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Not many know where I came from, I didn't even know until a few months ago, but I knew it was strange that I couldn't remember anything from my young childhood, rather than trying to be like Lady Tsunade. Sadly, that WAS during my academy years; I remember them perfectly. It's just, when I try to think about BEFORE the academy, it's near impossible. I mean, it's just a big blank. Nothing. Zilch. Blackboard moment. I mean, there's not even a HINT of things. I guess I started to really think about it a bit after we got assigned our teammates and mentor; just after graduating….


"Neji Hyuga, Rock Lee, and Tenten; you three have been assigned together as teammates with your mentor being Might Gai," the teacher instructed as he motioned us to get together. I couldn't believe it; I, Tenten, actually paired with the Hyuga prodigy. There had to be something rigged here; all three of us have NOTHING in common. I am just confused as I stand up as my mind tries to click this pairing up together.

I don't think I was the only one; there was a black haired boy with dark blue eyes that has been watching me carefully all these years after he got transferred over here. I never really noticed him when he first came over here, but I remember when he got closer; I had a headache right on the spot. He stayed away from me after that; leaving me confused, I don't even know how I got that headache. I just simply brushed it off after that day though.

By the looks of his face, he looked equally confused as well, but mixed with something else. Perhaps pain? Disappointment? I couldn't figure that out either, as I took my seat next to who I assumed was Rock Lee; Neji was on the other side of him. The blue-eyed boy just kept staring and thinking for a little longer, but then turned away. I shrugged that one off too. (A/N: He's my own character, by the way; along with a few more in here, so please bear with me. Don't worry; you'll get your Nejiten, but later on).

"Luca Ookami, Hilari Fenikkusu, and Rikiya Tora; you will be paired up with Huyu Sensei," their teacher continued. Luca, Tenten thought, so after all those years, she finally knows his name. For some reason, it's not as big as surprise to her. It's as if she's heard the name before, but she's never spent any time with him during her years here. Her head began to throb again, so she took off her headband, and began to rub her temples with her hands.

This is so confusing, she thought, and painful. Neji started to stare at her funny, as if he too could see her pain, and questioning. I guess it's just from the excitement, Tenten thought, it'll go away sometime; I'm sure. It was now time to become a legendary kunochi of Konoha…. Like Lady Tsunade…..


Finally! Their first mission without it being a silly errand of weeding, or chasing a spoiled cat! Better than that; Gai Sensei would not be attending with them. He was far too busy with his own orders from the Hokage. She was so excited! She had finally mastered hitting with 100/100 accuracy to ALL targets; whether it was moving, or standing still. She was ready to show the enemy what she was made of!

Neji, Lee, and Tenten stand in the Hokage's office. They are awaiting their mission duties for it. The Hokage coughed to get their attention; which was silly, they were all ears. He stares at them, and begins to speak,

"It's very simple, a C-rank mission for you delivering a simple message to the Sand Village about the Chunin Exams." They all took it in well; knowing they would not be competing in the "Chunin Exams" this year. Still, they held their ground as he continued.

"To speed it up; we are going to take a different route this time," he blew his pipe. The smoke was intoxicating in the small office; the windows drawn closed, but that's alright. They hardly noticed. They nodded their heads, and were about to leave when another group of genin came in. Tenten recognized them from the academy. It was Hilari, Rikiya, and Luca; the ones who now had animals by their sides.

Hilari had a hawk, just a red, brown hawk. It looked especially strong for female, having soft feathers of white and gold also. Rikiya had what looked to be a tiger, except this one was smaller, and was black, read, and a dark yellow. It looked vicious, as it did charming. Then, there was Luca; he had a…..


Solid black wolf, with a white diamond on its forehead; it had the bluest eyes Tenten had ever seen on such an animal. Yet, she found blue eyes familiar in some way to her…. She doesn't know how though, there's NO ONE she knows who has blue eyes. She shrugged this off as well.

"Ah yes, Team Doubutsu, glad you could make it for you co-up mission," the Hokage said cheerfully, still smoking on his pipe. Team Gai's jaws nearly dropped. They would be SHARING this mission? That's so not fair! And unreasonable! How dare h-

"YOSH! THE MORE THE MERRIER AS GAI-SENSEI ALWAYS SAYS!" Lee gave out. He rushed to the newcomers, and began to shake their hands.

"HELLO YOUTHFUL FRIENDS! WHAT WOULD YOUR NAMES BE?" Lee asked/shouted as he took each of their hands.

"MY NAME IS- he was cut off short by Luca, who had been standing calmly, and used an undertone voice that was sweet, and not too harsh.

"Lee, Rock Lee," he stated, "special techniques in Tai-Jutsu, but yet no other ones but that; you never give up." He looked over to Neji and said,

"You're Neji Hyuga, prodigy of the Hyuga clan; a strong one for close-range attacks, and is known around the village for being 'dedicated' to your house-hold".

Luca then gazed onto Tenten, and stared for a while, not saying anything, just….STARING. Tenten felt uncomfortable, as she shifted from one foot to the other. Neji took a protective step in front of Tenten, glaring daggers at their new found "friend".

"And you're Tenten, mistress of any weapon possible to even a child's imagination." Luca nearly whispered, just barely audible. Now Tenten felt even MORE uncomfortable. The tension in the room was quite dense, and….quiet. Hilari coughed, and took a step forward, hawk on her shoulder skittering excitedly across it, and said,

"Hey, my name's Hilari, and this is Kaji," she said scratching under the hawk's chin, "this is Rikiya, and Shima," she pointed to the sandy-haired tan boy and the giant cat.

"And this is Luca, and Midnight," she finished off, pointing off to the raven-haired, blue eyed boy. Her own amber eyes glowed with friendliness. She then took a step back, and stood beside Rikiya and Shima.

Neji was still in front of Tenten protectively, glaring at Luca still. It's as if he was going to attack her or something. The Hokage took a deep breath, and began to speak to them,

"Yes, I've decided it would be good for both of your groups to work together to do this simple mission; to work with someone to trust OTHER than just your own teammates. Tenten and the others GUESSED that they could understand that, so what's done was done.

"You leave immediately, Team Doubutsu," they stood straight, "Team Gai already has the instructions," they nodded, "DISMISSED!" They all disappeared from sight.

Speaking of sight, there was a particular small group of what seemed harmless travelers in the far section of the woods. One was using a powerful jutsu to see just what was going on in that office, and who was coming. He smiled creepily, "Well, well, well," he began slowly. "It looks like our little Dragon Marked girl is coming back near her hometown eh? Judging by the map that was drawn, anyway."

He shook his head, "Now that would be a shame if we didn't give her the PROPER welcoming, no?" he asked. He chuckled softly as he slowly pulled out the jutsu that his boss had given him, on a simple scroll. "So, you don't remember anything, huh?" he asked to himself, "looks like we're going to change that." He looks up toward the small group of six leaving the village, and gave the signal of continuing as planned. This was going to be interesting….HE was there too….

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