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There I was lying on the concrete floor as my whole world literally crumbled around me. Mother, Father, and brother all buried beneath a pile of rubble, and all I could do was lay there and listen as they cried out in pain. I started to sob why am I so weak I thought to myself as I buried my head in my hands if I was stronger I could help them. They're screams ceased as they entered they're eternal rest which made me cry even harder it's all your fault, if you would have been a better kid they might've still been alive I looked up through the hole in the roof that's it starting today I will never do anything to hurt anyone ever again. "Hey kid are you alright?" startled I turned around to see a man wearing a lab coat grinning from ear to ear. I wiped my face and replied between sobs "N-no… my families dead." I looked down still blaming myself for they're deaths. "Well maybe I can be your new family." I looked up with watery eyes to see an outstretched hand, smiling I wiped my eyes and graciously accepted the hand

There was a flash of light as my dream skipped forward about two years, "Kyle you like to read right?" I looked up to see the same man in a lab coat browsing the collection of books on the bookshelf. "Yes sir." I replied playing around with my vegetables "Well then thi-"there was a creaking sound and before either of us could react there was a loud bang as the bookshelf fell to the ground bringing my new father with it. "Nooo!" I yelled standing up, accidently cutting myself on the end of the table, and ran over to the bookshelf No I'm not going to lose another! I grabbed the bookshelf and pushed up with all my might No one else is going to die because of me! I felt a strange sensation went through me and I looked down at my hands, what I saw almost made me let go of the bookshelf. My blood was floating moving around my arms and forming blood armor around my hands but with claws. I stared in amazement for a while before remembering what I was doing and I once more pushed up on the bookshelf with all my might sending it crashing through the wall. I quickly knelt down, the blood around my hands falling to the floor, and picked up my new father and supported his weight. He chuckled "Interesting… hey Kyle why don't you come with me to work tomorrow."

Strange I don't remember going to work with him, well anyway I better wake up I stretched my arms and yawned. It's been two months since the whole bookshelf incident, and I'm still trying to forget. I shuddered at the thought of what I did. Oh well stop living in the past "Hey dad you up yet?" no response hmm strange I walked down the hall and stopped in front of his room "you up?" still no response. I started to bang on his door "you ok in there?" I continued to bang on the door until flew ajar. I peeked in to see a puddle of blood and my father with a knife in his chest. I started to shake as I walked up to him. By now I was downright trembling "D-d-dad?" I grabbed the knife and yanked it out of his chest. "W-what h-h-happened." There was a loud smash I turned around to see a whole police team guns out and aimed at me "Drop the weapon!" one of the officers boomed, I quickly dropped the knife only to be tackled to the ground. On the way down I hit my head against the desk in my dad's room knocking me out cold.

When I came to I was sitting in a room with a bunch of police officers and some creepy guy with glasses. After looking around the room I saw a T.V and it was showing a court session, "what's going on?" I asked completely unaware of anything at the moment. The creepy guy in the glasses started smiling "why this is your court trial." I stared at him for a little bit "if that's my court trial why am I in here and not there?" the man in glasses started to lose his smile "Because of your last outburst of Course, there about to announce if your innocent of guilty." After saying that he started smiling again, I turned my attention to the T.V again. The judge started talking "Has the jury reached a verdict?" one of the people from the jury stood up "Yes we have your honor, we the jury find the defendant… guilty with the sentence of death." My eyes went wide and my body went cold I started to talk in an almost inaudible voice "this can't be happening." I then closed my eyes tight letting tears fall to the floor. The guy in the glasses started talking again "you'll be shipped to Deadman Wonderland in the morning."

The next morning was a sad one as I left my home going to an insane prison for a crime I didn't commit I wonder how many times this happens in this world I started crying again then I heard a noise, it sounded like a flute it was beautiful. I looked around wondering what the source of this beautiful sound. I turned around and asked one of the officers escorting me "do you know who's playing that flute?" the officer just started staring at me with a confused looked on his face "I don't hear any flute." I didn't feel like going any further into this conversation, because it was freaking me out, but the music was still very soothing yet I was being enraged. The more I listened the madder I got, unable to take much more of this I dropped to my knees, hands covering my ears, and screamed then blacked out.

When I came to I was surrounded by dead police men and civilians, I started to shake with fear "D-did I do this?" No… no I couldn't have that's too many bodies i reassured myself, I stood back up only to feel steel hit me in the back of the head. My vision went blurry as I struggled to stay conscious when I heard a familiar voice "My… my that's some gift you have." Unable to stay awake any more I passed out.