Thresh looked up for a second, but then looked down again, as if it didn't faze him. Well, nothing fazed Thresh. Perhaps maybe when Foxface said she wanted sex with him, though. Damn, there was just something about that fiery red-head that got him going every time. . .

Gale much preferred Thresh to most of the boys in here, mostly because he wasn't arrogant, stupid or down right gay.

"Okay, truth or dare?" Gale asks impatiently.

"Dare, I guess. . ." He mutters, still staring at the ground. Everybody held their breath, looking from Gale to Thresh. What will the dare be? Will he do it?

Jeez, why does everyone get so worked up about this game?

Gale smirks. He knew that there was something going on with him and Foxface, so he decided to use it against him.

"I dare you to. . ." He pauses dramatically.

Everybody stares, the breathing rate gets higher, Katniss chews her braid, Annie closes her eyes, Johanna strokes her axe and when Clove is at the point of throwing her beloved knife at Gale, he says the dare.

"You have to freaking grow some balls and ask Foxface out yourself, I mean seriously dude! I dare you to ask her out."

Everyone laughs as Thresh goes as red as Foxface's hair.

"For the love of Panem, Gale, I could've told her on my own account. . ." But secretly, he was grateful to him because he knew deep down he never would've told her.

He looked at Foxface.

Foxface looked at him.

"Um. . . do you want to. . ." Mutters Thresh.

"Maybe go somewhere or. . ." Trails Foxface.

"Erm, yeah that'd be nice. . ." Thresh takes her hand, and they walk on out.

Everyone just stares after them.

This is definitely the weirdest truth or dare, ever.

With President Snow, Effie, Peeta, Marvel and Thresh and Foxface gone, the group was getting smaller. Now, the real game began. . .

"Prim, Rue, Rory, get home, now before I call your parents!" Shouts Cashmere, trying to show off by putting her hands on her hips and pouting.

The whole room laughs at her, because stuck to her bum is something brown and squishy. . .

"What? Oh my god, you guys are just, so immature!" She huffs.

"Not as immature as you sweetie, at least we wipe our shit up." Says Johanna, and the whole room bursts into laughter. Well, apart from her and Gloss, obviously.

She looks at her bum, and screams.

"I DID NOT DO THAT, IT WAS PROBABLY ONE OF THOSE DIRTY KIDS! YES, YOU!" She screams, pointing at Rue, Prim and Rory who are still laughing.


"Yeah, cause it's already stuck to you . . ." Laughs Rory.

Again, everybody laughs at her, and Cashmere takes hold of her brother and says-

"You people disgust me! Uch, and all of your outfits are so last year. Do me a favour and buy some new ones!" She huffs.

"Do me a favour, and don't poop your pants." Grins Johanna, looking teasingly at her blood-stained axe.

Cashmere's eyes widen in fear and anger, and she quickly vacates Effie's flat. Even though Effie is no longer here . . .

One thing's for sure; nobody is going to be quite the same after this game of truth or dare. . .

After everybody gets over Cashmere's 'accident', the game begins again. Because Thresh is now gone, the spinning goes to Finnick.

Finnick gives the bottle a good spin, and its spinning, spinning until it lands on. . .

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