`Kendall and Logan were lying on the neon orange couch of 2J. It was Friday night and Carlos, James, Mama Knight, and Katie had just left a few hours ago for a weekend trip to San Diego. Logan was lying on top of the blonde, tracing shapes on his shirt-covered chest while Kendall just stared lovingly up at his boyfriend. The couple of two years had decided to stay behind since they rarely had quality time to themselves.

The blonde couldn't stop thinking about the amazing date he had with Logan yesterday. They had a romantic picnic on the beach and the two had agreed it was the best date they'd had in the two years they dated. It had also been the first time they had discussed their future with each other and ever since then, Kendall hadn't been able to stop picturing what it would be like. They had talked about everything from the cars they would drive to how many kids they wanted. Now all Kendall could think about was getting married. He was never one to be patient and now that the thought had entered his mind, it wasn't going to be leaving anytime soon. Maybe they could just….

"Let's get married!" The words slipped out of the blonde's mouth but it sounded so right to say it, he smiled instantly.


The blonde's words sent the brunette off the couch and onto the floor.

"Baby are you okay?" Kendall asked concerned.

"Are you being serious?" Logan inquired, ignoring his boyfriend's previous question.

Kendall nodded, "Come on Logie! We can drive to Vegas tonight and tomorrow we'll find-"

"Wait! I thought you were just proposing, now you want to get married tomorrow?!" he interrupted. "Kendall, that's ridiculous! We're eighteen!"

"But why wait if we're already going to get married in a few years? I know neither of us want a big wedding anyway!"

Logan rolled his eyes. Of course he wanted to marry Kendall someday but they were barely legal adults. Then again, they were both mature for their age. That didn't mean it was right though. "Ken, your mom and my parents are going to be pissed if we ran off and eloped. Besides, they should be there along with Katie and James and Carlos."

"It would be awesome if they were there, but I don't want to wait another day. I love you Logan, and you can call me irrational or stupid but that doesn't make me want to marry you any less. We were meant to be together, and I can't wait to call you my husband. I'm not trying to pressure you but I want you to know I'm ready whenever you are. I'll wait as long as you say so though, sweetie."

The brunette took a deep breath. He knew he wanted to marry Kendall someday, but he had never given it much thought. Now that the blonde had put the idea in his head though, he couldn't help but see the two buying a house together, getting a dog, and possibly adopting kids.

"Let's do it." he said slowly.

"Are you sure? I don't want to push you into anything you aren't ready for." Kendall lit up at the idea but the last thing he wanted was for Logan to later regret their marriage. He wanted to make sure the brunette was one hundred percent ready.

"Positive," Logan smiled at his fiancé. He didn't know if eloping was the best idea, but he was sure he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Kendall and that was the only judgment he needed to make this decision. "You're the one who's always telling me to take risks right?"

Kendall laughed and stood up before helping Logan up from the floor. "I love you, Logie," he told the smart boy before pulling him into a passionate kiss.

"I love you too Ken," Logan responded after they pulled apart. "Now let's go pack."

Two hours later, the couple was driving towards Vegas. Kendall was driving the first half of the way there, and Logan was supposed to nap in the meantime so he would be rested enough to drive the other half there, but he was too caught up in his thoughts. He was still fantazing about their future. With every hour, he got more excited to marry his love.

"Kendall, wake up. Baby, we're here." Logan parked his silver Ford Fusion in the parking lot of the first hotel he could find. It was almost midnight and they had finally made it to Las Vegas after almost five hours of driving. The tall boy stirred slightly but continued sleeping. Logan sighed before attempting to awake him again. "Come on, I'm not carrying you inside. Get up," He shook the blonde several times before the bottle green eyes opened.

"Alright, I'm up." Kendall muttered voice slightly deep and groggy from his nap. Logan turned off the car and the two stepped out into the warm summer air. The moon was shining brightly, illuminating the semi-empty parking lot.

"What time is it?"

"11:59" The genius responded after consulting his watch. The blonde nodded as he opened the door to the hotel, and held it open for his lover, who smiled at him before stepping inside.

Inside, the lobby was painted a cheery yellow and an employee with long, black hair stood behind the front desk, a friendly smile on her face, her nametag reading Breanna.

"Hello, welcome to the Blackstone Hotel."

"Hi, do you have a room for two nights?" The couple had decided they would spend an extra night in Vegas so they could have a somewhat kind of honeymoon. They would leave early Sunday morning, giving them enough time to be back before the rest of their family.

