DISCLAIMER: I do not own anything from Wolf's Rain just the characters I have made up.

There will be cursing, sexual themes, and blood and gore. You were forewarned...

Chapter 1

The Meeting

He looked over the hill and onto a small town on the outskirts of a forest, his white shirt flapping in the gently breeze. The necklace he always wore tightly around his neck had the names of all his family members inscribed. He had short, rich black hair that and was gelled up in the front. He wore a plain white t-shirt that had grey spots on each shoulder and only reached the middle of his bicep. The blue jeans he wore had a wide, white line going down the side of his right pant leg. The black round, triangle shaped sling pack that he loved so much matched his black shoes with white soles. But his most notable feature was the tattoo of an encircled Chinese dragon on his right bicep. On the left side of the dragon was tattooed the Chinese symbols of "moon" and on the right, "dragon". That was the name he was given, the Moon Dragon. But only one third of the tatto could be seen.

But he wasn't concerned about the way he looked because he had finally made it. Out of the nightmare that consumed him. Out of the past that haunted him. He could finally start over and choose another path for his life. The years it had taken him to travel from his birthplace finally had a destination, and it was the little village in front of him.

The little village was made up of small houses that surrounded what looked to be a market. The houses came in a variety of colors from brown and black to orange and blue. There was a clearing with several twists and turns, which housed merchants packing up and setting up their merchandise for the long night ahead. At the far end of the village was a giant structure that was the only structure painted red. It most likely housed the chief of the small town.

On one side of the village was a large meadow that stretched as far as the eye could see. It had a pure green coloring to it and purple, red, and blue flowers all around. In the background were giant, snowcapped mountains. The clear blue sky only made the scene look like a paradise on earth. On the left was a small forest that was overrun with trees of all sizes. It looked very dense on the outside but, as Kane knew, looks can be deceiving.

"Hey Kane slow down! You know I don't have that perfect figure anymore," shouted his feathered companion.

"That's an understatement," Kane said happily. "I'm just excited. That's all."

"Alright I unders-"

"No you don't. Nobody understands."

"Yeah, yeah. I know you're mister tough guy. Can we just head to the village already? I'm starving," he asked.

"That's all you can think about, huh Masa?"

"Don't start that crap with me! I heard your stomach growl a few miles back!" retorted Masa.

Kane laughed at his friends remarks. Masa was a majestic eagle, err, well he was a majestic eagle. For a Bald Eagle he was relatively small, always being made fun of. He had a pure white head that matched the white of his tail feathers. Masa had a slender yellow beak that almost made you forget about his size. The rest of his body was a rich brown color that stopped at his bright yellow feet and black, razor-sharp talons.

Sighing, Kane made his way down the hill to the village below.

He put on his human disguise and walked right up to the village gate and stopped. Here we go. A new start. He thought to himself. What was he leaving behind? A power that dwelled deep inside him? His loved ones? No, he had no loved ones. Except for Masa who had been there all his life.

"Hey Fido, you mind moving along?" squawked Masa.

"Uh, yeah. Okay," he said.

As soon as he stepped through the gate, eager villagers greeted them and showered them with food.

-The White One-

In the morning Kane, with his human disguise on, decided to wander around and see where everything was. To his surprise the small village housed a lot of people and the clearing he saw before was indeed a market. It had a variety of meat, cheese, bread, and many other delicacies. Hmm, maybe I could beg for some food, he thought. He stepped around the corner to find not food, but a beautiful girl. This girl was a wolf, he could tell. But she was surrounded by a pack of strong looking males, all of them wolves.

She had beautiful red hair that resembled the blood of a pure wolf, which reached just below her shoulders. Some strands blew into her face, which made her look even more gorgeous. Her eyes were a rich green color that went well with her tan leather jacket and matching cream shirt. She had on tight blue jeans and a pair of brown high heels. All Kane could think about was how she seemed to glow in the mid morning sun.

"Why are there so many wolves?" he asked himself quietly.

