Ohayo minna! Yes i know it has been a very long time (about 2 weeks) since i last updated, but i'm back :) I was gonna update last Sunday but last minute i decided not to. I have something important to tell everyone so please read the very bottom. Anyway, here it is Chapter 5 of A Broken Oath Enjoy! :)

Me: So Natsume how was your date with Mikan?

Natsume: Good *smirks*

Me: How about you Mikan

Mikan: Terrible! Natsume is a Pervert!

Me: *sigh* Hai hai! we all know Natsume is a pervert but you've got to admit hes one hot pervert.

Natsume: *smirks*

Me: Hey don't be so full of yourself pervert and do the disclaimer!

Natsume: Baka-chan doesn't own anything *smirks*

Me: NATSUME! *chases Natsume around the room*


"How do you know Kaname?" He asked seriously.

End of Flashback

Natsume POV

S***! I'm such an idiot. That stupid Koizumi was talking about Kaname and Mikan. Ever since that's all I think about, and now my stupid mouth decided to ask her. Hm, maybe with my luck it won't be the same Kaname. I looked at Mikan. She was staring at me wide eyed.

" H-How do you k-know about K-Kaname." Mikan asked hesitant.

" That's for me to know. Now tell me how do you know Kaname?" I said a little impatient.

" That's none of your business Hyugga." Mikan said irritated. I could see deep down in her eyes that she was sad, but why. Ugh! This girl is so annoying.

" Mikan there you are!" said a voice from behind me. I turned around to see a girl with shoulder length pink hair and blue eyes.

" Oh, hey Anna what's up." Mikan said smiling. It looked off, like she was forcing it.

Mikan pov

I found new love for Anna. She has no idea how happy I am to see her right now.

" We're all going to town you wanna come?" Anna asked.

"Sorry Hyugga got to go. Ja ne!" I said getting as far away from him as possible.

" Thank's Anna you have no idea how happy I am to see you!" I said smiling.

" No problem Mikan." Anna said smiling.

We walked to my dorm in a comforting silence. I couldn't help but think about what Hyugga asked. How did he know Kaname? He looked so serious when he asked and I didn't know what to say. Maybe he was related to Kaname. No I can't think like that. There is no way an arrogant pervert like Natsume Hyugga could be related to my Kaname. It's not possible.

"Oi baka stop daydreaming!" Hotaru said stoic.

" What?" I said looking around. I saw Hotaru, Permy, Nonoko, and Anna in the dorm.

" How did we get here so fast?" I asked surprised

"Baka! Next time pay attention!" Hotaru said annoyed.

" Hai! Hai!" I said as we sat on the couch.

" So when are we going to town." I asked looking around.

" We're not. I just told Anna to bring you here." Permy said.

"Why?" I asked confused.

" Because Mikan we are having a girls night." Permy said rolling her eyes as if I knew that.

" Really?" I said putting on the best smile I could.

"Hai baka." Hotaru said stoic.

"So what are we going to do first? It's still a little early." I said taking out my phone and looking at the time. It was 4:05 pm.

" Let's all go out to town." Anna said

" Yea Permy didn't you say you wanted to get something in town." Nonoko said looking over at Permy.

" Ok all in favor." Permy said. We all raised our hands except for Hotaru who just shrugged.

(Time Skip)

" It's 5:45. I'm hungry let's get something to eat." I said cheerfully.

" Mikan you're always hungry." Anna said laughing.

" That's not true." I said shocked.

" Baka! You woke up the other night saying that you were hungry." Hotaru said stoic.

" T-That was only one time." I said looking at all of my friends.

They started laughing with the exception of Hotaru who just looked bored.

" Ok fine lets go get something to eat. All that laughing has made me hungry too." Permy said.

We walked to our favorite restaurant "Yin-Yang" and sat at our favorite seats. ( I didn't know a good name for the restaurant so I just came up with this)

"Konbanwa minnasan! Long time no see." Came a cheerful voice. We looked up and saw Anna's older sister Miriku.

" What can I get for you?" Miruku asked me smiling.

" Uhm I'll take some curry and rice with a sprite please." I said smiling.

" How about you Imai-san." Miruku turned to Hotaru.

" Crabs." Hotaru said stoic.

" Anna?"

"hhhmmm. I'll have ramen with a coke" Anna said.

"oh me too please." Nonoko said smiling.

"Permy?" Miruku asked.

" I'll have a chicken salad and a water." Permy said.

Miruku left and we all looked at Permy like she was crazy, with the exception of Hotaru. Permy never gets a salad when we go out especially on girl's night.

" Don't look at me like that!" Permy nearly yelled.

" But Permy you never get a salad. Why are you getting one now?" I asked curiously.

" Because of you and that chunk food you got in the beginning of the week I ended up helping you eat it and gained 5 lb.!" Permy nearly yelled again.

Anna, Nonoko, and I started laughing. This made Permy freak out even more. She started talking about how it's important to watch what we eat and how I should be more healthy. She wouldn't stop babbling on until Hotaru hit her with the Baka Gun.

" Shut up! You're giving me a headache." Hotaru said stoic.

" HOTARU!" Permy yelled but was interrupted with Miruku bringing our food over.

" One curry and rice with a sprite." Miruku said handing me my food.

"Crabs for Hotaru."

"Ramen and a coke for Anna and Nonoko."

" And finally a chicken salad with water for Permy." Miruku said smiling.

Miruku left to go see if the other tables wanted something.

*Time Skip*

" Ugh I don't feel so good." I said as we walked out of the restaurant.

" Maybe it was the eighth dessert you had." Anna said giggling.

" No I think it was the tenth." Nonoko said making her and Anna laugh.

" Baka I told you not to eat so much food." Hotaru said hitting me with her baka gun.

" But Hotaru everything looked so good." I whined. She just ignored me.

" Mikan you're 16 and you act just like a little kid plus you eat like a pig." Permy said.

" That's not true." I said.

"Whatever let's just go." Permy said.

"okay." I said as we walked through Central Town.

It was 7:05pm and curfew was close. There wasn't much to do considering we spent most if not all of our allowance on food and a few other things. We don't get our allowance until Sunday which is two days away and until then we were broke. Well, all of us except for Hotaru who was loaded with cash. Where she gets it, I have no idea.

" Hey why don't we go back to my place and we could start the sleepover earlier." I said.

" hhhhmmmm what do you guys think." Permy asked.

" Well there isn't much for us to do." Anna said.

"Yea we might as well just head back." Nonoko said.

" Hotaru?" We all said in unison.

"Hn" Hotaru said.

We took that as an ok. We went back to my place and got changed.

" Hey lets watch a movie." I said as we all sat on the couches.

" Okay what movie should we watch." Anna said.

" Nothing to girly." Hotaru said stoic.

" Ok! How about we watch Red Riding Hood." Permy said.

" Yea I love that movie!" I said excitingly.

" Okay! Red Riding Hood it is." Nonoko said cheerfully.

Permy put in the movie, while Anna and Nonoko went to make some popcorn. After a few minutes they came back and we pressed play. Hotaru insisted that we turn the lights off to make the movie more entertaining, making the TV the only light showing.

Me: I hoped you guys enjoyed it :D

Mikan: Where is Nastume?

Me: Don't worry Mikan i took good care of Nattie-kun. *Hotaru and Natsume evil smirk combined*

Mikan: O-okay.

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