The lady quickly checked her computer before turning back to the brunette. "Do you want a room with one or two beds?"

"Uh, one bed is fine," Logan said, slightly embarrassed. Kendall just smirked at the blush on his fiancée's face.

"Alright, that will be $96 for both nights." Kendall quickly pulled out his credit card before the brunette could. Now that they were eighteen, the four boys had full access to the large amount of money they had earned in the past two years from the band. Not that they had many expenses since Rocque Records continued paying for all their bills.

As soon as they had their room cards and were fully checked in, they went back to their car to bring in their luggage, one small suitcase each.

Logan woke up the next morning to the sound of his phone ringing beside him. He rubbed the sleep from his eyes with his hand before grabbing the phone and pressing the talk button.


"Hey buddy!" Carlos' cheerful voice greeted him back.

"Hey, what's going on?" The brunette looked around the room while he listened to the Latino go on about some date he and James went on the night before while Mama Knight and Katie went sight-seeing around San Diego. It wasn't until he glanced down where Kendall was laying, that he noticed the blonde was awake, watching him.

"That's great, Carlos. I'm glad you guys are having a good time but I have to go, okay? Kendall and I are….going to the pool." Logan smiled down at his fiancé. As much as he loved Carlos, he wasn't in the mood to hear one of his endless rambles. He was too excited and nervous, seeing as how today was the day he would marry his soul mate, his best friend, the man he'd loved since they'd first met, when all four boys were in the same pre-K class.

"Good morning love," the brunette greeted Kendall as soon as he ended the phone call.

"Morning," The blonde sat up before he leaned over and pressed a sweet kiss onto Logan's lips.

"Are you ready?" Kendall asked.

"Absolutely, let's go get dressed." The couple kissed one more time before getting ready for the day ahead of them.

Logan and Kendall walked down a quiet street in Vegas, hand in hand. It was around eleven a.m. and the couple was going to do some sight-seeing until mid-afternoon, and then they were going to head back to the hotel to get ready before going to the wedding chapel at night.

The two had been walking for five minutes, when the blonde suddenly came to a stop.

"Ken, are you okay?"

The blonde nodded. "Babe, look at those rings,"

Logan noticed that his fiancé had stopped outside of a jewelry store and was pointing to two wedding rings that were on display in the window. They were just a plain silver color, but were perfect in both men's eyes.

"Think we should go in?" Kendall asked.

"Well, every married couple does need a ring."

"I was hoping you'd say that." The blonde smiled down at the genius before pulling him inside.

An hour later, the two emerged from the jewelry store. Kendall had Logan's ring in a little black box inside his pocket, and Logan had Kendall's inside his pocket, the two keeping the rings safe for their wedding ceremony later.

"Okay Logie, what's the plan?" the blonde asked, knowing since Logan was the organized of the two, he would have their whole day already planned out.

"I was thinking we could get a late lunch, then go back to the hotel, get ready and then get married." The two smiled at the word "married".

"Let's go!"

"Ken! Let's go! You're turning into James!" Logan sighed impatiently. It was almost six and time to go to the chapel. The genius was ready, hair perfectly spiked and wearing his tuxedo, but his fiancé was held up in the bathroom, still finishing getting ready.

"Alright, alright!" Kendall threw open the bathroom door. "I'm ready."

"Good. I thought James was rubbing off on you." It was no secret that the pretty boy took his time when it came to doing his hair, and enough products to open his own cosmetics store.

The two men laughed at the thought of their crazy friend as they walked down to the lobby hand in hand.

"Alright, while you were getting ready, I called a limo rental place to take us to the chapel. It's probably already outside." Logan started pulling Kendall towards the door.

"A limo? That's really fancy."

"Yeah, but you only get married once. Might as well do it with a little class."

It was only fifteen minutes before the white limo pulled up to the Happy Ever After wedding chapel. The blonde got out first, followed by the brunette. They thanked the driver who told them he would wait outside until they were ready to go back to the hotel. Kendall grabbed Logan's hand before the two made their way inside.

The genius began feeling butterflies in his stomach as he let his soon-to-be husband lead him towards the front desk.

"Hi, my name is Kendall Knight. I called this morning."

"Of course. Why don't you two wait over there while I go see if the officient is ready?" the older woman smiled kindly as she gestured towards a small sofa before walking off.

