Beware the shadows of the soul chapter 5 – Inner demons

As soon as Robin spotted Two – face, he commands the other titans (excluding Beast boy) out of tower. They were about to leave the tower when Raven stopped their charge. "Err Robin; I believe you are forgetting one very important detail." Robin raised his eyebrows at this. "I DON'T HAVE MY POWERS! DUH!" she shouted with her demon eyes showing. Robin and Starfire sweat dropped as Cyborg popped up next to them with a syringe in his hand. "Actually Raven, while you and BB were in the medical wing, I was in my room and I managed to make a cure to Two – face's power draining bullets." said Cyborg. Raven face immediately went back to normal as she allowed Cyborg to give her the antidote. When he was done, she pulled her leotard arm sleeve back down and she reached for the syringe. "Alright, I'll go give the cure to Beast boy so he can help us." Raven was about to take the syringe when Cyborg moved away from her; sadness on his face. "I'm sorry Raven but the cure isn't strong enough. During our fight with Two – face earlier, his bullets hit your shield and BB himself. Because he was hit directly, he's going to need a stronger dose and we don't have enough right now." Raven looked down at the floor as Robin spoke again. "Alright team, If Two – face's employer is who we think he is, we have to make sure Two – face DOES NOT get in the tower. Raven, before we head out, you might want to warn Beast boy just in case." Raven simply nodded as she walked to her boyfriend's room.

"Beast boy?" said Raven as she knocked on the door to Beast boy's room. The door swished open to reveal Beast boy; wearing Raven's cloak over his uniform and holding his picture frame closely. "It's him, isn't it? I didn't kill him last time." Raven then allowed a frown to cross her face as she looked at the floor. "We're not entirely sure but it's an almost certain possibility." Beast boy walked back into his room and placed the picture on his now burnt desk and dropped the cloak onto the charred black floor. "If it is him, I have to help you guys." he said. Raven raised her head to see Beast boy; a frown still on her face. "You can't, Beast boy. You powers are still frozen from Two – face's earlier attack." Beast boy raised an eyebrow at this. "Then how come you get to help?" he asked. "Cyborg gave me an antidote. I'm sorry Beast boy but because you were hit directly by the power draining bullets you need a stronger dose and Cyborg just doesn't have the time to make it right now." she replied. Beast boy just frowned as he sat on his floor. "Beast boy, I'm really sorry but I have a way to make it up to you." Beast boy looked up with a face that said 'tell me more'. "After we are done, I'm going to try and convince Robin to . . ." Beast boy stood up and looked at her. "Convince me to do what?" Raven blushed as she leaned over to whisper to him. When she was done and had leaned away, she noticed Beast boy had the biggest smile he could ever conjure up on his face. "YES! YES! That would be SO much better than a new room!" Beast boy shouted as he hugged Raven tightly. When he let go, Raven took in a huge breath and kissed Beast boy on the cheek. "I'll be back soon. Goodbye, my sweet 'Beastie boo.'" said Raven as she left with a smile on her face whilst Beast boy grinned at his new pet name.

When Raven reunited with the other three titans, they left the tower and went to where Two – face and his soldiers were still standing. "Alright Two – face, it's time to fess up. We know who hired you so you may as well tell us before we send you to where you rightly belong." said Robin. The other three titans knew what he was doing and why he was doing it. They didn't know for sure if Two – face's employer was who they fought it was so they needed confirmation. "Alright Robin, I'll give you the full story. After all, this will be the last fight you ever participate in." Two – face turned to his soldiers; checking that they were ready for battle. They were; all four soldiers had two swords in their hands. "It all started for me two months ago . . ."

I had just died from Batman pushing me of a building where I planned to get my revenge on Commissioner Gordon. After that, I was sent to hell for murdering two people and almost killing a third. I spent one month in that pit of flames and let me tell you it was NOT nice. Every moment I was there I would feel the pain I had caused my murder victims and I would feel my own; for I was still grieving over Rachel. That was when IT arrived. I called it "The living shadow cloud" for the first few sentences of which I spoke to him but after a while he offered me a deal. He said I could go back to the land of the living; start my life all over again. I would be placed in the past; one week before the Joker would've arrived so I would know how to survive him and I wouldn't make the same mistake twice. By that, he meant losing Rachel. So I agreed and I was placed where I died against the Batman. Then, he appeared in front of me again. It said my mission was to achieve 'a prize' for it. He said to aid me with my mission he would encase my two headed coin with new powers and he would give me my own miniature army. It was at that moment that I turned behind me to see men with dark red eyes and dark yellow skin wearing full black armour and holding two swords each. There must've been about two hundred of them. He told me where to go and I turned to begin my journey to Jump city. As I began to walk away, he told me his name . . .

". . . His name was Curse-ed of the apocalypse." As soon as the titans heard that name, their worst nightmares had been realised. Starfire; who was flying next to Raven could swear she saw tears flowing from the empath's eyes. Raven's tears stopped flowing and she opened her eyes; revealing her four demon eyes. "I WILL NOT LET YOU TAKE HIM FROM ME! I WON'T!" she practically screamed. The other three titans were taken back by her sudden mood swing but put it past them; they couldn't really blame her for being over protective. "It is not your choice to make, my dear. If giving the green changeling to Curse-ed will give me back Rachel then you can consider your friend as good as gone." Robin extended his bo-staff. "Two – face, Curse-ed will not give you what he promised. Let's say you do succeed in your mission and you give Beast boy to him. Do you know what he'll do? He'll take Beast boy to hell for cheating death and then he'll send you back there." Two – face practically ignored Robin as he loaded his gun and his four soldier swordsmen stepped forward. "Oh, I will succeed Robin. I will and I'll get my life back." Two – face raised his gun as three of his four soldiers charged at the titans. Cyborg activated his sonic cannon and Starfire lit up starbolts as they joined Raven to fight Two – face's soldiers. Robin simply jumped over the crowed and landed in front of Two – face; bo – staff in hand.

