Ivy walked outside to find her new fiancée sitting on a tree stump, head bowed, and shoulders shaking. "Luke?" she said putting a hand on his shoulder.

He looked up, tears running down his face, making his eyes look even bluer. He wiped his face and sniffed, "What?"

"What's wrong, dear?" she asked, sitting down next to him, and rubbing his back.

"Nothing," he answered tersly, shaking his head. He let his chin come to rest on his knees, and let out a sob.

Ivy wrapped her arms around his neck, and let her hand come to rest on his face, "It's caught up to you hasn't it?" He nodded.

"I spent my whole life looking for a father I never knew," he choked, turning to look at her. She'd never seen him look so vulnerable, "Now he's gone."

She pulled him into a much needed hug, "You still have me, and Han and Leia. And Chewie and the droids of course."

He gently but firmly pushed away, "I don't deserve it."

She brought his chin up, "Of course you do, Luke! There couldn't be anyone in this whole universe who could be more deserving."

"Then why is it always me?" he sighed, "Why do all these horrible things happen to me?"

She hugged him tightly, "I don't know, but I know for sure that it has a reason." She felt his head come to rest against her, body shaking with sobs. He hadn't been this bad since Bespin. She started to run her fingers through his hair, trying to soothe the pain. She felt his grip tighten around her, as he started to cry harder. "Shhh, it's okay, I know it's hard." She sang softly to him, like she'd done before. "You don't deserve any of this, Luke. It's not your fault."

"Father!" he moaned, clearly not hearing her. He continued to cry.

She hugged him tighter. Then suddenly an unfamiliar deep voice spoke.

"What is it, Son?" She looked around startled, and saw a blue glowing ghost, like the one of Kenobi of a man slightly older than Luke. "What's wrong, Luke," he said sofer than before.

"Why?" his spitting image said, "Why did you have to go?"

The apparition sighed, "It was time, Son, I couldn't stay. I'm sorry, if I would have realized what I was going to miss, I would never have turned."

Ivy felt his body relax a little as he calmed, "But why did you turn?"

"I thought I was going to lose your mother," he said, "I didn't realize I'd lost her until it was too late. I'd already gone too far, and I couldn't turn back on my own. I came to thank you, Luke. You saved me."

The young Jedi in her arms sniffled slightly, "You came back to see me?"

"And I wanted to formerly meet your fiancée." He said, "As myself." He smiled misgeviously and nodded at Ivy, "I must say Luke, you have good taste in women."

Luke did the most unusual, amazing thing, he burst out laughing. The tears where still running down his face, but he was still laughing. "thanks, Dad."

Ivy was shocked, "You know, Luke that's the first time I've ever heard you call him Dad."

This incited more laughter, "Hey, it sounded natural to me."

Anakin smiled kindly at them both, "I'm pleased to meet you, young lady." He said, "I would shake your hand, but seeing I'm dead, my hand would probably go right through yours."

Ivy too started to laugh histerically.

"Thank you for keeping my son sane." He said good humoredly, "Does he always light up like that for you?"

"I never noticed." She smiled, "Did you, Dear?"

Luke was too busy laughing.