"Thanks," the two sat down.

"Are you ready love?" Kendall asked his fiancé.

"Absolutely. But I'm still worried about how everyone is going to react when they find out." The genius looked down. He didn't want their marriage to start out with all their loved ones mad at them because they ran off and eloped. Especially Mama Knight and his parents. He had always gotten along excellently with the red-haired woman, and considered her to be his second mom, but now she was going to be his mother-in-law, and he really wanted to make a good impression on her now.

"Logan, it's going to be just fine," Kendall, sensing the fear in Logan's voice, gently grabbed his chin, and made the brunette look at him. "They're going to be sad and a little disappointed they couldn't be here with us but overall, they'll be happy for us."

Before Logan had the chance to respond, they were interrupted by an elderly man wearing a suit and holding a book came over to them.

"Good evening gentlemen. My name is Henry and I will be marrying you tonight." He held out a hand for them to shake, while the two younger men introduced themselves.

"Alright, so we'll head over into that room and begin the ceremony. I can see you two don't have any witnesses so I'll just have two of my employees sit in okay?" Kendall and Logan just nodded as they followed Henry into the actual chapel.

Once they reached the chapel, Henry asked the couple if they would like for the ceremony to be recorded so they could have a DVD for an additional cost. The almost newlyweds accepted, wanting to always remember the most important day of their lives.

"Alright, let's begin," Henry started as soon as the video camera had been set up and the two witnesses had arrived.

"We are gathered here today on this very special day to share with Kendall and Logan as they exchange vows for their everlasting love. As they take their vows today, we are privileged to witness the joyous love of a new family."

Henry continued speaking for a few more minutes, before having the couple begin their vows to each other.

"At this time, I ask you Kendall and Logan to face each other and take each other's hands." The couple did as instructed, smiling lovingly at each other as they waited for Henry to continue speaking.

"Kendall, do you now take Logan Mitchell to be your lawfully wedded husband? Do you promise to love him, comfort him, honor and keep him in sickness and in health, remaining faithful to him for as long as you both shall live?"

"Absolutely," the blonde responded, his eyes never leaving Logan's, who was now starting to tear up but let out a small laugh at Kendall's answer.

"Kendall, you're supposed to say, 'I do"." The genius quietly whispered.

"Oh! Right, sorry. I do." The blonde quickly fixed his mistake as his cheeks began turning a bright red, as Logan laughed at his love's adorable and silly ways.

Henry smiled before addressing the brunette.

"Logan, do you now take Kendall Knight to be your lawfully wedded husband? Do you promise to love him, comfort him, honor and keep him in sickness and in health, remaining faithful to him for as long as you both shall live?"

"I do," At this Kendall began tearing up like Logan did. The blonde almost never cried, but he couldn't help it. This all felt like some wonderful dream, finally marrying the man he had loved his whole life, and would continue to do so until the day he died.

"Now we will do the exchange of the rings, and you two will officially be married." The couple both got out the black ring boxes from the pockets from their tuxes.

"Kendall, repeat after me. Logan, take this ring as a token of my love and affection towards you."

"Logan, take this ring as a token of my love and affection towards you."

"Now place the ring on his finger." The blonde obeyed, sliding the ring on the brunette's pale hand.

"Now, Logan repeat after me. 'Kendall, take this ring as a token of my love and affection towards you."

"Kendall, take this ring as a token of my love and affection towards you," Logan repeated.

"Very good. Now place the ring on his finger." The brunette slid the ring on Kendall's ring finger before the two looked back at Henry, anxious for him to declare them married.

"Now, by the power vested in me, I pronounce you husbands. You may kiss."

Kendall pulled Logan close to him, before they shared their first kiss as a married couple. It was short and simple but both men would have agreed it was the best one they had ever shared. It was a kiss filled with nothing but love for the other. It was only a minute before they pulled apart, and they spent a few moments gazing into each other's eyes before finally turning to look back at Henry.

The old man had them write down their address so he could send the dvd before congratulating them and wishing them good luck and a happy marriage.

The newlyweds thanked him for everything before walking outside towards the waiting limo, hands entwined and the biggest smiles imaginable on both their faces. Neither had ever felt as contented and happy as they did today. Nothing could ruin this day for them. Kendall had just married his best friend, and Logan his. There was no doubt in either of their minds that they had made an excellent decision, as they stepped into the limo to start a new chapter in their lives together.