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I woke up, with a chill up my spine, and I take a look around. I'm surrounded by darkness. Where the hell am I? I thought as I tried to stand up, but failed. I huffed out a frustrating HMPH! as I stayed where I was. Then, I saw something green and in a weird design (A/N: Imagine like the Nine-Tails seal on Naruto's stomach.) glowing. It was a. . . seal.

Yeah, some kind of seal bringing light to the dark, shadow-filled place. I watched closely, and it began to pulse. BUM-BUM. BUM-BUM. After each pulse, my head felt like it was being struck like a drum. It got faster: BUMBUM, BUMBUM. My head was going to pop off my shoulders; I put my hands up to the sides of my head and bowed myself lower to the ground. The pain was insufferable.

I glanced up, and watched with amazement, the symbols began to dance around each other, bumping into each other as they went. They then formed the shape of a dragon, and its emerald eyes gazed straight at me. They gazed right THROUGH me. I was locked into place, just staring at those eyes.

It opened its mouth, tilted its head, and let out a ferocious roar to the black sky of this dimension. It then came at me full speed, I couldn't move at all, let alone dodge the attack. I couldn't even scream. It went right through me, fading as it passed through my body. I heard a faint whisper, so low and small, I could barely catch it:

"You've finally come back, Tenten-chan. . ."

I blinked, as if in slow motion, and watched the black world around me disappear into sluggish flames, like a photograph burning. As it burned, a new picture was introduced to my eyes. I looked around, to my right, and found hills of grass, flowers, and trees of all sorts. I continued my gaze towards my left, and found a small house on top of what seemed like the tallest hill. I decided to walk towards it.

I was finally able to move my body, so I got up, brushed myself off, and set to that tiny house. The pain in my head was finally gone; it was just slightly numb now, just like the rest of my body. I wondered if I was sleepwalking, or just in a deep dream, for it didn't feel real at all to me.

As I walked up what seemed a never ending hill of grass and weed, I glance around myself. It seemed so peaceful, with the gentle breeze hitting my face, making the grass look like an ocean of green; I liked how it felt. I finally reached the top, and saw the tiny house. As I walk closer, I decide to look inside the house. I don't know why, but I was just so drawn to this house for some reason.

I took a look through the four pane window from the wooden front porch up front, and I saw something that made me nearly swallow my tongue. There, in what seemed like the living room/dining room, was. . .well. . .


I was taken aback for a moment, and looked again. Sure enough, there was three-year old me, with my doe eyes and brown, plain hair and all; playing with what seemed to be wooden blocks and soldiers. How can this be? I'm right here! How? I kept watching myself skeptically, as three-year old me mouths soundless noises through a clear sheet of glass.

My hands were now gripping the window pane, panting, HEAVING, and trying to figure this all out. Where am I? I'm supposed to be on a mission from the Hokage, how'd I wind up here? There's got to be a simple explanation to all of this. There HAS to! I heard a creak of hinges from a door opening, and I looked back inside quickly.

There was a woman with long, wavy brunette hair that reached past her shoulders, and down to her waist. Her eyes were a deep sea blue, dark and joyful; they seemed to still have an inner child within the soul. She had high cheekbones, pointed chin, and the figure of what a man would describe as, GODDESS. She was wearing a simple green, short-sleeved dress (a plain sundress, as you will.) that reached just past her knees. Over this, she wore a dirt-brown apron, with what seemed to be grass stains all over the front of it. Her smile towards three-year old me was a pure one, for it was love. (A/N: Crappy sort of line here, heh? I thought so, too.)

This, this woman, could she be. . . ? My three-year old self turned around towards the noise of a door opening as well, and when she saw the lady, she smiled big, jumped up, and screamed,


My heart dropped to my stomach, and I swallowed the lumped that dared to reach my throat. The lady standing in that room, which was a door-way away, was my biological mother. Tears threatened to come out as they reached to my eyes. I can't believe I'm about to cry over finally getting to see my MOM, I thought pathetically, keeping them within their region.

I watch myself (A/N: You know who it is now, so come on now :D ) run into my mother's now open arms, and as she hugs me in a tight, protective grip. She lets go, and I stare up at her, and ask her something that "I" cannot hear through glass. Okaa-san pointed somewhere towards me, the front door, and out to the woods behind me.

I'm jumping up and down, apparently asking Okaa-san something, and just waiting for the right answer. Okaa-san nods her head, but gives what seems like a reminder, for she was shaking her figure. I nod quickly, and give her a quick peck on the cheek as I run toward the front door. I looked to my right as three-year old me runs out and down the hill at full speed to the patch of woods.

"Tenten, be careful down that hill! You know what happened last time!" shouted a familiar, warm toned voice; she was now at the doorway. My three-year old self's head turned slightly to face her and replied,

"I KNOW OKAA-SAN!" She immediately slowed down, but only a little.

