Sano finds himself drinking night after night unable to cope with the emotions he is feeling after seeing that Kenshin is alive and learning he is a vampire.

Sano was heading back to the Aoi- Ya after a night of binge drinking once again. He stumbled a bit but regained his balance. Kicking at the dirt in frustration, loosing his balance again as he did so, Sano cursed under his breathe. He heard a sound coming from the alley just ahead, he quickly – as quickly as a drunk could- jumped to his feet.

"Who's there?" He shouted.

Slowly a large dog crept out of the shadows. It was filthy and whimpering softly as it limped into the street.

"Hey boy," Sano whistled. "Come here."

Slowly the dog approached.

"Poor guy," Sano brushed away some of the filth. "You down on your luck too?"

The dog whimpered. Sano raised his hand to wipe the dog's face when it suddenly snapped sinking its teeth into his hand. Sano yelled as the dog took off running down the street and disappeared.

"Yea same to you pal!" Sano grumbled all the way back to the Aoi-Ya.

Sano's hand was sore the next morning. Sano ignored the pain in his hand but he thought the wound was odd. The bite mark looked more human then canine. Sano ignored it and bandaged it up.

As days passed the wound continued to get worse rather then heal. He continued to ignore it.

Sano started blacking out and could not remember the previous nights. He took it as too much drinking.

Strange dreams keep accruing. It feels like he is running through a forest in the dead of night. The wind blowing through his hair, the earth beneath his feet, and he feels like he's flying. Then he realizes he is free.

There is a scar on his hand in the shape of a crescent moon. Sano thinks nothing of it. The dreams continue but Sano doesn't mind. It's been over a week since his last drink.

Sano enjoys the feeling he has when he dreams. Freedom. All his troubles and worries gone. He also feels so strong as he runs. Powerful. Nothing like ever before. He remembers training to go and fight Shisio but he never imagined feeling this strong. Logs that had crumbled to the ground crumbled under his feet. Rock exploded into powder. Wonderful. Sano felt wonderful.

One night as he was flying – as it felt- he caught a scent. A familiar scent but he couldn't remember what it was. It was weird, he never smelled anything like this before. Without thinking he followed it. He ran even faster. He scaled mountains in seconds; he leaped over trees as if they were small shrubs. He swam across rivers as if they were puddles. The scent was getting stronger. Closer. He charged through the forest and suddenly there he was.

"Sano," Kenshin stood in a clearing in the forest.

Sano's heart raced and suddenly he felt like he was falling.

Sano woke up with a start. Kaoru was knocking on his door.

"Sano lets get going."

"Be right there." He called back.

Sano flopped back against the bed and sighed. Thinking to himself it's just a dream. He went to rub his eyes, feeling dirt creep under his eyes lids. Sano sat up looking at his hands shocked. Both his hands and feet were covered in dirt and mud.

"It was just a dream, wasn't it?"