's singing the beloved anthem:

"We were born to keep it real,

Hockey sticks and Balls of steel,

We are St. Trinian's,

Check out of battle cry,

A song to terrify,

Whoever stands in our way…"

"We are the best, so screw the rest," I sang quietly, "We do as we damn well please, until the end St. Trinian's defenders of anarchy."

"You miss it, don't you girlie?" Miss Fritton said from her seat next to me,

"I suppose so, but it doesn't matter."

"Why ever not!?"

"Because it's not like anyone even cares I'm gone."

"I know that people miss you girlie," The old women said, "I know Kelly does. And Annabelle. And Polly. And Chelsea—"

"This is Chelsea's FAULT!" I said bitterly,

"Is it girlie is it really?"

Before I could ask her what she meant Janice Cardio was savagely knocked down by Lucy Cleaver.

"MACKIE! Your in!" Ms. Bagstock said thrusting a stick into my hands,

As I stood up the whole ground silenced.


So what do you think!? Still haven't found out who those men are but feel free to guess. Here's a clue:

One's Romeo

The other is a Pompous ass.