Okaa-san began to laugh, a rich, deep laugh, that carried out in the breeze gently swooping upon them. I then realize something, they can't see me, I-I'm in my memories. Memories I didn't even know I that I had. . .

I don't know what made me do it, but my feet began to follow myself. I was running downhill too, and it DID feel nice. I thought I could fly, if I just ran fast enough! I was slowly catching up to myself, whose arms were pumping as fast as they could go to reach her destination faster. I giggle at the sight, for my hair was in tiny pigtail ponytails, with my bangs blowing all over the place. Her cheeks were red from perspiration, and the heart pumping blood throughout my body.

We finally reached those woods, and came to what seemed to be a training area. This training area, however, was already occupied by someone else. Three-year old me ran up to behind him, bent over, put her hands on her knees, and began to pant heavily. The boy looked around 15 years-old, with the same blue eyes as my mother's, but with light brown hair that was the shade of caramel. His skin was slightly darker, too, more of my color that I have now.

She panted, and finally was able to stand straight, pink cheeks and all, and smiled plenty big and said,

"I'm ready for training, Nii-san!" Again, another heart leap moment. I had no idea I had an older brother. My eyes just stared at him for a long time, for I still couldn't believe it. He turned around, with scratches of all sizes on him, and smiled at her too. He bent down to her level, and asked her,

"So, you ready for the next level of this training?" She nodded happily, but with a determined look in her doe-brown eyes. He laughed good naturally, and he said to her,

"Okay, today you're going to do hand-to-hand combat," I mentally groaned, "blindfolded." He finished. BLINDFOLDED? I can barely do it WITHOUT one! My three-year old self was unaffected though, and she nodded eagerly. Nii-san nodded, and pulled out from behind him a black cloth, and tied it over her eyes, tightly.

"Can you see?" he asked. She shook her head no, and he stepped back into a defensive stance.

"You ready?" he asked. She nodded, and dropped into stance, too.

"Aaannnddd, GO!" He shouted. She came at him with a jump in the air, and a roundhouse kick to his side, but he was quicker. He leapt back, and threw a fist at the side of her face. Her balance was quickly regained as her leg fell behind her body, and she lowered herself more towards the ground, avoiding it. Here, she whipped her back leg to attack his abdomen. He grasped her foot between both his hands to a pray-like position.

Here, she was nearly stuck, but she spun around in a kick of her left foot in the air. She did a few backflips to get a few feet away from him. There, she bowed her head, and listened carefully to the area around her. Nii-san nodded with praise as he pulled something from his pocket: bells.

Her ears perked up the high pitched *jingle* of the bells. She then shook her head frustratingly, knowing that this was a trick to distract her. Nii-san through all the bells in various directions; this causes her to take a few more steps back, with her head bowed. She was listening very carefully and distinctively, just waiting for that pure sound.

It came soon enough, Nii-san appeared out of nowhere above her, and made the move to strike a blow with his raised leg. As his leg was coming down, she heard it. That pure sound that he had taught her to look for. (A/N: By the way, it's also a bit in the eyes/mind of three-year old Tenten during the training scene(s).) She made an arm bar above her head, blocking the attack. She then grabbed his foot, and swung him to the nearest tree that she could feel blocking the breeze from getting there.

She pinned him with her left, and took one of his kunai from his pouch, and held it to his throat, as a sign of victory. Nii-san smiled, but then switched positions, and gently reminded her this,

"Remember to stay alert, and to make sure you have the upper-hand in all positions so that the enemy won't take that open spot."

She sighed in defeat, and removed the blindfold, and stared up at her big brother. She nodded, understanding the words of wisdom from him. He released her, and she dropped from the few feet of air she was hanging in, against the tree. Nii-san offered her a hand, and she took it. He picked her up, and begins to spin her around in circles saying,

"You did great, Tenten! I'm so proud of the little ninja that I'm happy to call my apprentice!" He was shouting happily, and she spread her arms out like a bird. She squealed happily at his praises. Tenten just watched from afar, completely in awe at her younger self's performance. Also at the relationship between brother and sister, it seemed to be very close.

She sat down, and held her knees, just watching them. How could I ever forget them? These memories, this LIFE? She thought confused and hurt. She never knew she had such things until just ten minutes ago! Why? Just why couldn't I remember. Then, I remembered the seal before I came here. Could that have had anything to do with remembering these times? I don't know, I think I just needed some time to think this over.

Nii-san was carrying my younger self back up to the tiny house. They were excitingly chatting about battle stragedies, great ninja, and other topics simultaneously. I couldn't help but smile at this, it made me happy seeing such a time in my life. I got up, and began to follow them, with a single thought on my mind; I wonder what happened to them?


The jade green dragon from earlier just rests atop a cloud as he watches his master. He was so angry that he could do nothing thanks to the broken seal AND the chain that contained his throat and body. She would have to re-live this horrible time all over again. I only pray that she will be strong, the elder reptile thought with deep care.

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