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Hizuri Kyouko found her desk quietly just before the bell rang. She was excited to be in class, especially since she didn't have the time that often, and it had been a while since she had gone. But, she was even more excited about the events that had transpired three days ago. She and Ren had quietly eloped, with only Yashiro san, Moko san, and the president knowing. They knew they couldn't keep it quiet for long, considering they were both publicly wearing their rings, but they would enjoy the silence while it could last. That is why they had each only taken three days off of work and school, to take too long of a break would arouse suspicion.

They knew they could keep it a secret longer if only their didn't wear their rings, but neither could stand the thought of not carrying the proof of their love with them every day, so they had decided to be vague when questioned and quiet when not, and to try to keep things out of the public eye as best they could.

After their short vacation, Kyouko returned to work and to school, and Ren to his work. As she sat at her desk, she tried to concentrate on her studies, but her eyes kept glancing to her left hand, and she couldn't quiet keep a soft smile off of her face. That is, until someone ran in after lunch screaming and crying. "Tsuruga san got married!" she cried.

Kyouko's eyes snapped open "how do they know already?" she wondered. She stayed in her seat and tried to act like she was studying, when she really was listening to every word the gossiping girls were saying.

"WHAT?!" one cried.

"How do you know?!" asked another.

"Look at this!" said the first, as she pulled out her phone. "A picture of him wearing a wedding ring! But he's not saying anything, he just smiles."

"I didn't even know he had a girlfriend…." "I didn't either…."

Kyouko could hear the sadness in their voices and almost laughed out loud at their "love" of a man they had never even met. Kyouko was the only one who knew him, but she certainly wasn't going to announce exactly how well.

Suddenly, Nami, the girl with the phone, walked up to Kyouko, who quickly hid her hands under her desk and tried to act simply curious. "Kyouko san, you are Tsuruga san's kohei, aren't you? What can you tell us? Do you know if he's actually married? Is he even dating anyone?" The questions keep coming, when their finally was a break, all Kyouko replied was that yes, she was his kohei, but that didn't mean she knew anything about his personal life. "Are you sure….?" Nami asked, obviously not convinced.

"Yes!" replied Kyouko a little too fervently.

Nami seemed to have given up, for now, but Kyouko knew she would have to be extra careful. She made sure to keep her left hand under her desk at all times, and turned the diamond of her ring inside when she was in the halls. It might not be enough, but she hoped it would pass.

Her plan almost did work. It was during the last ten minutes of class that she absentmindedly pushed her hair behind her ear with her left hand when she heard Nami cry out across the room, "Kyouko san has a ring too!"

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