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Chapter One: It Began Like This

The World Meeting was going as planned, that is to say, going nowhere at all. So far, no viable solutions for anything had come out of it, and all that had happened seemed to be arguing. As normal, America was making ridiculous suggestions, Japan was agreeing with everyone, England was arguing with France and trying to put America straight, France was arguing with England, Italy was paying no attention whatsoever, China was complaining about the immaturity of western nations, Russia was scaring everyone, Canada... wait, who?, Prussia was giving "awesome" input despite not actually being a nation, Germany was annoyed, and a whole lot of other nations were saying or not saying things too. Why did this happen EVERY SINGLE TIME? Anyway, the thing was a mess, so someone had the bright idea of giving everyone a break. Perhaps everyone's minds would be clearer the next day after some rest? While the idea was far-fetched, everyone agreed, and thus the meeting was ended.

"Germany! Germany! That was fun!" The pasta-loving Italian was running up to his friend Germany. Italy, being completely unable to read the mood, did not notice the fact Germany looked like he was about to explode. "let's go get some pasta now! I would like some pasta. Pasta, pasta!" Germany sighed. He didn't exactly want to deal with Italy at the moment.

"I'll go get some pasta with you, Italy," said Japan, who COULD read the mood, and knew Germany needed rescuing at the moment. Gratefully, Germany handed Italy over to Japan, and they walked out of the meeting hall to go get pasta. Italy was walking much slower than Japan, resulting in him being constantly behind Japan, so Japan wouldn't notice he was gone.

That's when Italy saw her. Although any other nation would wonder why she was there and note that she seemed quite odd, the naive Italy thought immediately, "Hey! It's a pretty girl!~" Falling out of step with Japan, she slid back to flirt with the girl. Her hair was an odd shade of silvery-blonde that, despite being silver, was quite lovely. She had a striking figure, but was very tall, about 6'7", in fact, so much taller than Italy. Most striking, however, were the eyes. They were a shade of deep violet, and showed a power and intellegence behind them beyond compare. Despite being odd in appearance, she was quite beautiful, though also a little unsettling.

"Ciao, bella!" said Italy. "I'm Feliciano! You're very pretty! Who are you?" He was practically standing on his tiptoes to look at her. Why was she so much taller than him? The girl smiled, her pale skin matching her silvery lips.

"Why, you can call me Due." Italy found 'Dew' to be quite an odd name, not getting what she really meant. She said it in a flirtatious, grinning sort of voice, but, despite this, there was something beneath it that was unsettling. Italy, though, being incapable of sensing the mood, didn't notice this. "You're cute, aren't you?" Italy grinned. Yay! The pretty girl thought he was cute! He began flirting excessively, making wild gestures with his hands all the while. Though the girl was giggling and replying with charm on the outside, she was hollow and dark on the inside.

"Is this one of them?" she thought. "Yes. He must be. He seems like he is easily manipulated, so he is perfect for my plan." The girl looked at Italy. "Hey, Feliciano?" Italy looked at her. "Will you come with me? I need you to do something only someone like you can do." Italy puffed up his chest, not noticing the odd wording in her statement.

"Ve! I will!" And so, as Japan walked away, not having noticed Italy's absence, Italy followed the odd girl Due. Due lead Italy back towards the World Meeting Building, but instead of going inside, Due lead Italy behind it. There was a small cavern entrance. Italy blinked. It hadn't been there before, had it?

"Come on! I need to show you something!" Italy was nervous, but Due was big, right? She would protect him? So, Italy followed Due into the cave. It was a little erie, but he didn't want the pretty girl to see how frightened he was. Then, he reached the back of the cave. He gasped. There was a large slab of uncut gemstone. It was purple, which made sense. It didn't sparkle or anything, being uncut, but it was still very pretty. Italy gasped. "Isn't it pretty?" She brought Italy over to a part on the edge. It seemed to be a gap in the wall? "I'm too big to fit in that gap, so I thought I would get someone a little smaller who was kind and brave to tell me what was back there." The flattery had an edge to it, but to whoever it was aimed at, it was sweet as honey. Italy didn't give it a second thought. He slid through the gap... but then, the lanturn Due had given him flicked out. The floor seemed to disappear from under him.

"Germany! Germany! HELP!" he shouted as he fell, not noticing the soft chuckles Due was giving as she vanished again. Italy fell for a little longer before a white light overtook his vision, and he blacked out.

Meanwhile, Japan had noticed Italy's absence. He immediately walked back to find him, but then he saw that Italy wasn't even flirting. When had he disappeared? Perhaps he had bugged Germany again? As Japan walked off to find Germany, his legs suddenly felt weaker. What was going on? A bright light engulfed his vision, and he blacked out. At the same time, many other nations were doing other things, when something similar happened. That same light overtook them, and they lost consciousness.

Due smiled. Everything was working out perfectly...

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