Beast boy sat by his bedroom window as he watched his girlfriend and three friends fight Two – face and the demon swordsmen. His eyes watched Robin for a second, who was in quite a predicament. He was stuck fighting Two – face and a swordsmen so he was practically dodging more than fighting. Beast boy then turned his eyes to Cyborg, his best friend. He was launching sonic blasts and rockets at the demon swordsmen. The soldiers could sure take a beating. Unless the attack hit them in the face they would only stagger backwards after being hit. If they were hit in the head, however, they would fly several feet away and return about two minutes later. Beast boy turned form him to watch Starfire. She was shooting starbolts at her own swordsmen whilst also shooting eye lasers at Robin's swordsmen; giving him a slight aid. Beast boy then looked to his pale girlfriend and couldn't believe how hard she was fighting. She was clearly giving it her all. At one point, she had enwrapped the swordsmen's armour in her magic and hit him on the ground several times before letting him go and began shooting black energy at him. Beast boy looked away from the window for a second and saw something that got him immediately cringing.

His room, apart from the area near the window, was pitch black.

Beast boy immediately felt scared and stood up to leave but was stopped by fear when two dark red eyes appeared in the darkness. "Going somewhere?" Beast boy heard an all too familiar voice say; he knew straight away who it was. "Curse-ed, how are you here? I destroyed you." The eyes grew brighter as they came closer to the changeling. "Not even close, my boy. You see, being a demon, I have the power to give up a part of my soul and body to live through a cataclysmic attack." Beast boy raised an eyebrow and smirked. "How can you even HAVE a soul?" he asked. The eyes came closer and glowed menacingly. "That's not the point, young Logan. I am here to, as I stated three weeks ago, take my prize." Beast boy backed away to the window as the eyes came closer still. "And how exactly do you plan to do that?" The eyes stopped moving towards Beast boy and he inwardly sighed. "Did you get my message earlier?" Beast boy was now worried and confused. "Message? What message?" Curse-ed let out a dark chuckle as the eyes came closer. "The man who set your room alight. He had dark red eyes, yes?" Beast boy remembered the intruder and then it hit him as he stared at the two DARK RED EYES that belonged to a demon who currently had NO BODY. "No, please. You can take me to hell, fine but don't use me to hurt my friends! I'll do anything!" The eyes came closer as they were finally face to face with Beast boy's emerald ones. "You lost that choice eight years ago, Garfield." With those words, a shadow hand erupted from the darkness and grabbed Beast boy's head; holding his eyes open. Curse-ed's eyes then stared deep into his own as he felt himself being taken control of. Beast boy tried to resist but it was impossible; he was now Curse-ed's prize.

Robin let out an agonising scream as she was shot in the leg by Two – face. The four swordsmen had been defeated easily but Two – face was no cakewalk. After the last swordsmen fell, he had pulled out his enchanted coin and got two bad head tosses; allowing him to take Starfire and Raven's powers. Cyborg had been shot by normal bullets in both his legs and was rendered immobile. Now, the four titans lay on the floor as Two – face came towards them; gun in hand. He raised his gun and was about to kill Raven when the tower's main doors opened. After about six seconds, Beast boy erupted from the doorway but when the titans got a good look at him, they felt their hearts break.

Beast boy's skin was a light grey whilst he had dark grey hair and dark red eyes.

Two – face lowered his gun and bowed to Beast boy. Five seconds afterwards, he rose and looked at the teenager. "I must say Curse-ed, the evil features make you look rather dark." said Two – face. Beast boy just stared at him for a moment but then his hand began to glow dark blue as he raised it to Two – face's chest and blasted him to the ground. "You have failed me, Dent." said Beast boy but with a much deeper and darker voice. "But wait! What about our agreement!?" Questioned Two – face. "I had to get the boy myself. You are not worthy of the life I have given you. You are going back to where you belong." Two – face's expression showed true horror as Beast boy's hand glowed a light green. Seconds later, Beast boy shot a beam of energy from his hand to Two – face's chest in which he let out an agonising scream. The titans watched as a black stream of light escaped Two – face's eyes and found its way to Beast boy's glowing palm. When the black light was in Beast boy's hand, he clicked his fingers and Two – face's body turned to dust. The titans stood up and walked up behind their possessed friend. All of their expressions showed fear, sadness and nervousness. "Beast boy . . ." Raven began but couldn't finish as Beast boy turned around; his hands glowing a familiar orange. "NO!" Raven yelled as Beast boy raised his hands. The titans felt their old friend steal their life energy as they all fell unconscious. Beast boy looked over all of them but stopped when he saw Raven and stared at her.

'Logan, although I'm a demon, I'm not completely heartless. I will give you control of your body for fifteen seconds. Use them wisely." With those words, Beast boy felt like a giant weight had just been lifted of him. He slowly walked over to his unconscious girlfriend and knelt down next to her. He placed his index and middle fingers to his lips and after kissing them; placed them on Raven's cheek. "Goodbye, Rachel Roth. I love you." Were Beast boy's last words before Curse-ed took control once again. Beast boy then walked away as If nothing had happened and teleported away. Twenty minutes later, the four titans began to stir and they all sat up; holding their heads. Robin was the first to stand up and noticed Raven crying. He walked over to her and placed his hand on her shoulder; not needing to speak. "Raven, I promise you we WILL get him back. We will." he said. "Your bet we will." Raven responded. "I'll kill that demon if it's the last thing I do."

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