But he couldn't worry about that when all his attention was turned to that girl wolf. He couldn't lok away, the beauty was just too overwhelming for him. Maybe if he just casually walked past her, she would notice him. At first it sounded like a good idea, but as he started his slow walk he became nervous. Why do I even care? I don't need anybody, all I need is my freedom, he lied to himself. But for some reason he couldn't stop walking. So close. Just a few more yards. Come on Kane, don't turn around now.

He was almost to the group of wolves when something hit him on his left side. The impact caused him to fall on his back and he lay there for a few seconds, confused. When he propped himself up there was a small boy, no, wolf lying over him. The young wolf picked up his head and stared at Kane.

"Oh, I'm so sorry miste- hey you're a wolf. And your white?!" the boy exclaimed.

He was small, probably the runt of the liter. He had red hair that looked like the girl's and ended at the top of his neck. His eyes were green complimenting his dark green army pants. He wore a red buttoned down, long-sleeve shirt that was rolled up to his elbows. He also had on black army boots and a peculiar…can on his wrist. He looked so innocent.

The disguised wolves looked over and started to make fun of them. The only one not laughing at the two, was that. Kane looked over at the girl and for the first time they made eye contact. They were both locked in a gaze with the other. He tried to read her but she looked away before he could come up with anything good.

One of the bigger males, a black wolf with a white underbelly, noticed Kane staring at her.

"Hey! Look, the mutt has the hots for Sasha!" he mocked.

The other wolves chimed in their laughter and started to throw rocks at the two. Kane got up and started to walk away when a rock hit him in the back of the head. He fell to the ground but got up quickly and did what any sane person would do- run.

He ran and ran, then stopped in an alley behind what appeared to be the chiefs house to assess the situation. But before he could think he heard footsteps he jump out grabbed his pursuer and threw the figure against the wall.

"Ow, hey that hurts!" the runt squealed.

"You…what the hell are you doing here anyways. Shouldn't you be getting back to your 'prized' pack?" he mocked lowering he boy.

"They're not my pack! I..I got lost from my true pack," he said. The runt looked sad and lonely. Kane felt a tug at his heart, could he really be feeling bad for this kid?

He sighed, "Do you at least know where they were heading?"

He looked confused at first, but then his face lit up, "They were going to a big city to rescue our friend Cheza. It's not long from here, maybe a day or two trip. Would you like to come?"

Well he couldn't stay here, he would just be humiliated his whole life.

"Fine, let's go find your friends. But let me go get a friend first," Kane said begrudgingly.

-The White One-

Kane and the wolf, who was called Toboe, traveled only a day and a half without rest, and arrived at the village at the crack of dawn. The travel wasn't bad but Toboe wouldn't shut up about Cheza and Paradise and that they were on a journey to get to a magical place filled with lunar flowers.

"Sounds like a lot of bullshit to me," Kane remarked. Toboe looked disappointed and sunk his head low.

"Oh, don't listen to him, kid. He gets cranky in the morning when he doesn't have his breakfast," said Masa.

Kane grabbed Masa by the head in between his fangs just gently enough not to kill him but hard enough to keep him at bay.

"Let go you big furball!" he yelled. Kane spit him out and he plopped to the ground and started to preen. "Now I'm going to smell like dog breathe you flea ridden animal!"

Kane and Toboe both laughed but were interrupted by the huge city in front of them.

"That's it! Can't you smell the lunar flowers?" Toboe inquired.

Kane sniffed at the air. There was the scent of lunar flowers, but it was faint. "Yeah…yeah I do. Well, see you kid."

"What? You don't want to come meet my friends?" Toboe looked saddened by the news.

"Why would I want to meet your friends?"

"Because their wolves just like you."

"I'm not a wolf!" Kane snapped. "I'm just some mutt. My father was a husky and my mother was a wolf." He could still hear his mother's voice. So soft, and so loving. That voice was the only thing from keeping him from going over the edge. Why was he sharing this with some kid he met on the street?

"Oh…well maybe I might see you around town," Toboe said.

"Maybe," Kane said as he watched Toboe run towards the town. He yawned, "Hey you mind if we rest a little bit?"

"Sure, I'll keep watch."

But before he even had time to find a perch Kane was curled up, sleeping.