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Mikan POV

I wasn't being followed I just wasn't. I made sure I left without being noticed but why is my gut telling me otherwise. Looking both ways I crossed the street. The crashing rain made it hard for me to see far away. In the distance, though, I could hear thunder but that didn't stop me. I needed a break from it. From the pain and hurt pumping through my body. Why? Why did he have to leave me? He could have stayed by my side but he didn't. Suddenly I realized I was in the park sitting down on one of the benches I looked up. Standing only feet away wet, cold, and emotionless was my best friend Hotaru.

"Baka what the hell do you think you're doing out here in the rain!" She said. Irritation evident in her voice.

" I just needed to get out." I whispered looking down.

" Mikan everyone is worried about you." Hotaru said sitting down next to me.

Slowly looking up I could see those purple eyes of hers had softened. " Hotaru I cant ok. I just cant go back home and act like nothing happened. Like he didn't die!" I said tears threatening to come out.

" No one said you had to" Hotaru said irritation in her voice. "Mikan its been a month since his death and all you've done is lock yourself up in your room. Kaname wouldn't be happy if he saw you like this!" Hotaru said a little bit softer.

"Well he won't see me like this because he is gone forever. I'll never get to see his smile or hear him laugh or even get to look into his green eyes again." I said tears finally pouring down.

I don't know how much time passed as we sat there in silence with me crying. The rain had stopped a while ago but we barley noticed. We sat there for a while longer not speaking but just listening to the cars in the distance. I still didn't know what to do. Going home wasn't an option yet but having Hotaru with me helped. " Hey Hotaru are u hungry?" I asked trying to think of something to do besides going home.

" Baka of course I'm hungry. Because of you I had to miss dinner" she said.

" Gomen! I was trying to make sure that no one noticed I was gone but I should have known better than to sneak away from you as well" I said with a small chuckle

"Then why did you sneak out?" an emotionless Hotaru asked.

"I told you I just needed to get out" I said putting on the best smile I could.

"If you just wanted to get out then you could have just gone through the front door but you didn't! Why?" she said eyes narrowing.

" Because if I told anyone I was going out they would think I was running away when I'm not" I said so fast I lost my breathe. " So what are you going to do then?" Hotaru asked. " uh…what do you mean? " I asked. " What are you going to do when you go back home?" Hotaru asked sighing. "I don't know yet. But Hotaru I cant go through this again." I said referring to my broken heart.

" What are you going to do then?" she asked again. "Falling in love is what caused this so I can't fall in love again" I said. " That's easier said than done." Hotaru stated. " Hotaru from this moment on I promise I will NEVER fall in love again! No matter what i wont have my heart broken again" I said with determination in my eyes.

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