Okay! This is my first parody fan fiction, so sorry if it's pretty bad. My best friend gave me a lot of the ideas for this story, cause she's pretty dirty-minded. . . I mean, I was pretty innocent until I met her! Haha, she taught my nine-year old sister what cum is, and my sis ended up telling my mum, who thought it was funny. So, she put it as her FB status and all my friends are friends with her on it. But that wasn't the worst bit. My bestie (who actually has the same name as me. . .) was having one of those days when you feel like you can fly, so she went and told our teacher that I want to teach sex education, and that I've been practicing on my sister. We both ended up in detention.

Oh god. 0.o

Anyway. . . hope you enjoy. Truth OR Dare…?

Oh, and I'm taking in requests on dares. Promise I'll do them.


They all sit around the glass dinner table in the circle, ready for what was to come. Effie Trinket had invited non other then Katniss, Peeta, Haymitch, Gale, Prim, Rue, Rory, Thresh, Clove, Cato, Glimmer, Marvel, Foxface, Johanna Mason, Finnick, Annie, President Snow, Cashmere, and Gloss to a dinner party, which if they had refused, would have had a very frustrated and squeaky Effie on there hands.

And nobody hated Effie more then when she squeaked. . .

"Right then! Let's have a game of something while the food is in the oven," squeals Effie. "Any suggestions?"

"Kiss chase!" Smiles Peeta. Everybody just frowns at him quizzically.

"Shut it, Lover Boy." Sneers Cato.

"But.., But…," Peeta looks on the verge of tears. Why was everyone so mean to him? Kiss chase was a very 'cool' game. . .

"Shut up, both of you. Boys! You are just so immature! We're playing truth or dare." Rue bursts out, but even when she's angry and shouting, she's still adorable.

"We need a bottle then." Says Katniss, and all eyes fall upon Haymitch, who seems to be half-awake and half in a drunken coma, and he was mumbling such random, weird things that everyone was almost sure that Haymitch was on the brink of giving birth or something.

"How come the pink hedgehog wants my. . . my virginity. I gave it to the rabbit, ALRIGHT! I'm sorry I just couldn't. . . not when he has a fully-grown hairy penis! NOOOOOO! Why do turtles like to lick my brain out! Take the boy, or the girl, if she had. . . had brains. Argh! I want. . . sleep. . .", And with that he yawns, and lets go of his bottle of white liquor.

"Perfect." Grins Katniss.

"Okay, who's going first then?" Asks Effie as brightly as usual.

"Me!" Says both Gale and Peeta.

They both scramble towards the bottle, desperate to impress Katniss. Only, Peeta trips over Gale and lands on Katniss' lap, which makes her, topple over with the weight of Peeta on her vagina.

"Owh! Ouch, get off me you idiot!" Yells Katniss, but he doesn't let go.

"Ahaha! Look at Katniss and Peeta!" Shouts Marvel.

"Katniss is giving him a blow job!" Grins Cato, evilly.

"What's a blow job?" Asks Prim and Rue innocently.

"Really. . . In broad daylight!" Says an upset Effie Trinket.

"SILENCE!" Booms the voice of the oh-so familiar voice of President Snow.

"If they do indeed wish to make love to one another, I grant they're permission. You may carry on." Smiles Snow pleasantly.

"Ewh! Gross, Peeta get off! He is not. . . We're not having sex!" She whispers the word sex, seeing as there are kids here.

Some sort of moan escapes Peeta's lips, and everybody laughs hysterically, except Prim, Rue, Rory, Peeta and of course Gale. Oh, and Katniss, obviously.

"Just. . . just carry on with the stupid game." Flushes Katniss with anger.

Peeta finally let's go, but he has gone as gone a deep crimson, and he sits back, unwilling to spin the bottle. Gale grins. It's his turn.

He spins the bottle and it lands on. . .


Her eyes widen in shock and amusement, but she starts to grin mischievously.

"Truth or Dare?" Asks Gale.

She pauses for a minute, but finally says "Truth."

There are groans from mostly the Careers and yells of 'Coward!', 'Idiot' and so on, but Foxface just rolls her eyes and looks up at Gale, whose thinking.

"Hm. . . Okay. You have to rate all the boys in the room, and say which one you'd kiss, marry and have sex with. You have a minute to think. Starting. . . NOW!"

Every boy in the room was pointing at them, shouting and actually going up to the red-headed girl and giving her massages, kisses on her cheek in the small amount of time that Foxface had to decide to try and influence her vote.

She had to admit, she liked it. Especially when Thresh gave her a hug. . . Not that she liked him, of course. . .

"Okay. I'll go anti-clockwise," She purred. She looks to her right, to see Rory. "Wait, does Rory count? I mean, he's a kid." She asks Gale.

"Yeah, he counts. Now get on with it, girl!" He smirks.

Foxface sighs. "Fine. Rory gets a 5, cause you're a kid. Haymitch gets a 2. Peeta gets a 3 , sorry, but sometimes I think you may be a transsexual or something. . . Gale gets an 8, Finnick gets a 9. Marvel, you get a 'friggin 1, cause I hate you're slimy guts. Cato gets an 9, and Gloss gets an 8. And Thresh gets a 10." She says, and blushes at the end.

Peeta starts to cry, Marvel starts to shout, Finnick thinks he should have had at least a 10, Cato too. Thresh looks pleased, but says nothing. Even Haymitch lets out a chocked moan.

"Hey! What about The President of Panem? Aren't you going to rate my looks?" Says President Snow.

"Um. . ." Foxface trails off. How can you truthfully answer that without getting executed?

Fortunately, Haymitch appears to have woken and mumbles a sullen "You can't rate what you don't have."

Snow looks offended, but shuts up after that.

"Okay, now who would you kiss, who would 'yah marry and who would you have sex with?" Gale asks.

"Um," All eyes were on Foxface. "I would marry. . . Peeta, I guess." Peeta lets out a whoop of excitement; at least somebody wanted to marry him!

"I'd kiss Finnick. . ." Finnick grins seductively, but Annie frowns slightly.

"And have sex with. . .with. . ." Everybody starts shouting at once, who was it?

She barley whispered it, but Thresh defiantly caught it.

"Thresh. . ." The whole room erupted. Literally.

Thresh looked unfazed, but when everybody had gotten quieter, her smiled slightly.

Just then, Haymitch goes back to his drunk coma, and says-

"NO! Not the penis! It's. . . just. . . too hairy!" He wails. "It looks like the President of Pa-. . . Panem's face! Arghhh! Help! It's. . . like, a. . . a. . . MUTT!"

President Snow walks out of the room.

There's an awkward silence, so Foxface says "My turn now."

And she spins the bottle, which lands on. . .